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Your Morning Dump… Where Delonte West opens up

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“That kind of been my issue was self-loathing, it never was (being) bipolar,” West said. “I wasn’t considered bipolar before my Desperado (carrying guns on a motorcycle) incident as people like to describe it. From them on, a failed marriage after two months, lost some contracts and endorsements, and the center of everybody’s jokes. And the best player in the world (LeBron James), allegedly (I) had sex with his mother. Growing up in the hood, that’s the worst thing you could say is something about somebody’s mother. That would get you punched in the face. That hits home.”

West has steadfastly denied those rumors but said it is something he has been presented with constantly.

“You have ignorance, people yell across the Walmart, ‘Yeah how did that go (with LeBron’s mother)?’ I gotta deal with that,” he said. “So there was some self loathing, licking my wounds, shying away from the laughter. It seemed like everything I did was being attached to some type of bipolarism or being crazy. That all stimulated from an incident that happened for years ago, so it seemed like that’s the root of it, that’s making me the crazy person or bipolar person and I’m trying to break away from the stigma of it.”

Gary Washburn via

Delonte is one of those former Celtics who continues to hold a place in people’s hearts around here.  He’s a scrappy player who will give you everything he has on the floor every minute he’s out there.

The problem with Delonte is that he comes with more baggage than most teams are willing to deal with.  And while he plays hard for you, he’s not going to be much more for you than the second or third guy off the bench.  For someone with a clean slate, that can lead to a nice, comfortable life.  For someone with known issues like Delonte, it can get a little sketchy.

Personally, I like Delonte.  I’m empathetic to his plight in life and dealing with that stigma of being bipolar.  But it’s also hard to fault NBA General Managers who don’t want to see him poking someone in the ear while wearing their colors.

Bottom line with Delonte is that he’s in a bind that is somewhat unfair… but only somewhat.  He can’t help the injuries or the stupid Gloria James rumor.  He could help, however, the gun incident, and taking two months to report to his D League team this past season.

Delonte is 30 years old.  He’s always been in really good shape, so another four or five years of productive basketball shouldn’t be too much to ask of his body.  If he’s going to do it in the NBA, though, both he, and some General Manager somewhere, are going to have to put some things aside to make it happen.

I don’t see a fit for Delonte West on the Celtics, but I am rooting for him to figure this all out and get back into the NBA to finish out his career.

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  • Justin

    “But it’s also hard to fault NBA General Managers who don’t want to see him poking someone in the ear while wearing their colors.”

    Doubt GM’s enjoy player ejections or fights either. I seem to remember more than one of those instances happening in Celtics colours the last few years.

    If your talents outweigh your stigma, you’ll get a chance. If its the other way around, it’s a long, tough road.

    All the best to Delonte, with his life, wherever he may end up.

    And thank you for the balanced article. Good read.

  • Chuck Moran

    I’d sign him just to piss off lebron u know the nba dont want him to get signed cause it brings negative publicity to there baby lebron.

  • sgboston23

    I’ve always liked Delonte, ever since I saw him play in college. I hope he comes back.

  • Jester00

    here is a sad fact he is better then ANY GUARD WE HAVE ON OUR BENCH!!!!!!!!

    • Keith_P

      Even Rondo???

      • Jester00

        He is a starter last time I checked

  • forever_green

    Should have taken him back last year, not only did the C’s pass on him, even worse is we’re stuck with Crawford now.

    • Frank Aziza

      I was thinking the same thing, great fit for the Nets.

    • Mce

      Remember when people were excited about the Crawford-Barbosa trade?

      • forever_green

        You knew it was bad when Wizard fans were happy to get rid of him.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I like him as a player but Delonte needs to change his behavior. Dallas gave him a second chance and he blew that within days. Then he took forever to show up in the D league. If he had just kept his head down and showed right up, he’d have been back in the league already.

    I think at this point he oughta go play overseas for a season, get some dough and maybe rebuild his rep a bit. Just play some ball somewhere and stop trying to be a reality show. The guy is prob still a good combo guard but the baggage is scaring teams away.

    • Jester00

      he can’t play overseas he is on probation

  • Brick James

    Are we playing basketball or trying to win a model citizen award?
    Delonte can flat out ball. Even with a sock.
    People gave Ron Artest a pass, and West can’t even get on an NBA team?
    It baffles me.

  • jrleftfoot

    It probably would have helped if he had spoken out sooner , but sometimes you are damned if you do and damned if you don`t. I think he`s as good as half the guards in the league , starters included .He`s versatile and works on both ends of the floor.I don`t see room for him in beantown , though.