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Your Morning Dump… Where Brad Stevens is lying to us about Rajon Rondo’s timeline

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

Jared Sullinger hinted he might be back in December, and other reports have Rondo being ready by opening night in his rehab from offseason knee surgery.

New Celtics head coach Brad Stevens has heard all the scenarios in the public conversation, but would not put a date or a timetable on when the lone member of the championship team will be back.

“I have never heard a timeline from him and the latest that I’ve heard from our medical staff is that he’s progressing well,” Stevens said at TPC Boston during the Deutsche Bank pro-am on Thursday. “Our staff has spent a little bit of time with him off site here as well as we followed up on his rehab when he’s been away.

“He will be back in town soon. He’s working. I know that for a fact. He’s working hard to get back as soon as he can and I’m sure he will.”

Boston Herald

Brad Stevens is lying right to our faces. Of course, he knows the timetable for Rajon Rondo’s return. But just like Wyc, Danny and the late Doc Rivers, he’s refusing to acknowledge any sort of timetable for Rondo’s return to the court. Call it gamesmanship.

I thought Jared Sullinger was going to be ready for training camp? What’s this stuff about him returning in December? 

Never mind. I misinterpreted the comment as when Sully would return. He was referring to Rondo. 

For those tracking Rondo’s every move (KWAPT, Jess Camerato to name a two), #9 is spending Labor Day weekend with his buddy Kendrick Perkins.

A fan posted this photo of Rajon last night.

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One other note, Fab Melo was released by the Grizzlies. I believe Donte Greene is still on the Celtics roster.

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  • Timi

    Where are the reports about Sullinger returning in December? I think that the sentence “Jared Sullinger hinted he might be back in December” is about Rondo, not about Jared 😉

  • MrCuret

    I’m sure Rondo will be back by opening night, he’s too much of a competitor who loves to prove people wrong.

  • Nathan

    i get the feeling Rondo is scheduled to return for opening night or atleast the first month of the season but danny ainge or even stevens told the players to say december/christmas to avoid a derrick rose type situation

  • jason benn

    He will be back 6 months after his surgery and fall 9 yards short of setting the rushing record oh whoopss ap not rr lol do will be back when he feeks like not going to vegas anymore 😛 would like to see december just so we can rack up early losses and he feels he has a bigger chip on his shoulder. I’m not saying december so we can tank that’s pointless if anyone thinks the nba will give the celtics the number one pick your nuts, december simply cuz he is gonna be an animal when he comes back couple extra months for the future of the celtics would be fine

  • jason benn

    Oh and early loses will rack up fast don’t kid yourself look at what happened in the playoffs w no pg no do stop hating people the future is now

  • Frank Aziza

    Jess Camerato article said Rondo was on Joan Rivers show in May and talked about his new team mate Kris Humphries. The trade didn’t happen yet in May.

    • forever_green

      ^^Can someone figure this out for me also, doesn’t make sense.^^

      • elgirrl

        The trade didn’t happen yet (until weeks later) but Joan still asked Rondo about the “fight’ and they discussed it, and Joan Rivers made some jokes about Kris Humphries, Kanye and Kim. For his part, Rondo downplayed the incident totally and described it as just a shoving match. He added that he has nothing personal against Humphries.

        • forever_green


  • Mannie

    “The late Doc rivers” haha nice one!

  • elgirrl

    My personal prescription for Rondo would be to have him play if he wants to and is cleared and ready, but for no more than 2 minutes a quarter, or about 8-10 minutes a game. This way he can start throughout November and be part of the game, but still take it easy for however long it takes him to get adjusted. This way he’s happy, the team is happy and the fans are happy.

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