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Your Morning Dump… Where history is not on the side of Brad Stevens


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

We all know the primary issue: Can a college coach jump into the 2013 NBA without any kind of NBA experience? Brad Stevens has none whatsoever. He did not play in the league. He has not been an assistant coach in the league. He has not been a video coordinator in the league. He has not even been a “one lump or two?” pick-the-draft-choice-up-at-the-airport gofer in the league. And recent NBA history has not been kind to folks such as him.

You know the list. In the last quarter-century such people as John Calipari, Leonard Hamilton, Tim Floyd, Lon Kruger, and Mike Montgomery have come and gone with little or no success. Rick Pitino? Doesn’t count. He had been a Knicks assistant for two full seasons before taking the Providence job. When he came to Boston it was after once having coached the Knicks. So scratch him from this discussion.

Here’s one people are neglecting to include in this list: P.J. Carlesimo. Best known as a head coach in the NBA for having his throat attack Latrell Sprewell’s fingers, P.J. actually made the playoffs his first three years in Portland, starting with the 1994-95 season. Not much good happened after that until this past season, when he stepped in nicely for Avery Johnson in Brooklyn. But don’t forget that when he first came into the league you can’t say he was overwhelmed. A minor asterisk: He was an assistant on the 1992 Dream Team.

Bob Ryan, The Boston GlobeBrad Stevens has makings of a hit in NBA

Bob Ryan went in depth on highlighting the difficult road college-to-NBA coaches have.  Aside from using an obscure SitCom from the 1950’s to relate the C’s/Brad Stevens situation with, it gets deep.  He gives pretty much every example, highlighting PJ Carlesimo’s first tenure as head coach with the Warriors as the best example.  It’s true the Stevens has a very big challenge ahead of him as well as history not being on his side.  It’s easy to say he’ll fail and fail miserably because of all the reasons Ryan mentions.  But Stevens will be given every opportunity to do well and you have to look at each situation for each coach.  Remember, not every established NBA coaches do well all the time either.

Ryan continues:

The history since then is pretty clear and unambiguous. The college guys have been abused. I do see Coach Cal’s hand up in the back of the room. Yes, John, you did make the playoffs in your second year. Three-game sweep, I believe. So Danny is trying to buck a three-decade run of coaching failure here. Danny is not stupid, I assure you. He had Brad Stevens targeted from the get-go. He doesn’t need to have the list of failed college coaches recited to him. He’s competed in one form or another against all of them. He just thinks Brad Stevens is the Chosen One.

I won’t go as far to say he was the “Chosen One” but I do agree that Ainge doesn’t just throw darts on the wall when making any major decisions for the team.  Stevens has a great support system and is coming to a team that has very little expectations in terms of the win/loss column.  I’m more than willing to be patient with him and I’m very intrigued to see what he can bring to the table.  It’s all fluid and while Stevens won’t have much pressure right away, things could change fast if Ainge can somehow pull off some major deals to make them a contender very soon again.  That scenario is unlikely but say it does happen, well then Stevens’ job immediately changes from “can this guy develop young players (as well as himself) in the NBA” to “can Stevens be the coach of a pressure-packed NBA contender in Boston?”  That’s just the point.  It all depends on the situation.  Right now, Stevens is still in the honeymoon phase.

At the bottom of Gary Washburn’s Sunday Notes, he submits this brief commentary about Rondo:

Just because the Pistons acquired Brandon Jennings in a sign-and-trade deal with the Bucks doesn’t mean they’ve lost interest in Rajon Rondo. In fact, they could eventually use Jennings as a trade chip and seek to acquire Rondo. There are going to be several interested parties in Rondo, and that number could increase when he shows he’s fully recovered from anterior cruciate ligament surgery

This isn’t exactly a news flash, as it’s obvious several teams would be interested in Rondo especially if he proves he’s the same player he was prior to the injury.  I’m not sure Ainge would jump at the chance to get rid of him for Brandon Jennings however.  Maybe if it’s a three-team deal of some sorts, but I don’t see Joe Dumars giving up Jennings and more players/picks for Rondo.  Either way, the trade rumors for Rondo (as well as basically the entire roster) will be ongoing all season.

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  • Chuck Moran

    I just hope he doesn’t stick to his half court style this team would be a great riun and gun team.

    • Step

      Run and gun is fun, but they’d still need to be able to execute in the half court.

      • Frank Aziza

        To bad Doc never demanded running the last few seasons. People think running isn’t good for older teams but it is. Half court banging and grinding takes much more out of you then up tempo style. Some of you older fans may remember the 91 celtics, they ran all the time and had the best record in the NBA until Birds creaky back went.

        • Step

          I want the future team to be able to play at a fast pace, but also know how to operate in the half court. A lot of post season play is executing in the half court.

  • Celts9

    I was reading this article about Stevens yesterday and history is for sure not on his side.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    I was saying this from the get go but people were simply bashing me saying that I did not know what I was talking about. So I am glad that my sentiment has been broadcasted because it is correct and Ainge made a foolish choice picking a guy that has no NBA experience dealing with players and bases most of his success on bullying and pushing college kidds who work like dogs and are not paid.

    • KGino

      You were saying Brad Stevens would fail as if it was fact, give the guy a chance since he’s been successful anywhere he’s been ever

      • Slap Dog Hoops

        I said as if it were a fact because I am a realist and if you read the piece, history will dictate that yet again. WTF was Ainge thinking? Sure he’s been successful, but only at the college level where it is FAR easier to control your team. In the NBA, coaches do not have that luxury of easily making players do what they want.

        • eddysamson

          Who the hell cares about history. History can dictate anything…or it could not. Anyone, anywhere at anytime can overcome a stereotype or what history dictates for their position.

          • Slap Dog Hoops

            U guys r so full of it!! I am almost certain that within a week, all this love will be completely evaporated and you’ll have your pictch forks and torches out to lynch the guy.

          • Raoul

            No, you’re full of it. You’re the pessimist-type journalists that always go on the safe side of things and says “Oh no no no there’s no way Adrian Petterson is going to come back in record time and be even better than he was before he go injured, because NO ONE CAN DO THAT.”

          • eddysamson

            Hahaha perfect example!

    • Jason Delroot


  • Jester00

    As long as he believes in hitting the offensive glass I would be thrilled. Hell I might do a back flip. Offensive rebounds win basketball games fact

    • Celtics4492

      You also have to limit second chance opportunities.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Eh whatever Doc’s flaws actually are, I’m with him on this tactical point. If guys go after offensive rebounds all the time, it leaves you open to the other team getting defensive rebounds and scoring off the break.

      It’s kind of a separate issue from having guys who can rebound in general, and yeah this team has been starved for quality rebounding for years now. Their defensive rebounding was bad enough that the other teams were getting lots of offensive rebounds without the C’s being able to punish them for it by scoring on the fast break.

      • Jester00

        Tell that 2 the 86 celtics or any bulls pistons teams even 08 C’s crashed the boards

  • frickenWaaaltah

    When Rick Pitino said ‘the negativity sucks’ Bob Ryan was one of the main guys doing the sucking.

    I almost never read him. Why would anyone want to? I follow the Celtics because I enjoy it. For Bob Ryan it’s some kind of affliction God gave him like he’s the Job of sports writers or something. Why would I ever want to spend time reading a guy who isn’t that insightful about basketball compared to his primary gift of sucking the life out of it?

    I did read him this time just to see if he skipped over the college coaches who have been successful in the modern NBA and of course he did. Larry Brown and Chuck Daly I guess just weren’t worth a mention, being mere footnotes to NBA history, eh?

    How do I know those two guys coached college before the NBA? Because it came up in the discussion almost a month ago when Stevens was hired and everybody was talking about this. Way to keep up Bob.

  • kobe_beef2424

    “Danny is not stupid” – that’s an understatement