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Celtics fans come out in droves to meet, greet KG in China

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KG landed in China yesterday, and Celtics fans from all over the country came out to meet him. In what really must have been an emotional morning for KG, C’s fans presented him with signs, pictures & other gifts. One fan went as far as to make a custom pair of Celtics Converse All-Stars for the big fella. This is Garnett’s first trip to the country since being traded to Brooklyn, and the fans I spoke to from China are just as heartbroken as we are that he is no longer a Celtic. The support and love will always be there, but some may never get used to him in another uniform.

KG’s main purpose in China is to promote his fourth signature shoe with Anta, the “KG IV” and to try and lure Chinese sponsors for his new team, the Brooklyn Nets. Check out some pics of the new shoe, and other highlights from the first day of Ticket’s trip.



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  • Curt Hays

    I don’t care where he is. I love this guy.

  • vitamin d

    I still cant get over this trade. Come back to us KG!!

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  • LA Flake

    When I visited China some years ago, Redsarmy.com was “restricted” meaning banned. I wonder if that’s still the case today.

    Oh, KG…He’s a Celtic for life. That guy bleeds green. Lives and dies by the green. But I’d be thrilled if he and my favorite Celtic of all time (PP) get another ring in Brooklyn so that they can shove it in Judas’s face.

    • zippittyay

      Gee, can’t imagine why a website named “Red’s Army” might get banned in China….

      • KWAPT

        Chinese govt will block any site that they deem “threatening to the government”. It’s unreal. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, Bloomberg get blocked all the time. Here’s a good piece on it: http://nyti.ms/15zsGGk

    • KWAPT

      It’s not anymore. Blame communism though. Interesting site if you want to see just what is banned over there: http://www.blockedinchina.net

  • eddysamson

    I think I’m in love with the girl with green glasses in the first pic…

  • Roy Boy

    KG was always a popular international player and brand, but it didn’t signing with Anta, because Asian is a huge NBA follower. Even at 37, KG is still loved. Shows his dedication to positive work ethic even in the later stage of his career.