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Your Morning Dump… Where Paul Pierce has faith in Rondo leading the C’s

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Paul Pierce, who has general manager aspirations and also deep ties to the Celtics, said he understood why the club dealt him to the Brooklyn Nets. Playing with a new organization has forced Pierce to adjust quickly. He and his family have found a new home in New York City. After the initial shock of being shipped south after 15 years in Boston, he has embraced joining the Nets.

Pierce also said he has discussed the future of the Celtics with Rajon Rondo, who is coming off surgery to repair a torn right anterior cruciate ligament. Trade rumors have surrounded Rondo with the Big Three broken up, and so have perceptions that he won’t cooperate with new coach Brad Stevens, only nine years Rondo’s senior. Rondo has indicated that he will fully support Stevens, and the two spent time together at Rondo’s basketball camp in Louisville, Ky.

Pierce said he relayed some strong messages about how Rondo should conduct himself as team leader.

“Without question [he can be the man in Boston],” Pierce said. “I’ve already talked to Rajon; Rajon’s mature. People talk about the relationship with Doc [Rivers], and they probably had their best years over the last two years. So I don’t think that was a reason for Doc leaving. I’ve heard that, but that wasn’t a reason for Doc not coming back.

“Rondo is one of the best players in the league. He’s a guy who can be the face of a franchise. He’s won a championship, he’s been an All-Star. There’s a lot of organizations who don’t even have a face of that caliber.

“I definitely think he’s matured and can handle a lot. I talked to him and he’s ready for the challenge. He knows that it’s his team. He knows he has to be a leader, and from being around me and Kevin [Garnett] and seeing how we work.”

Boston Globe Sunday Basketball Notes

One of the bigger debates/concerns that came out of the C’s entering the next rebuilding phase was the question if Rajon Rondo could actually be the next leader of the Celtics.  Ever since Doc left and subsequently KG and Pierce getting traded on draft night, the Rondo critics and doubters have come from everywhere.  Media, fans, radio discussions have all chimed in their doubts, and have done so loudly.  The common belief was that he couldn’t be the next leader and that he’d likely get traded anyway because if you’re going to tank, you might as well get rid of every available asset for 5 cents on the dollar.  Some of the questions and concerns are understandable.  Some C’s fans and media members feel that Rondo can be that guy but those opinions don’t carry as much weight as Paul Pierce’s does.

In the Globe link above, Pierce goes in depth explaining exactly why he has full faith in Rondo to take those leadership reigns.  I would guess that Pierce has more knowledge than any of us so I’ll take his word for it.  Sure, he’s not likely to simply trash Rondo in public, but he could also simply decline to answer (which would indicate something else) instead he answered with conviction so for what that’s worth, C’s fans should feel good about it.  Pierce also discussed his transition to living in New York City and did admit that the story was true, when after the season was immediately over, he told his family to start packing.

Another Note from the Globe Sunday Notes:

With Colton Iverson headed to Turkey for this season and Fab Melo traded to the Grizzlies for the nonguaranteed contract of Donte Greene, the Celtics have reduced their roster enough to dip below the luxury-tax threshold and create a potential roster spot for a player such as Shavlik Randolph. The Celtics, in losing Iverson and Melo, have a need for a legitimate center and Randolph fared well for the Celtics in short stints off the bench last season. He was waived before his contract became guaranteed on Aug. 1 .

As long as it works under the CBA, bringing back Shav on a minimum deal wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.  Still, the C’s main financial goal is to stay under that tax threshold so it’s not exactly that simple.  You can never use enough bigs and Shav was a solid backup big during his brief stint here.

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