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Your Morning Dump..Where Rondo Could Miss The First Month

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

That said, here’s my “potential” – there’s that word again – starting five this year.

Point guard: Phil Pressey (I expect Rondo to miss the first month of the season)

Shooting guard: Avery Bradley (Best defender; improving shooter)

Small forward: Jeff Green (Should be the team’s top scorer this season)

Power forward: Jared Sullinger (Healthy following back surgery, still needs to be monitored)

Center: Kris Humphries (Starting center will be by committee all season)

Other than the signing of big man Vitor Faverani, the Celtics did nothing on the free agent market.

And between now and training camp, that’s unlikely to change.

A. Sherrod Blakely-Plenty Of Questions And Some Answers In C’s Of Season

rrjgDuring CSNNE’s A. Sherrod Blakely’s Q & A piece with his readers, he mentioned that he believes Rajon Rondo will miss the first month of this upcoming season. We’ve heard everything from he’ll be ready to go on Opening Night, to Paul Pierce’s quotes this past weekend that reiterate Sherrod’s in a way.

So if #9 is not ready to go on Opening Night, then who will be our starting PG? Unfortunately, we do not have a guy like Keyon Dooling to fall back on this season. Newly signed & undrafted rookie Phil Pressey is the only other “true” PG on the roster right now. Avery Bradley could certainly fill the need, but he’s more suited as a two.

I personally do not think the C’s will make any more moves before camp, and neither did Sherrod in his piece, but we’ll just have to wait and see. If I know Rajon Rondo, he is chomping at the bit to come back on Opening Night. I’d love to see it happen, but I’d also hope the C’s staff would not rush him into a comeback. This young team’s future is riding heavily on his health & success this upcoming season & into the near future.

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  • Kahnstantine

    I don’t care if the Celtics win 50 games or 5 games this year, it’s going to be fun to watch the start of a new era. That said, I’ll be happy for them if they exceed expectations, and will not be heartbroken if they miss the playoffs badly.

    • adam

      I’m excited too. I had to miss every game last year past november because I moved. Plan on upgrading cable for november to watch them.

      • eddysamson never miss a game again! (any game, any sport, almost any country, almost any level for that matter)

        • adam

          damn, wish I knew. thanks eddy.

    • kobe_beef2424

      Good, because the next time the Cs will reach deep in the Playoffs will be after 20 years

      • Kahnstantine

        Ha. Celtics are bottoming out a bit but Lakers are screwed. Oh well, I’m sure you’ll get some free agents to come play a year then bounce.

        • Guest

          Kobe and Pau can give us another ring this year

          • Kahnstantine

            Not impossible but very unlikely. And then the air gets very thin after this year. But in all seriousness LKers won’t be down too long.

  • Chuck Moran

    Sign twill again to start the first month.

  • Brian Girolamo

    That first month is brutal with all the tough back to backs. Rondo should sit out November and make sure he’s 100% for December, otherwise aim for that first game in January. No reason to go out too soon and ruin your career during a season that your own boss won’t bring in a guy at least 6’10 to plug the middle worth starting.

    • KWAPT

      Very valid point.

  • Shane

    ESPN ranked the Celtics behind both the Raptors and Bucks. You serious, ESPN? The Raptors are going to be a sieve defensively, and the Bucks don’t have single scoring threat outside of LARRY SANDERS! swatting a ball back into their hoop. C’MON MAN!!

  • Johnnie

    get as healthy as possible. we aren’t contending and if we want these younger players to step up, they’re going to need to be 100%. sully and olynyk should also miss time if their respective injuries aren’t fully healed by opening night.

  • Jester00

    yet another reason for D. West

  • eddysamson

    How does ASB foresee an undrafted PG starting?! I mean, I’m a huge Pressey supporter after summer league, but you can’t just throw him out there like that! That doesn’t seem likely to me. If Rondo isn’t starting, I forsee AB playing his same role as last season until Rondo is back. UNLESS Pressey pulls a Jeremy Lin and goes crazy for his first few games.

  • Andy

    Trade Jeff Green build around rondo olynik sully and wiggins

    • Tommy_Heinsohn


    • Andrew Vellucci

      your an idiot the dude hasnt even played a game in college yet

      • Andy
      • Andy

        Trading green makes way more sense than rondo If we are tanking. I love green but all the studs in the draft play his position and it makes more sense to build around rondo/pick than green/rondo/pick. Green is a very nice player but never will be a superstar and he could help us clear cap room in a package deal plus whatever assets.

  • LA Flake

    I’m ashamed to admit that I’m kind of hoping the C’s tank this year and get a top 3 pick. Because next year’s draft is just too good. With the Lakers eyeing LeFlop James and Honey Nut Cheerios next season, we need to start building our own dynasty ASAP and although I’m really ashamed to admit it, tanking this season is probably the best way to do that. So, rest Rondo.

  • Robert

    A. Sherrod is terrible. He usually just regurgitates whatever rumors are swirling, flip flops with the best of them, or when he does (rarely) interject his own insite it is almost always wrong.