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The Truth has Knicks fans salty..again

.Paul Pierce’s comments yesterday, suggesting that it’s time for the Brooklyn Nets to “run” New York City, did not sit well with Knicks fans. Truth has always been so great at trolling Knickerbockers fans, and nothing’s changed since his trade to Brooklyn. While Nets fans enjoyed a game of “HORSE” with Paul yesterday, (see gallery below) salty Knicks fans took to Twitter, bashing Paul, KG and the idea that the Nets will “start running” NYC. These are some of the more “mild” tweets…





What I really like about these photos are Paul’s expressions. He looks so happy playing a game of HORSE with these kids. This guy simply loves basketball, and loves his fans.

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  • Jake Gruber

    I don’t get what the big deal is. It’s almost as good as fact that the Nets are better than the Knicks this year. Is that really THAT debatable?

    • KWAPT

      It’s really not IMO. The Knicks do have a decent team & some good additions, but the Nets are much deeper. That’s what makes Knicks fans so arrogant & obnoxious. And as I noted, these are the “mild” tweets. Many others were racist, homophobic etc. They’re a joke..the ones I encountered on Twitter anyway.

      • LA Flake

        Don’t mess with the Knicks, y’all. They were like, the *Division* champs or something.

        • thisBoybleedzgreen

          And barely defeated a depleted Celts team missing Rondo, Sullinger and
          Barbosa. It was 3(Celtics) on 15(Knicks). Pierce, Garnett and Green vs
          Knicks. It took the Knicks 6 games to beat a depleted Celtics roster.

          series the Knicks get their asses handed to them by the Pacers. It
          showed how flawed the Knicks were. But they’ve done nothing to improve
          their roster, not realizing a combo of Melo and Smith isn’t a winning

      • Respect#35

        They don’t call him “The Truth” for nothing. Look at how Pierce brings the ugly out in Knicks fans. I can’t believe there were tweets worse than the tweets u posted on here. I think Knicks fans can be vitriolic to an extreme. Knicks fans can be overzealous with their comments and behavior. I just basketball nothing more. I thought Heat trolls were obnoxious, but knicks fans are just as bad if not worse.

  • vitamin d


  • LA Flake
    • forever_green

      Love it, you can’t teach that you either have IT or you don’t.

      • LA Flake

        I remember vividly every one of those shots. I can also think of many, many more clutch buckets by #34. Against just about every team in the NBA. And that unbelievable ZONE he was in against the Nets when he scored something like 46 points in the second half alone…We’ll never see that again. At least not for a loooooooooooong long time.

        • forever_green

          That lineup is just awful, isn’t it ironic that a defensive play sealed that game for C’s.

          • LA Flake

            Paul used to do it ALL for the C’s. It’s also worth noting that Paul is the only one from that team who’s still in the NBA.

  • forever_green

    Will always love Paul, Will always hate Danny Ass.

  • Ron

    Knicks fans are such a fickle fan-base. Amazes me how Pierce and Garnett can get under their skin more than any other player in the league. Paul was trolling Knicks fans and they fell for the bait. Anyone with brain knows when it comes to professional basketball, NYC is a Knicks town, though they haven’t won since 1973. So much for being a storied franchise and they haven’t won since ’70 and ’73.

    In the words of ESPN’s Ryan Lundberg Knicks fans are “Knicks fan police”. These fans have to defend the Knicks no matter how bad or irrelevant they are.

    • KWAPT


  • Joe Quinn

    Gotta love Pierce. Clearly Knicks fans are just bitter about the reality of Pierce and Garnett being in their backyard. It’s obvious the Nets had a much better off-season than the Knicks. Most around the NBA agree the Nets are better on paper than Knicks and as well as other teams in the east with the exception of Miami, because they’re the defending champs. Others feel the Nets gave up too much for an older KG and PP, but clearly Nets management didn’t care. So of course Knicks fans are salty.

    New York city will always be a Knicks town, but regardless the Knicks will never win.
    The Knicks are a poorly run dysfunctional franchise. They can’t do anything right. They can’t draft or sign players effectively. Pierce comes to NYC and already he get’s attention from local NYC media, but those are the perks of being a respected HOF player. Knicks fans wouldn’t know about that. lol

    • KWAPT

      Isn’t it great that Pierce & KG have invaded their city? Suck on that Knicks fans.

      • Chulinho

        I imagine the only other guys they don’t want to see invade New York are Rondo and Kobe.

  • Frank Aziza

    Looking at those pics made it really finally hit me. He’s gone, it hurts.