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Your Morning Dump… Where Jared Sullinger hears you, and is taking it personally

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“For sure we’re not tanking. I know that for a fact,” he said. “We don’t believe in that. Our whole squad is pretty upset about that. We’re just going to go out and play hard and we’re going to try to make the playoffs.”

“People talk about this team is not going to be very good, Jeff Green is your All-Star or your best player, it’s a sign of 0-and-82. We’ve heard it all,” he said. “We’re just going to take it personal.”

Sun Journal

Sully will tell anyone and everyone the same thing (he told me something similar in Orlando last month)… you can take your tanking talk and shove it (video of the above quote can be found here).

It’s like I’ve said before… the guys on this team, along with new head coach Brad Stevens, are not going to go out there and give anything less than everything they have.  Everyone on this team has something to prove.  And that’s not hyperbole.  There isn’t a single player on this roster that doesn’t have something to prove.  Stevens does too.

Personally, I love Sully’s attitude.  I’d rather have a winning attitude like that on my team than someone who’s willing to toss a season aside.  Give me 12 guys with Sully’s attitude and I’m happy to go to war with that.

Sullinger also said his back is fine, and now that he’s been cleared to return to full basketball activity, it looks like he can get out there and get back into some cardiovascular shape and be ready for the start of the season.  In the meantime, he’s been out there all summer doing things like this while rehabbing here in Boston.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it a million times more, Jared Sullinger has everything it takes to become one of Boston’s beloved stars.  This kid can take this city over if he stays healthy.

In other news, the Celtics announced their preseason schedule.  It includes games in Providence and Manchester as well as a couple in Boston.  They play the Nets twice (which is a coincidence, because that was set up well before “the trade”), including the last preseason game in Boston.  I’d be shocked if Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett even make the trip… so if you’re thinking about spending a ton for a game like that… DON’T.

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  • Aye Run

    The Celtics haven’t given it their all during the regular season in about three years. That will change this year. I’m looking forward to it if for no other reason than that.

  • Chief_00

    I’m looking forward to having a healthy sully, this kid has the right attitude.

  • Robert

    Of course the players aren’t tanking, DA however….
    The moves he’s made so far this offseason are very obviously designed to create an unbalanced team. He has made no attempt to fix the two most glaring needs this team has, rim protection, and backup PG. He also must see that this team is riddled with low percentage shooters and has made no effort to fix it.
    They will have a hard time scoring because they have no shooters to bail them out when opposing teams pack the paint, and they can’t defend at the rim. That is a losing equation.
    I see 30 wins tops. That will not get them a top 5 pick though. DA has to trade Rondo for the tank to work. OR he has to make a trade before the season to balance this 2/4 heavy shipwreck of a roster or the Celts will just be stuck in the lower middle.

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