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KG talks about his time in Boston, his new team and more with Sina

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During his current trip to China to promote the Anta KG4, Kevin Garnett talked about his new coach, Jason Kidd, the differences between Boston & Brooklyn and much more.

Garnett told Sina’s Li Shuangfu that his return to Boston will be “emotional” and “similar to when I returned to Minnesota.”  He went on to say “my years in Boston will never be forgotten… I will take those memories with me to my grave.”

When asked about all of the changes to Boston’s roster, Garnett said: “I think Boston will be fine.  They’re always a team willing to push the envelope when it comes to winning and they got good pieces up there.  Jeff Green, Rajon, Brandon Bass… guys that will work hard every night.  They’re not gonna be, shabby… not at all.”

Naturally KG said his best memory in Boston was winning the 2008 title, and worst was losing the 2010 title.  “But I’ve had more good moments than bad in Boston.”

Garnett also says that he reached out to Jared Sullinger after hearing about his “difficulty” and that he’s checked-in on Rondo to see how he was doing in his preparation for the upcoming season. He also dispels the “rumor” that he can allegedly touch the top of the backboard. This is a great, heartfelt talk with Garnett, and his first significant interview since being traded to Brooklyn over the summer.

Check out the full interview with Sina’s Li Shuangfu. Thanks to Hi Basketball Shoes for the video:

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