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Jared Sullinger is “not close” to being ready


Jared Sullinger would not comment on his pending domestic violence case, but he did shed some insight into his health during Media Day:

“Not close,” Sullinger said of his return to competitive basketball. “Being out for six months of not playing basketball is really tough. It’s been a long year for me, from playing to back surgery, just trying to get healthy from there. Everything looks perfect as of now, but still got a lot of work to do.”

Sullinger said he had no limitations on the court, that he can play at full speed, and that he’s able to take charges and do anything else he could before.

“As of right now it’s just getting in the best shape possible,” said Sullinger. “I just think it’s time, with training camp, practicing every day. Only time can tell.”

The good news is he’s healthy. The bad news is he’s out of shape.

Let’s hope he can fix that during training camp.

Danny Ainge said the team has yet to decide if Sullinger will face discipline for his arrest.

Check out Celtics.com for complete live coverage of Media Day. We’ll be posting a few more updates throughout the afternoon.

(image courtesy CSN’s Kyle Draper)

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  • Jake Gruber

    I’m confused. Is he healthy or not healthy? Does he mean his GAME is not close but his health is?

    • chuckmckenney

      He’s healthy. Said he has no limitations and can play at full speed.

    • eddysamson

      He’s saying his back is healthy, but he needs to get his conditioning back. He can probably only play 8-10 mins a game at NBA speed as is and thats optimistic of me.

  • RedsLoveChild

    What he`s trying to say is….he is currently {but only temporarily} in the exact same condition that Big Baby Davis always plays in.

    • Chulinho

      I still don’t understand how “Big Baby” could be so quick in certain aspects of the game.

      • forever_green

        Big Baby was a perfect bench guy..to bad mentally he thought he was a starter & wanted to be paid like one.

        • Chulinho

          Exactly. I agree completely.

      • RedsLoveChild

        All in all, I actually liked Big Baby…he was clutch in big moments, fearless, and gave the Celtics toughness in the paint.

        • Chulinho

          Yeah he was talented in certain areas, like offensive rebounding and finishing around the rim (except for dunking). And he hustled.

  • Joey

    It’s okay. We have Jeff Green.

  • adam

    this is part of the no tanking season.

  • Jester00

    Big baby clutch that’s if funny he never left the pine in 08! He hit one jumper vs the magic in the playoffs maybe u forgot his great play vs the Knicks in the playoffs he sucked Sully way better

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