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Celtkicks exclusive: Dallas Stokes’ KG4 concept sketches

KWAPT (@KWAPT) September 8, 2013 CeltKicks, Kevin Garnett Comments Off


My personal favorite of all of KG’s signature shoes, the Anta “KG3″, was designed by Dallas Stokes. Stokes is known for his fantastic work with And One, Protege and of course his Van Grack collection. I immediately had to have the KG3 when I first laid eyes on it. Dallas knocked that project out of the park, and Garnett himself raved about his third signature shoe.

Unfortunately, & surprisingly, Anta did not bring Stokes back to work on the KG4. But he did create some fantastic concept sketches of what he had in mind for the next shoe. Dallas was cool enough to send me his sketches to post exclusively on our site. Take a look at these exclusive designs that you’ll only see here. Dallas drew-up ideas for not only a fourth KG shoe, but also some cool athletic wear, including Brooklyn Nets themed Garnett jerseys. You can learn more about Dallas over at his Facebook page and be sure to check-out his most recent endeavor, “HeatOnUp.”

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