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Throwback Thursday: Rondo drops 44 on Miami

Check out the latest upload from our friend RD6. It features the Celtics & Heat in a G2 showdown from the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Rajon Rondo had a monster game, with 44 points, (career high) 10 assists & 8 rebounds. The C’s point guard was on the floor for the entire 53 minute overtime battle. Thanks to a very questionable no-call with 1:33 left and a Boston turnover, Miami pulled away in the final minute for a 115-111 win. Speaking of calls, the Heat attempted 47 free-throws to Boston’s 29. Kenny Mauer and his crew left their stamp all over this game. Here are Rajon’s highlights…

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  • Jarrett Reese

    And people want to trade this guy? lol. Rondo’s role was primarily getting the big 3 easy looks. Doc tried to sell us that “It’s Rondo’s team now” bs but we knew it was still pierce’s and it showed in the offense. Now that it really is Rondo’s team I can’t wait to see how good Rondo REALLY is. Hopefully the offense is suited to Rondo’s and Green’s strengths which is running the floor. Green thrived in OKC because if how fat they play. We have a PG with vision like Stockton, passing like magic, and a player just as athletic as lebron but LONGER in Green. Call me a homer but if Rondo comes back no later than December and the team can have at least a .500 record by then, Im thinking top 3 seed. Rondo is a force and every team in the league struggles to guard him. No I’m not a rondo fanboy.

    • Brick James

      I upvoted your comment because I agreed with almost everything you said and I like the attitude. But Jeff Green is nowhere near as athletic as LeBron.

      • Jarrett Reese

        I take it you didn’t watch green before the heart surgery.

        • Brick James

          I did. And he was never anywhere near as athletic as LeBron. Keep in mind LeBron is listed at 15 lbs. more than Green… in reality it’s probably a solid 30.

  • forever_green

    That game seems like it was just yesterday, that was one of the worst non calls, Rondo was clearly fouled.

    The league and injuries never allowed us to get that second championship of the era.

    • swissflix

      exactly my thoughts. how could they not give that call??

  • vitamin d

    I can literally rant on and on for hours on how the officiating of game 1 and 2 were so pro Miami don’t even get me started

  • Roy

    This was a great game despite the questionable calls, but overall a great series. It sucks the Celtics weren’t victorious after the final game of the series. Crazy thing is everyone doubted and threw dirt on the Celts before the series started. Media, pundits and fans questioned if the C’s had enough in the tank to compete with the Heat.

    People couldn’t see the Celtics making it an competitive ECF, because the Celts age, injuries, inconsistent bench and recently fresh off a seven game series against the Philly Sixers. But as usual the Celtics proved the doubters wrong, they somewhat overachieved against the Heat. Honestly, they should of won the series especially with a 3-2 lead. But I don’t dig further down memory lane.

    Rondo is a unique and talented player. If he can get his head on straight the future should be bright for him.

  • KGino

    ah, the old screw job game… The reason I refuse to watch any game involving miami unless it involved the celtics too.

  • jason benn

    Its those calls that make me question the legitimacy of the him nba. f@&$ your oh he is a superstar we shouldn’t call that or oh tje guy clearly fouled him and made him miss because he don’t miss otherwise.i don’t care who it is it be nice to see the game officated fairly and evenly for once. i want to watch basketball not some hopped up garbage about oh this guy gets this call n that cuz he lebron or jordan or durant. this game makes me sick to my stomach some of the worst officiating ever i don’t care if there is .7 on the clock call the god damn foul if it is one f this let them play crap its that reason rightthere they didn’t call it and sensr its obviously true that the nba is rigged

  • jason benn

    Damn phone ill save the rest i guess i could rant fir hrs about this crap

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