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Doc Rivers can’t stop talking about the break-up



“Honestly, I was very disappointed in that part of Danny’s press conference,” Rivers said during an appearance on Dennis & Callahan to promote September’s Hoop Dreams event at TD Garden to benefit Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD). “Other than that, Danny and I have no issues. Danny knows, just like I know, that that’s not true.

“Listen, guys, this is old stuff. I’m here, and Danny’s in Boston. You can ask Danny that more and more, but there were two people in that room, and it was Danny and I, and anyone else who has a comment about what went on doesn’t really know because they weren’t in that room. It was more than one day. It was several days, and it was an agreement.”

I cannot believe Doc Rivers answered questions again about the break-up.

If there ever was a time for him to go into full Belichick mode,  it was this morning on WEEI.

Talk about your event, Jared Sullinger, Brad Stevens, the Clippers, anything but the he-said/she-said nonsense surrounding your departure.

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