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Rondo rehabbing with Louisville basketball and football players


Rondo was seen on Monday working out in the Louisville football weight room. He is reportedly rehabbing his knee injury at UofL. Due to his injury, I’m sure he’s still unable to play basketball competitively, but he did meet with some of the current Louisville Cardinals on Wednesday. Chris Jones shared this picture on his Instagram account.

The Cardinal Connect

Rajon Rondo has been all over the map as he rehabs his knee.  He’s been in Vegas, he’s been spotted in posh Cayman resort, on TV with Joan Rivers, and now he’s in his home town rehabbing with college athletes.

I guess when you’re a super-rich athlete like Rondo, you can find pretty good facilities to continue your rehab wherever you go.

I wonder how the folks over at Kentucky feel about this?

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  • Slap Dog Hoops

    F@cking traitor!!! How dare ask for help from the ENEMY. It can make any UK Wildcat fan sick.

    • screamcrimson


    • Jason Delroot

      Do you you ever say anything positive?

    • hagster

      Get over it

  • Ron Flanders

    The guy is from Louisville. You want him to drive to Lexington to rehab? I don’t think so.

  • TheVilleintheA

    As a life long Kentucky fan, I don’t have a problem with it. It’s not like he has nothing to do with The Wildcats and it’s probably more convenient as his family is in Louisville.

    • tvor03

      I wonder if he’ll make an appearance at the Alumni game.

      • KWAPT

        When is that by the way?

        • tvor03

          Monday at 7.

  • tvor03

    Ain’t no thang. He’s played with Louisville guys lots of times. But he knows the BBN is home.