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Brace yourself: Bill Simmons has a Rajon Rondo trade scenario

Bill Simmons thinks the new ownership of the Sacramento Kings will want to make a splash and that splash will be a trade for Rajon Rondo.

Here’s the scenario:

The Celtics move out Rondo, Gerald Wallace and MarShon Brooks for Ben McLemore, Greivis Vasquez (expiring), Patrick Patterson (expiring), John Salmons (expiring) and Jimmer Fredette. Boston would also have the option to swap 1st round draft picks with Sacramento for 3 years.

Who says no to that? The CBA for starters. According to the ESPN Trade Machine, the Kings are receiving $5 million too much in salary.

But I’ll play along.

It would be nice to dump Gerald Wallace’s $30 million. Salmons is due $7 million this season, but his contract for 2014-15 is non-guaranteed.

Ben McLemore, the 7th pick in the draft, is considered a stud shooter. The next Ray Allen even…

And that Greivis Vasquez is a heck of a player should Danny Ainge want to make a qualifying offer.

There’s no doubt this deal creates cap space. But, inevitably, all Rajon Rondo trade rumors come back to this question for me – Why?

I refuse to believe the Celtics are seeking to trade a phenomenal all-around player because he’s a giant a-hole.

Is it because he’s going to want max money in 2 years and the Celtics do not believe he’s a max contract guy? If that’s truly the case, then I understand the need to get something in return before he walks.

I’d like to think they can do better than this scenario.

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  • KGino

    oh jeez… Its not even preseason yet and we gotta hear this crap? No trade talk til the deadlines approaching please..

    • Curt Hays

      I don’t want to talk trades or lose Rondo, but it IS a compelling scenario at the least.

    • Slap Dog Hoops

      Listen you guys always jump on Rondo’s back and trash him. You should be happy to see him go.

      • KGino

        that’s the media who does that, not me

  • swissflix

    Look at the Kings…do they already regret drafting McLemore? If i remember correctly he was not having a very good summer league. Anyway it is high time this talk stopped. Let’s start the season already…

  • Chuck Moran

    Not one of those players or players in the draft will be better pgs than rondo. He is a very rare player and the most competitive player in the league it’s impossible to teach what rondo does.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    Sounds like a good deal for the C’s. They’ll get the Latino Magic Johnson in Greivis Vasquez, a guy who can shoot the lights out in Fredette and who has the potential the be the possible face of the franchise and they will get rid Gerald wallce’s onerous contract. Hopefully that deal will be executed sooner than later for the Celtics especially.

    • Ron Flanders

      Latino Magic Johnson? More like Latino Terrell Brandon. Bite your tongue the next time you compare a zero-time All-Star to a legend.

      • Slap Dog Hoops

        Did you see this guy play? The man finished third in the league in assists per game while also averaging four rebounds and nearly 14 points per game. He’s certainly a FAR BETTER offensive player than RONDO, and at 6’7″ has the size to go along with skill is reminiscent of the magic man himself. Hey may not be an All Star, but I assure you that HE WILL BE!!!! And he will certainly be better for a rebuilding Celtics team that Rondo will EVER BE!!!

        • Ron Flanders

          I’ve seen him play for New Orleans as well as the Vinotinto. He’s on his 3rd NBA team in 3 years. Your statistics may be correct (I won’t check them because they’re irrelevant), but he will never be an All-Star and everything you said about him comparison to Rondo is laughably false.

          • Slap Dog Hoops

            How is that laughably false? Rondo can’t shoot beyond ten feet from the basket and given that Vasquez has a six inch height advantage over him, does that not give him an edge. As for the third team in three years, that can be considered irrelevant too. Chauncey Billups is highly regarded as one of the top point guards in the NBA and how many times did he change his address? And one more thing that makes Greivis better: unlike Rajon, he can actually make a free throw.

          • Ron Flanders

            It’s laughably false because Rondo is a 2-time 1st team All-Defense player, a multiple-time All-Star, and a gigantic big-game player. His shooting between 14 and 20 feet is vastly improved, and if you look at advanced statistics, just as good as Vasquez. No, he can’t shoot free throws that well. But when Vasquez puts up 44/10/8 aganst the Heat, you let me know. If you think Greivis Vasquez is better than Rajon Rondo, you don’t know basketball.

    • GreenbirdCro

      Sorry bro…

  • Ron Flanders

    Bill Simmons is too emotional and unable to separate his personal feelings about players from what he thinks is a smart business/basketball move. If he gets hired ala Hollinger, the Celtics should immediately pick up the phone and start fleecing that franchise.

  • Graskarpfen

    Why do we need to trade Rondo? Simmons has no good reason, other than the other pundits saying we “have to.” Simmons needs to just not talk about the Celtics anymore.

    • Oziel De Oliveira Carneiro

      He thinks that with Rondo the Celtics will be in the middle of the pack group, which doesn’t get you much improvement, so he is an advocate of the whole go for the lottery this year and maybe next and build from there theory.

  • GreenbirdCro

    What a giant crap, smh…

  • RedsLoveChild

    Not happening….Boston can get much more for RR if they wait until he`s fully recovered, and his trade value is higher.

    Why trade RR?

    1} RR is still young enough to fetch very good talent in return
    2} Celtics need talented bigs, which is harder to find than talented PG`s
    3} Ainge wants Brad Stevens to have “100% ownership” of the locker room

  • Robert Hodgman

    That’s a great trade…for the Kings.
    The best player in that deal is Rondo, by a LONGSHOT! The second best player may just be Wallace! Yes it saves you money, but who cares if no free agent wants to come to your crappy team with NO all stars.
    That is just adding to the glut of unproven 2 guards, they would have Bradley, Lee, Fredette, Salmons, Mclemore, Crawford, and Bogans. Only Bradley is a legit starter on a good team out of all of them, and even that is questionable.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Simmons is a tool. He should stick to watching dramatic tv and doing a lousy job as an NBA analyst. I can’t believe none of the other guys have ever said…..”excuse me, WHY ARE YOU HERE?!”. I’m at the point where I wish he wasn’t associated with Boston sports at all.

    • Ron Flanders

      Very well said. The man can write, but he’s the worst TV analyst on NBA broadcasts.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Magic, Jalen Rose, and Simmons look as “natural” sitting together talking Basketball on TBS….as would a trio of Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Pee Wee Herman!

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Remember when Bill Simmons used to follow the Celtics and have interesting things to say about them?

    Now he’s just another national media guy pitching Rondo trades. What a surprise, Bill wants to move him to a California team. Heck, camp has started, but instead of having anything intelligent to say about anything actually going on with the Celtics, he writes a basic filler piece, a completely made up fantasy GM trade, that would be annoying but excusable during the long days of August when nothing is happening.

    Simmons is more knowledgeable about the Clippers and Lakers these days than the Celtics, and it has been that way for 3+ years now.

    Rondo in 2013-2014 is Pierce in 2003-2004. The Pierce/KG trade is the original Antoine trade, pushing the plunger to blow up a team and end an era. Rondo and Pierce are/were both like ~27 at the beginning of a major rebuild. Then Danny made lots of deals and acquired assets little by little, and by summer 07 it was a decent pile of desirable trade bait. It was only if they failed to land a great player or two in summer 07 that they would have tried to move Pierce for picks and young players and spent 3-4 more years at the bottom of the league playing go-fish with the draft lottery.

  • CelticMaclean

    Regardless of how you feel about the trade or Simmons in general I took it more as a trade proposal from Sac to Boston that would be hard to say no. Put it simply this offer has Danny’s phone ringing, he’s not dialing.

    • Ron Flanders

      It’d be easy to say no for me.

  • Rjd12345

    I liked this series until I saw that. The Celtics are not trading Rondo unless they get back real young talent. Simmons is under the delusion that the Celtics want to get rid of Wallace’s contract so badly that the will hand Rondo away in exchange for expirings. Not gonna happen

  • Luke Walton

    end of the day rondo will be dealt for someone ainge believes can be an end of game difference maker or to make cap room for end of game difference maker