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Celtkicks: Rajon Rondo leaving Nike for Anta?

RajonRondoCould Celtics starting point guard Rajon Rondo be following Kevin Garnett’s lead & signing with Anta? Rajon’s been signed with Nike for roughly the last four years, but a rumor that surfaced this weekend has him joining KG as an endorser for the Chinese sneaker brand. Garnett is currently in China promoting his fourth signature shoe with Anta, as well as celebrating signing a five-year extension with the company.

Kevin was named as the captain of Anta’s new “Team Priceless” campaign last week. On the official site, there are silhouettes of the next four members of the team that will be revealed in the coming weeks. The second player definitely appears to be Luis Scola. It’s quite obvious from the picture, and makes sense as he already endorses Anta. But the most intriguing silhouette is the fifth and final one. There is no doubt in my mind that it’s this picture of Rondo. Could #9 be leaving Nike and becoming Anta’s next NBA athlete? Nike has yet to get RR his own signature shoe and sneakerheads & basketball fans alike feel he certainly deserves one. This would be absolutely huge news if it is true. I have contacted my sources in China as well as folks inside Anta but have yet to confirm this information. As soon as I can confirm it, I’ll break the story right here at Red’s Army. Take a look for yourself via Anta’s “Team Priceless” website. Do you think Rajon is going to be the next face of Anta footwear?

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  • Timi

    Great find! Nice to see that little Doo is following his older bro KG :))

  • tvor03

    That’s most definitely Rondo. Can you even buy Anta in the United States? I’m not into sneakers so I have no clue.

    • KWAPT

      Unfortunately Anta does not have a US distribution deal. You have buy them online somewhere if you live in the states. However bringing Rondo in could be the first step. He would immediately attract many more fans to

  • wil

    i think its crazy that Rondo doesnt have a signature shoe

  • CoachAJ

    Most definitely is RR

  • KGino

    The 5th and final silhouette is shooting a left hand jump shot… Can’t be rondo (maybe Josh Smith? looks too skinny to be him tho). 4th silhouette down could be Rondo though (rondo dribbling?)…

    • KGino

      it COULD be a right handed jumper… but why would they show the back of someones head?

      • Paul

        The silhouettes are probably just a teaser. When the player is revealed, it will likely be a promotional pic just like KG’s.

        • KWAPT

          Oh right, definitely. But the teaser of Rondo has me very intrigued.

        • KGino

          yea true… I was thinking it would look exactly like the silhouette. If that’s the case t-vor was spot on with the screenshot. With rondo’s popularity over there I wouldn’t be surprised in the least

    • tvor03

      you don’t think this and this look exactly alike?

      • KGino

        I do I do… like i said I don’t get why they’d should the back of his head so I was thinking it was a lefty.

      • KWAPT

        Thanks for the screenshot-great stuff.

  • adam

    Chinese shoes don’t fit right. It might have changed in 9 years The only shoe that had a size 44 (10.5) were some sports shoe and the yao ming shoe when I was there in 2004. I am mad I didn’t pick up a yao ming shoe. but they all looked horrid.

    • KWAPT

      I had same issue with KG2. It runs 1 size too big. Luckily I knew this when I bought the KG3..

  • vitamin d

    last 3 of the 5 look like Rondo to me. (i know the 2nd posted picture is not exactly the same, but close enough)

    • Andrew Glushchenko

      Isn’t that the last photo? Cause I’ve seen th same where Rajon is shooting free throw.

    • Ryan

      Found the 2nd silhouette

      • vitamin d

        THAT’S WHY it looks so familiar! it’s my dream Rondo fathead that I plan on getting in the near future lol

    • KWAPT

      You nailed it.

  • elgirrl

    Great find! And I also think the 3rd and 4th silhouettes could be Rondo, but definitely the last one is.

  • ibleeeeedgreeeen

    tthe site looks pretty sick

  • Guest

    I’ve heard talk that the second silhouette is supposedly Luis Scola, anyone else heard that?

    • KWAPT

      It is indeed Scola-yes.

  • hibasketballshoes

    yes, total 4 basketball player Anta will sign in this season.

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