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I think Brad Stevens pays attention to details




I’m the same way. Dot every T and cross every I. Nothing gets past me.

Unless there’s a tall blonde within 50 yards. Then all bets are off.


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  • Curt Hays

    After detailed research, Chuck, I think you’re onto something.

  • KGino

    I have a feeling about this guy… I think we’re gonna love him as coach.

  • adam

    did someone say tall blond?

  • Luke Walton

    Uh oh. They are saying detailed I am hearing micromanaged

  • elgirrl

    I’m liking Brad Stevens more and more all the time.

  • Jake Gruber

    I will tell you right now, when a coach does this with his team while also earning his players’ respect, trust, and love, there is literally no way that he ends up with a losing team. It just doesn’t happen (or else my entire life would feel like a lie!)

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