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Your Morning Dump… where Fav sees Stevens as another player

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Yes, when you talk to him it seems like talking to another player. He is very very young, a charming person. I have met his wife, his two children, his mom… and they are a beautiful family, his younger girl seems like an angel. They are a superb family who transmit union, as he wants to do it as a team, building a smooth locker room. I told him to expect all my help in such matters, because I love having a close locker and so I will do. He transmit a feeling of someone who likes hard work and wants the player to get on well among them and with the coach. I guess that he will be a kind of another player with us, being so young. Second interview with Faverani

Vitor Faverani gave another interview to Spanish blog, touching on a few things since he’s been in Boston, including getting recognized (which happens more often than he expects), why he wore 38 (for a friend, and they’re getting ink because of it), and the guys he’s worked out with.  In fact he’s worked out with…. that…. guy…. you know…. who plays…. basketball.

…I have some language difficulties in this sense. I can tell you what they do and how they are working out in practice, but their pronunciation is so strange that I am not able to tell you exactly their names. Besides that, they are constantly using nicknames more than their Christian names, so I hear how they talk each other on the court and sometimes I get a bit lost. Nevertheless, I know very well who they are, where are they from and more, so no problem with that.

He’s also excited to play with Rajon Rondo…

Well, I have not had the opportunity to work with him because he is recovering from his knee injury. I had a first contact, not with the head coach but with his top assistant, who is training me and was with Rondo this week. Every time they talk about Rondo is amazing, spotting his pick and roll play. I love setting screens, you can ask my former teammates because they stopped me last year because it was almost hurting them, so if he is the player I believe he is, we will get along very well. He loves sharing the ball and has incredible passing skills, and I love setting screens to free him, so that he can decide to finish with a shot or a pass. It is up to him.

I like the sound of the guy hurting people with his picks.

Back to Stevens as another player for a second…

… I have a little trepidation when it comes to that because there needs to be a distinct line between players and the coach at the NBA level.  I have a tiny fear that Stevens might try to get TOO buddy-buddy with these guys, which is something you definitely see more of in college.

It’s a tiny fear.  I think Stevens is going to be great (especially after reading more in that SI piece), but I don’t think he’ll be perfect.  This is going to be something that might take a little getting used to for him.

This is where his assistants come in.  Former players will let him know what the comfortable line is, and seasoned coaches like Ron Adams will give Stevens a good feel for when a coach should step back.

And on top of it all, this is Vitor Faverani saying how he might view Stevens, and not a directive from Stevens about how he wants to be seen.  Still, if there was any bit of caution here about Stevens as head coach and the transition from college, this would be it.

One other thing of note out there:  Chris Wilcox says that strained thumb ligament last year was actually torn, which limited his effectiveness.

“It was tough, it never got better,” he said. “I just thought I would give it some rest after the season and I would barely put my hand in a fist. It didn’t get any better.”

Wilcox is a tough bastard who has been through a lot.  He’s probably done with the Celtics, but I think he deserves a shot.  I’d look for him to land in a place like Philadelphia, who has open roster spots and a young team that can use a strong vet in the locker room without paying him a lot of money.

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  • 84_and_7

    He will make mistakes, but i’m sure he is smart enough to admit them and learn from them. Can’t wait for this season

  • RedsLoveChild

    Nice action shot of BS playing college hoops…..or, is that a publicity shot of Robby Benson for the film “One On One”?

  • Raoul

    Brownie points for Vitor. Says the right things.