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Celtkicks: Rajon Rondo Nike Hyperposite p.e.


An absolutely sick pair of Rajon Rondo Nike Hyperposites recently surfaced on EBay. These Nike basketball shoes, which blend a sleek hoops shoe with a high-tech foamposite, were made specially for #9. Unfortunately, due to last year’s injury, he never got to rock them. They sold on EBay for just under $1000.

Rondo wore the Nike Hyperposite a few times last season- most notably a sweet mint green pair in Brooklyn on Christmas Day, and a wild rust-colored pair in January. No word yet if these will release to the public, but I certainly hope so. Big thanks to John for the tip.

(images via Sole Collector)

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  • forever_green

    Awesome, I would love to play ball in those.

  • Jester00

    Oden to the heat dam

    • forever_green

      Would have been good pick up for us if we still had PP & KG, but Danny…

    • KWAPT

      Meh. He hasn’t proven anything yet other than he’s made of glass.

  • Warren brooks

    Tighten up ronda we need more banners kg and pierce have two years after thought we rob the whole house the league is celtics

  • Chulinho

    Those kicks are fire!

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    I’d sure like to meet the schmuck that threw down a month’s mortgage to buy a pair of shoes that were made for less than 5$ in a sweatshop in China/Philippines/Taiwan/Indonesia