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Your Morning Dump… Where Shav is thankful for the opportunity

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

I am extremely grateful to Danny Ainge and the entire Celtics organization for the amazing opportunity they provided me last season,” Randolph told after the team waived him. “The Celtics are truly a first class organization and I am so privileged and honored to have been part of that organization for the short period of time that I was. I especially want to thank the Celtics fans. The support they showed me when I arrived to the team  and even into this offseason regarding me returning has truly been touching. I am so thankful towards them and [their] support has meant the world to me.”

Boston Sports Today:  Celtics waive Randolph

“It’s night and day where I am this point this summer to where I was last summer,” he said. “At this point last summer, I didn’t know if I was an NBA player. I didn’t know where I stood. But now I know what I can do and I’ve proved that. I’ve got a whole different level of confidence, and also  I’m a lot better than I was at this point last year. I went over to China, I took advantage of my time over there, I improved, I improved while I was in Boston. While it’s unfortunate that I’m not going to be able to return and build on that with that team, I just think whatever team I do go to is going to be getting an even better player than I was last season.”

CSNNE: Celtics won’t pick up Randolph’s option

Shav sounds like divorced guy who got back out on the dating scene and got laid.  Sure, the new chick is ditching him right now, but he’s got a renewed swagger that makes him feel like he’s good enough to go bring someone else home.

And why not?  He’s definitely and NBA player, and he’s only 29.  There are plenty of NBA teams that could use a guy willing to bust his ass out there for minimum wage.

Maybe he’s another Greg Stiemsma… a big guy who worked in a system along side Kevin Garnett, made the most of his limited minutes, and who will earn a small contract by NBA standards, but big for him.  But I think Shav is better all around than Stiemsma was.  He’s not a 30-minute a night guy, and he struggles against bigger, stronger centers, but there’s a niche out there in this league for him, and an opportunity to spent the next five or six years making a little cash plying his trade on the sports biggest stage.

Hell, maybe it’ll be back in Boston.  I’ll admit that’s a natural tendency to hang on to guys we’re familiar with.  But depending on the timing of future trades, maybe there ‘ll be a renewed need for a guy like him.

I’m not holding my breath, though.  Shav was fun to have around, and while he fell victim to the business side of the NBA, this was the boost he needed to prove to NBA executives that he’s worthy of being in the League.

Happy Trails, Shavlik.  Enjoy life with the Clippers.*

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*I’m joking, but Doc’s familiar with Shav & they do seem a little thin down low.  Just sayin’.

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  • chuckmckenney

    That HoopsHype list of the Top 50 Celtics players must be a joke. Sherm Douglas at 41. I couldn’t read on.

  • NE_Celt

    It would be nice to see Shav getting on another team, even if it was the Heat…I know that is blasphemy and I should give myself 50 lashings for even saying it…but he does deserve to get on another NBA team…decent skill and a good attitude.

  • eddysamson

    Does this cement our status as tanking it? I just don’t see how a stats guy like Stevens could let the guy who led one of the rebounding % stats (out of the whole NBA) go. Especially with the Vitor signing. They literally replaced Shav with a worse international player. Instead of the dude averaging 32PPG and 12RPG overseas, we get the guy averaging significantly less than half that.

    • bfrombleacher .

      It’s all about the money. Doubt Steve Adams had anything to do with it.

      • eddysamson

        I would hope Ainge would be listening to him.

  • wil


  • Robert

    The Faverani signing is the biggest sign that DA is purposefully trying to lose. That guy is going to be terrible.
    The Celts sorely need a C that can block shots, and has a high motor. Fav’s two biggest knocks are that he can’t play def, and can be very Lazy, which is why he couldn’t crack the starting lineup on his Spanish league Team.
    DA went out and got a guy who doesn’t fill any need this team has, and perpetuates problems that will lead the Celtics to failure.

  • Robert

    Shav = Hard working, high volume rebounder, with a great personality and attitude who averaged 34 and 13 in china.
    Faverani = Lazy, jump shooting big, with a notoriously bad attitude, who has never cracked a starting lineup in the Spanish League.

    Nobody who was trying to make the team better would choose Fav over Shav.