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Your Morning Dump… Where you can blame Rondo’s knee for the Pierce and Garnett trade

Chuck - Red's Army August 10, 2013 Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, The Morning Dump 20 Comments


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“Rajon might not be here for the beginning of the year or however long he takes, so it would be tough for us to be a contender or get in a position to contend. Everybody saw that and I think that helped the decision on both sides.”

The moves were franchise-altering and they were swift. Doc Rivers was sent to the Los Angeles Clippers in a trade, and on draft night, the framework of a megadeal was put in place with Brooklyn.

“It was like a domino effect,” Pierce said. “It was like (the Rondo injury) was there and then Doc. When you put all that stuff together, you know the writing was on the wall.”

Herald – Rondo first domino to fall

This is an interesting theory. I’m 99.9% sure the Celtics would have beaten the Knicks if Rajon Rondo played in that series. But I doubt they would have beaten Miami in the 2nd round.

Coming off a second round exit, Danny Ainge would have been faced with a salary cap strapped roster and two aging stars. Not exactly a promising scenario.

I’m convinced the roster shake-up was happening, Rondo injury or not.

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  • Bobby

    Wouldn’t they have played indiana in the second round? I think we would’ve had a shot at indy with a healthy rondo.

    • Step

      I was thinking they’d play Indiana too.

    • Joe Quinn

      I agree too. I usually don’t put stock into regular-season series games, but the Celtics had success against the Pacers. With a healthy Rondo, Sullinger and Barbosa I wouldn’t give the C’s a better chance than most. The Celtics play defense. The Knicks don’t play defense.

      But it would of been impossible for the Celts to beat the Heat without Rondo. You have to be realistic.

      • Bobby

        impossible? I dont think so. Highly unlikely? Definitely. But with healthy players it would have been a great series nonetheless, I think. Minimum 6 game series, C’s have always matched up well against that team, doc’s gameplanning was always great against the heat. With that said, it’s in the past. I’m excited and eager for the future with this team.

        • Joe Qinn

          My fault I mean to say…

          I agree too. I usually don’t put stock into regular-season series games, but the Celtics had success against the Pacers. With a healthy Rondo, Sullinger and Barbosa I would give the C’s a better chance than most. The Celtics play defense. The Knicks don’t play defense.

          But it would of been impossible for the Celts to beat the Heat without Rondo. You have to be realistic.

  • forever_green

    To build a championship you bring in great players, not send them out..I don’t believe DA tried hard enough the last couple of years to keep this team on top, some of the players that have been on this team since 08 have been a joke.

    • Joe Quinn

      Well blame Danny Ainge for some of his poor signings and acquisitions. I agree with u. I think after 2008 Danny Ainge never maximized the talent of KG, PP, RA and RR. Just my opinion. I don’t think Ainge is terrible GM, but I don’t think he’s this genius GM some make him out to be.

      • forever_green

        Here’s just a sample of players that shouldn’t have walked through those doors…I know some are fan favorites but they suck…

        Carlos Arroyo
        Semih Erden Luke Harangody
        Chris Johnson..haha
        Nenad Kristic
        Troy Murphy..hahaha
        Jermaine O’Neal
        Sasha Pavlovic
        Von Wafer

        • Bobby

          I love ‘Sheed, but how he didn’t make this list, I have no idea.

          • forever_green

            Ball don’t lie..haha

        • ShawnCVD

          Now hold on. 80% of that list is marginal players that was for short $$ or waiver line buy outs. Some where later round draft picks. I agree these guys suck but EVERY team has filler.

          The only real joke was JONeal who Boston grabbed b/c he was the only established starting Center available following Perks injury.

          The lone guy that got away was David West. He would have vaulted Celtics to perennial favorites to win it all.

          The original plan was a 3 year window and sadly KG went down for one of them. Then if memory serves that Sheed team was 6 minutes from another ship despite KG going through his rehabilitating year and Perk going down the previous game.

          Getting help when every year all you have is the mid level is not easy. Injuries screwed everything up and is a reality of basketball…

          • forever_green

            I agree with some of your points..especially the injury to KG in year two & Perk in year three..plus throw in the refs also..game 7 was rigged..BUT com’mon Shawn, DA has not been good.
            He didn’t get West because he didn’t match Indiana’s offer, JO was done in Miami & he signed him to a stupid contract, DA basically chased Ray out of town, DA let TA & Posey walk, also I wouldn’t have traded Perk away…& so on.

          • ShawnCVD

            I’m not huge on Ainge. I think that when strapped financially your options to make huge upgrades are unrealistic. I do think a GM is a thankless position though…

            RE West the $$ involved was near-identical (Indy 2 years $20 mil, C’s 3 years $29.5 Mil). Trouble was Pacers was under the cap so signed him outright. West stated he felt that Boston’s window was not as wide a Indy’s so decided to go there. That’s not Ainge’s fault. He. Had. No. More. Money. To. Give.

            RE TA he needed a change of scenery. Let’s not forget the thuggery he was involved with during his final year in Boston. I recall some death threats in Chicago and other distractions…

            RE Posey DA kinda wifted in the sense that you overpay him for like 3 years then can trade him as an expiry. That said Posey stunk in Indy and his contract was an albatross…

            You’re on to something regarding Ray Ray. Allen was Boston’s only aging piece that Boston felt they could move and almost did for Rudy Gay. Would a less talented but uninjured and younger Gay had gotten Boston past Miami than a Hobbled Ray Allen? I have no idea.

            Ainge deserves huge credit for getting the package from Nets even though that trade made tons of sense for both teams…DA’s stock could rise dramatically based on what he does with Humphry’s and that huge Wallace contract…

          • forever_green

            Ugh..you give DA to much credit.
            For whats its worth West said Indy pursued him first and harder and that he found out about Boston wanting him through media..
            Danny has admitted not signing TA was a mistake.
            Posey went to New Orleans not Indy and should have over paid him because he fit the system here well gave the C’s what they needed, plus it would be hard to replace him because of Cap issues.
            And on the Ray rumors I think you meant Mayo not Gay, but yeah..

          • ShawnCVD

            Shoot I meant NOLA and Mayo… I just remember Posey being terrible in Indiana but that was a few seasons after Boston let him leave. Deservedly or not (aside from TA/Posey) every major polarizing Ainge decision was due to injuries. JOneal was to get a starting Center to fill in for Perk. Perk traded due to Daniels going down so no depth behind Paul. RA was traded for Mayo in 2012 (then reversed) due to Ainge believing Boston could not contend due to injuries. DA then acquired useless Crawford due to the hit to the Guard rotation when Rondo/Barbosa
            went down.

            Injuries plagued Boston. Ironically the majority of injuries was to the C’s younger roll players who you’d expect to be more durable than the Big Three (see Daniels, Perk, Delonte, Mickael Pietrus, Bradley, Green, Barbosa etc). Had some of those guys (+ KG) stayed healthy I think Boston would have won 1-2 more championships and this vitriol for DA be unfounded.

            I like that Ainge is willing to mix it up and is always willing trade partner. I dislike that he’ll make lateral moves at the expense of chemistry. Ainge’s value falls somewhere between your dislike of him and your perceived love I have for the guy.

          • forever_green

            Yeah, injuries have just been a killer for us, you can put Rondo on that list now too,(I’d put Leon also -loved that guy),it’s just that DA’s band aids for things suck plus I really don’t know how much he values our own players..always willing to trade or let players walk, AB should be given a contract I don’t know what he’s waiting for, I know he hasn’t been healthy but he’s young..I just don’t respect DA anymore but that’s just me.

          • ShawnCVD

            Bradley’s stock is kinda low now. Like when Ainge secured Rondo for 11mil annually (a sneaky-good move BTW) he should be trying to wrap Bradley up long term for a 15-25% discount than if one was to wait…I think maybe AB’s agent might want Bradley to prove himself first before inking anything though…

    • Frank Aziza

      He has sucked and gave up on this team years ago.

  • LA Flake

    don’t forget about sully and barbosa. if they were healthy, there’s no way we would have lost to ny, indy or even miami.

  • Frank Aziza

    Not just Rondo. If Rondo, Sully and Barbosa played we would have beaten the Knicks, the second round was Pacers NOT Heat. Plus if Barbosa never got injured we beat the pacers. The season sucked due to injuries.