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In our panel vote, rookie Kelly Olynyk landed a team-best 40 percent of the vote to start at center, while Kris Humphries was next at 33.3 percent. Brandon BassVitor Faverani, and Jared Sullinger all landed votes as well, but were distant finishers.

Chris Forsberg-Summer Forecast: Center Of Attention

koThis is the first season since 2010-11, when Boston had Shaq and Perkins, that we have a bevy of big men. The question asked in Chris Forsberg’s latest “Summer Forecast” was “who starts at center.” Should it the be the scrappy and aggressive Jared Sullinger, newly acquired Vitor Faverani, the rook Olynyk or the not so popular Kris Humphries?

You have the “default”, safe choice in Kris Humphries, which could also work in showcasing a guy who the Celtics could be looking to deal before the trade deadline. Our own MrTrpleDouble10 had this to say:

Jay Ouellette, Red’s Army (Kris Humphries): Humphries will be one of the guys getting “showcased” early in the season. He had a down year last year but didn’t play as much. He has a favorable expiring contract to deal to a contender that could use another big, so giving him a month or two of heavy minutes at the 5 will help this cause.

John on the other hand picked Jared Sullinger. We saw Sully at the five last season at times, but his hustle and heart were sometimes outmatched by pure size. However pairing Sully, Olynyk & Rajon on the floor sounds awfully fun. John thinks this is a lineup we could see, with Stevens using newly signed center Vitor Faverani on nights when we play teams with size.

Fab’s gone (and wasn’t good enough anyway) and Humph is too small. I love the idea of Sully and Olynyk together at the same time. I think they’re going to be a lot of fun to watch out there on the same side of the court with Rajon Rondo. Faverani will probably get peppered in against bigger teams like Indiana or Brooklyn. It wouldn’t shock me if he started (I picked him first, but changed my mind), but I just don’t know enough about him right now to say for sure he’ll start more often than not.

My personal thought was that Stevens will start Kelly Olynyk. You’ll get those who will say we shouldn’t get too excited yet, but with his outside touch and ability to run, I love the idea of inserting him into the starting lineup.

KWAPT, Red’s Army (Kelly Olynyk): Olynyk just shows too much promise at this point. He can run the floor, as well as spread it with his range, and Stevens will have him in the starting 5 come Opening Night, if you ask me.

So who do the readers think should start at center this year? Let us know in the comments..

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  • Raoul

    Due to Olynyk’s playing style (non-defensive), I’m more for him at PF. Sully/Humph starting at the 4/5, and Olynyk/Vitor to back-up. Only wild card is Bass, for whom I have a lot of respect for and I feel would change the back-up to Bass/Olynyk but, again, I just don’t like a non-defensive Center. I say Bass is the wild card because given our relationship with him, he should get to play before Vitor and Olynyk but Stevens has no such relationship so he’s going to pick what seems best, and that might very well be Bass sliding down the bench.

  • Raoul

    What’s our current roster by the way? Is this correct?

    Rajon Rondo
    Phil Pressey
    Jordan Crawford

    Avery Bradley
    Marshon Brooks
    Courtney Lee

    Jeff Green
    Gerald Wallace
    Keith Bogans

    Jared Sullinger
    Kelly Olynyk
    Brandon Bass

    Kris Humphries
    Vitor Faverani

    • KWAPT

      You are correct-just appears official site has yet to remove Iverson:

      • Curt Hays

        I like how you quoted yourself, KWAPT. 🙂

        • KWAPT

          Lol..oh yeah-that’s just how the article was printed. At least I didn’t go all third person on you. (*_*)

          • Curt Hays

            “The opinion held by world reknowned Celtics reporter and greatest-fan-of-all-time, KWAPT, is that Stevens will start Kelly Olynyk.” Might have been a little overboard. True.

    • Curt Hays

      It really does look pretty decent when you list the players.
      At the 1, if Rondo comes back healthy, we’re better than last year.
      At the 2, well, we are for sure better than last year.
      At the 3, we may or may not have a push there. We will miss P2’s clutch games badly.
      At the 4, we have improved.
      At the 5, we have gotten infinitely worse without KG. But we do have guys who can rebound.
      I think we’ll make it two round 2 of the playoffs.

      • Raoul

        Laying the cards on the table definitely adds perspective. I’ve been trying to keep an up to date roster on my PC since the Nets deal, and have been pretty combative with individuals claiming the C’s are tanking. On paper, tanking makes zero sense. Not making the playoffs, would seem to be more due to chemistry and not a lack of talent.

  • Frank Aziza

    As I’m trying to decide who should start I realized we have the potential to be a very good team. A lot of “ifs” need to pan out. If Green is an all-star, if rondo is still the good Rondo, if Olynk can be an all rookie team, if Humphries has a grey year and if this Brazilian guy can be solid we are a very good team.

  • Astarot

    Despite his lack of D I see Oynyk at 5 with Sully at 4. I woudn’t be surprised if Hump starts for at least a month just to make it easier to deal him. But as much as I want Hump gone I hope Stevens will be brave enough to put front office pressure aside and structure rotation the way he wants (honestly I doubt he is but we’ll see).

  • KGino

    I think you guys are right on the money…Humphries to start the year and build value, Olynyk later in the year once he has some experience. And sully at the 4… He should only play 5 against small ball teams

  • Jay

    Dont forget. Olynyk would get called for all the fouls under the basket.

  • MrCuret

    I think Olynyk will be the starting center, the kid can play, he might not be a good defender but sometimes players thrive in different systems. I’m sure Stevens is going to put them in a position to succeed.

  • jason benn

    id go with starting mr kardashian at the 5 just for the sole fact of making it faster to get him the f&^$ outa here before rondo punches him in the face….AGAIN lol then once sunshine gets a taste of a few months n proves everyone right about what we all think about him start him at the five or bringing him in after the indestructible man starts we need a big tough guy who will bang n get boards big time if we went with rondo bradley green sully faverani we would get every rebound offensive n defensive lol not really but we definetly would have the rebound battle locked up every night. cant wait to watch a team that isnt allergic to rebounding for once, its such a key part to the game and all our teams the last few season seem to avoid them like they will get sick n die if they grab the rebound! so yes first few months run kris into the ground with minutes get him outta here n then plus we can see right off just how rigged the nba is cuz sunshine is gonna be called for fouls left right and CENTER pun intended lol so why bother starting him n ruining his confidence no matter when you play him he will get fouls all over the place, so if he started he gonna be back on the bench pretty quick which i would rather not see. rondo green wallace sully and kris would be a good lineup too i think then we can get rid of both wallace n kris start green at the two so he is getting the ball majority of the time he will feel more responsible to just score then at the 2 position and thats a pretty big lineup