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Your Morning Dump… Where Jeff Green needs to channel his inner Spiderman

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“The next step for Jeff and I think Jeff would be the first to tell you this, is he has a great opportunity to do the things that he did [last season], even more consistently and with more opportunity,” Stevens told “But with that comes a great deal of responsibility and a great deal of attention.”

Those disappearing acts fans have seen in the past from Green will have to do just that … disappear.

“Everyday has to be a great day [for Green],” said Stevens, adding, “It has to be a day where you are making an inch of progress. And then the next day, an inch more and the next day an inch more, and not going back and fourth.  From what I have seen of Jeff and from what I have heard of Jeff, he’s really bought into that and he’s really excited about that.”


Brad Stevens is channeling Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben for some motivation. The message to Jeff Green is simple; play aggressive and play smart.

He’s 27 years old, completely healthy and in the prime of his career. He’s no longer in the shadows of two future HOFers.

The time is now for Jeff Green.

I was one of his biggest critics. But I saw enough in his game last season to believe he can become a top dog.

If not, we’re really screwed.

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  • NE_Celt

    So say Jeff Green becomes the man…a guy a team could build around or an all-star…and Rondo comes back 100% healthy…and all of our other youngin’s turn out to be solid role players and support….I see this as a playoff team. The real kicker…can they all get their sh*t together in time to start building up wins…going to be a rough beginning of the season potentially.

  • Jester00

    To quote the man in Black “Get used to disappointment.”

  • Brian Pahlm

    With the team they have now they are the 8th seed with 35 wins.

  • Kassandra McElhiney

    The man was only months removed from OPEN HEART SURGERY last year. “Disappearing act….” I don’t think any player, not even his highness LBJ himself, could have done any better. Give the kid a break.

  • KGino

    Might have to change my name to JGino

    • vitamin d


  • Matthew Diehm

    “If not, we’re really screwed” That about sums it up. I think unclejeff can be the co-leader along side Rondo. We all know he’s an All-Star caliber talent, now he just needs to find the constant confidence game after game. Fingers are crossed, or it’s gonna be a loooong year.

  • RedsLoveChild

    On the right team, where he would be the 3rd/4th scoring option…Jeff Green would be a tremendous asset. He`s a “greyhound”…he belongs on a team that rebounds, gets out on the break, and runs.

    With Boston, playing a half-court game, his skills are wasted. The Celts can`t rebound…and if you can`t rebound, you can`t run. You can`t fast-break when you`re constantly taking the ball out of the basket.

    But, with this obviously being a “tank” season…it really doesn`t matter.

    • tvor03

      None of what you just said means anything because you have no idea what this team is going to be like this season. Who says Boston is going to be playing a half-court game? We have a new coach and new system, which we haven’t seen yet. How do you know we can’t rebound? We have an entirely new front court.

      And Jeff Green was the 3rd/4th scoring option in OKC, and they considered him expendable.

      • RedsLoveChild

        OKC did consider Green as being “expendable”… long as they could get Boston to trade their starting center to obtain him.

        • Kassandra McElhiney

          Oh, get over the Perkins trade, will you??? Perk isn’t doing CRAP these days. Boston clearly got the better end of that deal.

          • RedsLoveChild

            I`m over it….the Perkins trade is ancient history.

            What good would Perkins do us today, with the championship core {KG/PP} playing out their final days in Brooklyn?

            But, when someone says we obtained Jeff Green because he was “expendable”….yeah, Boston merely had to give up their starting center to get him. Green didn`t exactly come cheaply.

      • Raoul

        Expendable? Let me explain to you what made him “expendable” on OKC…. His counterpart was Durant. They are essentially the same type of player. Obviously, Durant is the better of the two. OKC also knew about Jeff’s heart issue..

        OKC had a player that was not expendable… His name was Nenad. They lacked interior presence. The only way to give him up was to get a replacement. Otherwise, they needed him…. much more than Jeff, as they had Durant.

        To say Jeff was expendable is such a vanilla and irrelevant way of looking at what he’s worth.

  • Robert

    This team is impossible to judge. One thing you can count on is every single guy on this unusual roster has something to prove.
    Bradley, Brooks, Humphries, Crawford, Lee, and Wallace are all coming off of disappointing seasons.
    Olynyk, Faverani, and especially Pressey need to prove that they even belong in the NBA.
    Green, as mentioned in this article has extremely high expectations riding on his shoulders.
    Bass is the forgotten man. In fact I almost forgot to include him, but I’m sure he is ticked off that he went from the starting PF to one that most people think is the forth option after Sully, Olynyk, and Humphries.
    Sully is coming off major surgery and an assault charge.
    Rondo has as much or more to prove than any other player in the NBA.
    This strange collection of shoulder chips could drive them to greatly overachieve or drive them into the ground (don’t expect to see a lot of ball-sharing with this crew). Not even Ainge can honestly say he knows which will happen.

    • imshak

      I agree with them having something to prove but I don’t agree with the ball sharing part. Only Rondo is a player who holds the ball a significant amount. Wallace, Brookes, Green, and Crawford are the only other guys who you would give the ball to create for themselves or others… all will willingly give up the rock with the exception maybe being Crawford who is on go at all times, but even he is a willing/solid passer. None of the guys on our team have a me first ego, again, except maybe Crawford. Jeff Green’s problem has been exactly that, he is too willing to just sit back while the main guys go to work. He is only starting to be aggressive after people begged him to. Everyone on our team is use to being a role-player… someone like Green will need to be more of a “me first” type but there are plenty of touches for him to get a nice chunk of them. RR will naturally have it a lot but he is a past first guy… even if he switches to score first there is plenty where he can get his. There are few guys on our team who wont depend on RR or a PG. Olynyk and Pressey don’t count as we don’t even know if they can compete at this level but even then, Pressey like RR likes to pass the ball and Olynyk was a star but he only averaged 6-10 shots per, if he’s good enough there are around 6-10 shots available for him. Even the worse teams in the NBA get at least 90 possessions per, so there will be plenty for our key guys and the other guys are use to getting whats left.

  • Raoul

    NBA’s Top 50 facials of the 2012-13 season. 6 Celtics spots; 4 Green, 1 Bradley, 1 Bass. Definitely highlights some of the reasons a lot of us think Green has the potential to be a big dog.

    • Jester00

      He can dunk WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Raoul

        I don’t think Jester is impressed by Jeff’s just-off-surgery performance last year.