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I was never a fan of Jerry Stackhouse… until now


LeBron James made headlines earlier this week when he hinted at a run for head of the NBA’s players’ union. James said the union was “going backwards.” Jerry Stackhouse – an active participant in union activities – wasn’t pleased [CBS Sports – Ken Berger]:

Stackhouse, one of seven executive committee members elected at All-Star weekend in Houston this past February — when longtime executive director Billy Hunter was ousted — said James’ comments felt like a “kick in the stomach.”

“I don’t think he’s had any dialogue with anybody since the All-Star break, but it is what it is,” Stackhouse said. “To make that statement about where we are as a union right now, he was misinformed.”

James is one of many players who will not be attending the crucial meeting due to other offseason obligations. Since the executive committee sent a memo to the union membership about the timing of the meeting to elect a new president and discuss how Hunter’s successor will be chosen, numerous players have scheduled conflicting informal team workouts and won’t be able to attend.
“I would’ve liked [James] to come to the meeting next week and hear it and then voice his opinion,” Stackhouse said.

So LeBron James is too busy to attend meetings, but he can find the time to criticize the union.

Go get him, Stack.

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  • Matty C

    Lebron was NEVER going to run. It was all about getting his name out there even more.

  • Mce

    So does he head the NBAPA before or after the dunk contest?

  • forever_green

    Off T: Hope Brady is okay.

    • Christopher Jones

      No kidding. I about had a stroke when I heard about his knee…