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Celtkicks: Kevin Garnett signs five-year extension with Anta


In what almost certainly ensures he’ll wear the Chinese brand for the rest of his NBA career, KG & Anta announced a five-year extension this week. While promoting the release of the “KG4” in China, the Big Ticket appeared with Anta CEO & chairman Ding Shizhong to share the news with the Chinese media. This is Garnett’s fourth signature shoe with Anta, and at 399 Yuan ($60 US) it will definitely give competitors such as Li Ning & Peak a run for their money.

Garnett told Sina.com that it’s very important to him that kids are able to afford his shoes. When asked if quality was sacrificed to help keep the price so low, KG responded by stating “the shoe is very comfortable-the design features are beautiful“. Garnett also said he “loves” the new shoe. Anta does not have a US distribution deal, so for now, the KG4 is only available in China. Anta products do sometimes find their way to US sites such as EBay though.


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  • Dbeard


    • Ron

      Ugly, but for $60 that’s much more affordable especially for these young kids, killing and hurting there wallets over a pair of Lebron’s, Kobe or Durant’s.

      • KWAPT

        Great point. And I honestly don’t think they’re that bad. Especially compared to some of the heinous stuff Nike has put out lately. Love his eyes & the “GARNETT” on the tongue.

        • Brian

          Hey KWAPT, I’ve been reading long enough to know you are a sneakerhead. I’ll go to China next week, and if I do let me know if you would like a pair. I can mail it to you. And maybe next time I’m in town, you can take me to a Celtics game 🙂

          • KWAPT

            Wow Brian-that is a very nice gesture, thank you! However I do believe a contact I have in Anta sales is going to hook me up. Thanks very much for the offer though and I hope you enjoy China & have a safe trip.

      • Dbeard

        Never thought of it like that. That is very true.

    • eddysamson

      How is that ugly? Because its not loaded with eye popping colors and design that make it look like a UFO? I usually hate basketball shoes because they are WAY over the top, as a simple Vermont boy this is my kind of shoe right here.

      • Dbeard

        Idk man, I tend to like more vibrant colors. It’s not really ugly as much as simplistic. Just my opinion lol.

  • Celticsfanatic

    Sick shoe.