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Celtics 2013-14 schedule released

cslogogThe NBA, and more importantly, our Boston Celtics, have released their 2013-14 schedule. To no one’s surprise, our beloved C’s are not in the limelight as much this coming season. No game on Christmas and only three games on national television. Here are the highlights:

Boston will open the season on the road in Toronto on 10/30. Celtics-Raps begins the 2013-14 campaign for both teams, with tip-off coming at 7pm EST. The home opener comes two days later, as the C’s square off against the Milwaukee Bucks at TD Garden on Friday 11/1.

Easily the most anticipated game of the year happens on Sunday Jan. 26th, 2014. That’s when Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett make their return to Boston. This will be one of just three (according to NBA.com) nationally-televised games (all on ESPN) for the Celtics this season. The other two are when Denver visits Beantown on 12/6 and when Boston travels to L.A. to face the Lakers on 2/21.

Other notables, Doc Rivers and the Clippers come to town on 12/11, Kobe Bryant and the rival Lakers make their annual visit on 1/17, and Miami makes just one visit to TD Garden this year-the Heat trek to Boston on 3/19. The Celtics visit Miami twice: 11/9 & 1/21. The Celtics first meeting with Melo, Artest & the rest of the Knicks comes on 12/8 at Madison Square Garden. They then face Truth & Ticket for the first time since the trade in Brooklyn two days later on 12/10.

According to John’s count, the Celtics play 19 back-to-backs. We then had a sober person recount, and the actual number is 20. The C’s also open the season on a very rough stretch:

You can check out the entire 2013-14 schedule on Celtics.com, or download this PDF via CSNNE.

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  • Roy

    19 back-to-backs? R u serious! I thought the league eased up with the back-to-backs especially after the lockout season. The C’s will only be nationally televised 3x, damn the loss of Rivers, Garnett and Pierce really hurt the C’s. I got to figure out how to catch some C’s games, because I don’t have comcast or league pass.

    • Celtic Bro

      go to thefirstrow.eu and click basketball, there you can watch all of the celtics games

      • eddysamson

        I dunno how okay it is to post that stuff here, but thats what I use and it worked for me the entire last season!

        • Celtic Bro

          ur right, ill delete it

          • eddysamson

            you know, its fine, KWAPT posted about the site as well and he writes for Reds Army

          • KWAPT

            Yeah we don’t mind when folks are just trying to provide avenues for people to watch games..that’s fine. Speaking of….here’s one more I found: Vipboxonline.eu

          • Celtic Bro

            The only thing is, those sites don’t always have mike and tommy commentating the game. Its always the home team commentators that they put on. Do you guys no anyway to get access to comcast so I can listen to mike and tommy?

          • KWAPT

            If you’re not local, unfortunately there’s no way. NBA League Pass has a certain percentage of games with them, but other than that, you’d have to find some satellite service in your area that might provide it for a price.

    • KWAPT

      FirstRow does have a lot of links, yes. Just be sure you have malware protection. Those sites can cause spam/viruses. If you have Twitter, there are always folks on my feed tweeting links to free streams on game nights too.

    • Jester00

      Go to a bar and drink tip the bar tender they will put it on for u trust me

      then if she hot ask her this


    • LA Flake

      I’m actually shocked that we’re on national TV not once but THREE times. P’s homecoming game is obvious but Denver?

      • KWAPT

        Yeah I was completely like WTF about the Denver game. It must have something to do with logistics because it makes zero sense otherwise. I mean, only one of the C’s-Lakers games is on national tv. Oh & did I mention LA has 29 on nat’l tv. TWENTY-NINE. Now granted, they have Kobe, but that’s all they have….

  • dk

    why only playing heat 3 times? aren’t they supposed to play all east teams 4?

    • KWAPT

      It rotates each season. We play one conference team only 3 times each year. It’s Miami’s year. Last season it was Indiana’s..

  • Vin Baker

    19 back to backs and a rough opening stretch… sounds like the Celtics are getting all the tanking help from Stern.

  • elgirrl

    I counted, they have 20 back-to backs, while the Miami Heat has 15.

    • KWAPT

      Yep. 20 is the correct number-thx.

  • zippittyay
  • Mannie

    Looks like even the nba don’t think C’s will be any good. Its cool though. That’s just more fire in the belly for guys like Rondo. Wait, Does this mean only 3 crazy triple doubles from Rondo? Haha . No respect for the best franchise in the league.

  • celticpride17

    You can watch every game with mike and tommy in HD on DIRECTV! also we have 6 national tv games you forgot we have 3 games on NBA TV december18 against the timberwolves,february9 vs the mavericks andmarch 8 vs. the pistons!

    • KWAPT

      I know-I guess I didn’t count NBAtv as “national tv” because it’s only available through a special package on cable. Where as ABC, ESPN & TNT are part of “basic” cable.