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Report: Celtics, Grizz talking Melo for Greene swap


Don’t waste a minute looking for a scouting report on Donte Greene. His contract is non-guaranteed. Consider this a cost-cutting move for the Celtics.

Poor Fab. He looked so good in those rebounding drills.

If this happens quickly, Greene’s name might get added to the list of Celtics alum receiving a letter from Brad Stevens.

UPDATE: It’s a done deal. Celtics official statement is here.

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  • Double P

    No more Fab? Man we ARE tanking……..

  • eddysamson

    Why oh why couldn’t we do this before we cut Shav 🙁 Then again I suppose if we waive Greene cant we re-sign Shav a bit later if he’s still available?

    • eddysamson

      also you guys must feel a bit silly posting that dump and then having this happen 😉

    • wil

      I remember John saying if no body picks up shav, we can still invite him to the camp, maybe we can just pay him just enough to keep us under the luxury tax

  • omitasub

    next week, wthht fab melo.

  • mixmaster

    what kind of cash do we save with this move?

  • 409Pen

    If they trim more salary could Iverson still play for them this season?

    • Curt Hays

      Hopefully, Allen Iverson.

  • Chuck Moran

    So did we just get another power forward?

  • adam

    so if you click the link it shows donte green in a celtics uniform…

    edit* and feb melo in a memphis uniform. is this already done?

  • Chuck Moran

    Nice we can just cut him. With our luck Marc gasol is gonna teach fab amazing footwork and turn out to be great.

  • CoachAJ

    Looks like Danny has been burning up the phones trying to get under the luxury line, probably like Wyc and management has ordered him to do. AND no other team wants to trade for Hump, Bass, Crawford, Lee, or Wallace. So DA had to get under that line. Sorry Fab, but it is still a business. Good luck in Memphis. lol another Greene, though he won’t stay. Oriene-Gerald-Jeff-Donte

    • adam

      if humprhies and wallace perform really well this season you can expect danny to move them for almost nothing.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Another wasted 1st round pick? Danny better figure out his drafting, or he’s not going to be around to draft the next nine 1st rounders we have over the next 5 years.

    • Jester00

      yea but he did well with Sully

    • KGino

      Danny hasn’t been horrible finding good value late in the 1st round (Sullinger, AB, Marshon Brooks, traded for Rondo)… Even this year I think KO was a GREAT pick. But what can you say about Melo…we needed some bigs at the time and Fab looked somewhat promising… He really is just too big and goofy and uncoordinated though.

  • forever_green

    Good Luck Fab..DA’s a bum, why not just keep him..I guess we can only afford to shop with Macklemore now.

    • wil

      tax will kill the team, c’s fans should be more understanding of this. Next year C’s can go back to spending.

      would you really pay luxury tax just to see if melo will pan out?

      a rest from luxury tax is really needed. Stop blaming DA, any GM with a brain would do so.

      • forever_green

        “tax will kill the team”-please explain.

        All I’m seeing from the C’s is cheap cheap cheap..they just want to keep money in their pockets & make more of a profit from the teams that will be paying luxury tax…the only thing killing the team is being cheap.

        • wil

          The tax is really complicated, but from what i remember if you pay luxury tax for consecutive years, youll get a repeater tax.

          Why pay additional money for a season with so many question marks. Not paying tax now, means we wont get repeater tax next year which means money coming out of the owners pocket will be used more efficient. Almost all the teams have to deal with this, not just the celtics.

          So what if melo was the pick? how many late first rounders do pan out?

          You really just sound so ignorant. We got Jeff Green back on that trade with perk, where is perk now? often criticized on how useless he is right now, even the thunders are trying to get rid of him. We got a potential all star on Green.

          Use your brain. Its there for a reason.

          • forever_green

            It’s nice you tried to use your brain to insult me instead of trying to figure out the “complicated” luxury tax.

            Just because we’re fans of the same team doesn’t mean we look at the team the same way..Maybe you like throwing seasons away but I don’t..

            Why critisize Perk?.Heway really needed the season he was traded and DA traded him for a backup SF with potential thats not a good trade when your making a playoff run and you trade your starting center..Plus Perk is more than stats, the Thunder have made the finals with Perk!

            So if you want to discuss basketball feel free – if not kick rocks..My intelligents begins where your peaks at..

          • wil

            Lets see, Criticizing danny ainge for something you didnt even bother to understand. Pretty intelligent and insightful. And also it its spelled intelligence not intelligents.

            Why would i have to read pages and pages of rules just to satisfy your narrow brain.I know enough to justify what actions Danny did. Perk for Jeff Green was great traded for the C’s. We still had Shaq and JO before the trade went down. C’s were already playing great with out perk. Trading a center coming back from an injury for a talented SF. Is okay with me given the situation c’s were in.

            Funny that you can talk about your Intelligents starting from where mine peaks at. So far have said nothing to display your intellectual prowess. Even saying that Fab Melo is worth keeping even if we are over the luxury tax speaks volumes of your intellect.

            Next time you try to even compare your intellect to mine. Be sure to really back it up, not just some biased crap that you are mad about. And its funny to think that you re mad about trading Fab Melo who cant even play in the nba yet and about Perkins a guy who isnt even close to being an allstar and a trade that happened years ago and while we a reaping the benifits from that trade now. Next time lets just talk about your feelings, and not mention the word intelligence again because you seem to insult even your self with it

          • forever_green

            Mad Much?

            Don’t respond to my post you obviously don’t have any basketball knowledge & just want to start problems..

            I not here to please you, get a life.

  • Jester00

    let this happen please

    • KGino

      check the update, it’s happened.

      • Jester00

        yep saw that

  • dk

    Although I understand the reasoning behind this move–if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t the Fab pick a Clippers pick that we obtained from the Perk trade? that we could have continued to roll over for a few more years until it was unprotected. Obviously hindsight is 20/20 but even then it didn’t make sense to call in the pick in the 20’s on a guy we knew then wasn’t going to get much playing time–and then ultimately let go a year later. Would have been nice to add another draft pick to our chips pile.

  • adam

    saw this on bleach report:

    they need to trade for the following.
    C- Donte Greene
    PF- Draymond Green
    SF- Jeff Green
    SG- Danny Green
    PG- Willie Green

    6th man- Gerald Green

    win the next couple banners with an all green lineup. lmao. I like the thinking here.