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Detroit media continues to float absurd trade offers for Rondo


The Detroit Free Press is in love with Rajon Rondo. Their love is so deep and passionate, they think the Pistons can acquire Rondo for a bouquet of flowers and expiring contracts:

However, there will be many suitors for Rondo, who averaged 13.7 points, 11.1 assists and 1.8 steals, if he wants out. The Pistons could be one of the teams interested in acquiring him even after acquiring Brandon Jennings

A story out of Boston said Celtics president Dan Ainge hopes Rondo is ready by training camp. Surrounded by a young team and rookie coach, the fiery Rondo clearly would be the leader of a team that isn’t expected to make the playoffs.

One factor in the Pistons’ favor is Rondo is on good terms with Josh Smith, the team’s free-agent acquisition. Another factor is he’d have two big men to get the ball to in Greg Monroe and Greg Drummond.

Ainge likely would wait until Rondo plays, see how his relationship with Stevens develops and what offers teams would present before deciding on moving Rondo.

A surplus of guards and expiring contracts could get Ainge’s attention.

If Rajon Rondo proves his knee is healthy suddenly becomes available on the trade block, there are going to be several suitors. Like 10. Maybe 15.

So this notion that a crap platter of Rodney Stuckey and/or Charlie Villanueva’s expiring contracts  or Brandon Jennings could get Ainge’s attention is laughable. LAUGHABLE.

A top-5 point guard in the prime of his career is worth a helluva lot more than that. Not only is Rondo elite talent, but he’s on a manageable contract (2 years, $25 million).

Spare me the Josh Smith factor. Good friends don’t always end up on the same team (See Howard, Dwight and Paul, Chris).

File under: Making up stuff to generate page views.

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  • LA Flake

    Greg Drummond? LOL
    That’s like Gary Washburn writing something like, “The Celtics will build around Jeff Green and Avery Rondo.”

  • vitamin d

    Sometimes I wish Boston writers gave this much love to Rondo… but anyway, nice try Detroit; he’s ours lol

  • Andrew Vellucci

    I wouldn’t trade rondo unless we get like a couple of future 1sts greg monroes or drummond and stuckey

  • Robert

    The Detroit Fans have the same fantasy. They all think Rondo would make them an instant contender but that they can have him for all of thier garbage.
    No Drummond NO DEAL!
    If Dumars says Drummond is untouchable then they can take a hike!

  • Chad Gainor

    Don’t want him. Got Jennings.

  • Zeek

    I’m a diehard Pistons fan and I think like many others Rondo is a Top 5 point gaurd in the league, and I say this with complete honesty and no disrespect to die hard Celtics fans because I completely understand how passionate they are about Rondo just as I am about Drummond and even Monroe. I for one am not all that crazy about seeing Rondo as a Piston. If the opportunity presents itself where a third or even fourth team gets involve which it would likely take where all teams get something valuable back and we’re not giving up too much then maybe. I am very happy with the roster we have and anxious to see how they play out. Jennings isn’t Rondo, absolutely not but he isn’t a scrub neither. He was on a very limited Bucks team with slim to no talent with the exclusion of Monte who both respectfully earned them a first round sweep against the Heat. I’ve only seen Rondo with star players to pass too so who’s to say he is a Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, or Deron Williams elite guard when he’s never been the sole focal point on his team and excelled like them. We shall see him in that light this season. So for all we know Rondo could simply be overrated to some degree, and could simply be a all star guard at best instead of this superstar guard hype, because he’s no Isiah Thomas, Allen Iverson, or any other TRUE SUPERSTAR guard that gotten their teams either to the Finals or titles.So once again Celtic fans, not all of us Pistons fan are crazy about getting your star guard, most definitely for the most disrespectful laughable trade involving a Drummond, Monroe, or both. YOU DONT TRADE A GUARD FOR A BIG ESPECIALLY ONES WITH HIGH POTENTIAL. THAT’S A NO NO!!! I wish the Celtics nation well with or without Rondo, because the Eastern Conference is pretty interesting with historic teams at their best (Pistons, Bulls, Celtics, Knicks, Pacers, Hawks)