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Avery Bradley’s mother has passed away

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It’s with great sadness that we pass along the news of the passing of Avery Bradley’s mother Alicia.  The circumstances surrounding her passing are as yet unclear, but we wish to pass along our condolences from the entire Red’s Army family, our readers, and Celtics fans.

Avery and his mother had an extremely close relationship as was documented in this Globe piece from 2010 after he was drafted by the Celtics.  This passage about her taking on extra responsibilities after she and her husband divorced is especially striking.

“Mothers just do what they have to do,’’ she said. “Because my husband and I weren’t together and our children were used to living a certain way, I didn’t feel like they needed to be without that even though they weren’t going to have both parents in the household.

“So I just worked my butt off to make sure they had what they needed. And you know once they start getting older those gym shoes cost a lot. It may have been a guilt thing, but it was something I felt like I owed my children to make sure they were comfortable in the transition going from two parents to one.’’

Our thoughts are with Avery at this extremely difficult time.  If you wish to pass on your thoughts, you and find Bradley on Twitter and send him a quick message of support.

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    I believe Avery’s mom is on the right in this picture that Jason Terry tweeted this morning. My thoughts and prayers are with Avery and his family..


  • GreenbirdCro

    So saddening… 🙁
    Deep condolences

  • Screamin Jay

    A terribly sad day when one’s mom passes. RIP to Mrs. Bradley…Avery is a real quality human being, and that surely is a testament to the woman who raised him. And, condolences to Avery…life goes on, but she’ll always be there in memories.

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