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Jeff Green at the Jamal Crawford ProAm-complete highlights

This weekend, Red’sArmy featured highlights of Sully, Avery & Uncle Jeff playing in various summer tournaments. We wrap-up our coverage with a complete highlight reel of Jeff at Jamal Crawford’s Pro Am in Seattle. The clip, courtesy of Andrew Kim, also features Kyrie Irving, Tony Wroten & college player Abdul Gaddy. My favorite plays include Jeff nearly hitting his head on the rim during an alley-oop dunk at the 3:45 mark, and his sick windmill slam at 7:15. Irving, Wroten (with one of the sickest crossovers you’ll ever see) & Gaddy also gave fans in attendance quite a show. *UPDATE* HoopMixTape  just posted a vid of all Green’s dunks. Check it out below too.

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  • forever_green

    Thanks for the video.

    I don’t know what a travel is anymore, was there calls being let go to have more fun?..For Jeff, he is very talented on O..I want to see him improve a little on D, he’s good but could be great. After five seasons in the league(not counting the year he missed)-this could be the year he really breaks out.

    • KWAPT

      My pleasure. And this is purely for entertainment. They don’t make travelling calls..

  • Tommy_Heinsohn

    It seems like the secret is out, listen to the crowd @2:55, everyone knows Jeff cannot go left. I really hope he’s been working on that this summer but by the looks of the highlights he hasn’t. Doesn’t go left once. You can’t be an All Star caliber player by only using your right hand…

    • omitasub

      It’s not like it’s a big secret. LOL.
      Uncle Jeff likes to go to his right. He can go left too, But he favors his right more.
      His drives to the right almost always gets a dunk a layup or a free throws, so I’m not complaining.

      • Tommy_Heinsohn

        Yeah I was joking about it being a secret… but his game would greatly improve if he could go left.

  • Chuck Moran

    Ya u can it don’t matter what people saythey still can’t stop him. You. Ever heard of James harden he’s going to be a all star for the next five to ten years everyone knows he can only go left but it don’t matter.

    • Tommy_Heinsohn

      Changing directions and having the ability to drive to the hoop with both your left hand and right hand doesn’t matter? I’m sure Bird, Jordan, Kobe, Magic, even Lebron would disagree with that. It does matter. If you’re trying to improve your game you learn to go in both directions.

  • imshak

    Jeff still needs to learn to go left… at least he can hit a jumper when they try to force him left as he did a couple times in this video.

    Jeff had to hear the guy yelling that b/c that place was quiet for the most part… better take from other greats and work on changing a weakness each offseason. As much as I despise LeBroid (NBA is coming for you soon), he worked on his post game and shot… he came out beasting from all over the court last season. “Make him shoot” everybody said for his first few years, well they did and he made them pay by taking and making them from everywhere. You are never to good to get better!

    • Tommy_Heinsohn


  • KGino

    I wonder if Uncle Jeff will head the next installment of Pepsi Presents Uncle Drew