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Your Morning Dump… Where bloggers are throwing the Celtics in the basement

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You are looking at the top and bottom of SB Nation’s NBA power rankings, as compiled by 22 team bloggers.

Our glorious Celtics rank 26th.

New Orleans (27-55) was the 26th team in league standings last season.

Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Gerald Wallace, Jared Sullinger, Kris Humphries and Kelly Olynyk can win more than 27 games.

Yes, I may overrate the Celtics (a title prediction in 2012-13) on occasion, but I know bad Celtics teams when I see them. This roster has more talent and depth than the squads in 2005-06 and 2006-07.

Who can the Celtics surpass in the East? The Bucks, Raptors, Cavaliers, and Wizards. That’s good enough to compete for the 8th seed in the playoffs. I also think they can be better than Utah, Sacramento, New Orleans and Dallas out west.

ESPN Insider Chad Ford gave the Celtics a B- grade for offseason moves:

While it may be painful for fans to lose the heart and soul of the franchise, it was clear that the Celtics had to begin rebuilding sooner or later. With an exceptional draft coming next summer, now was the time to do it.

Danny Ainge didn’t get a lot in return for Garnett and Pierce. In fact, he had to swallow the remaining $30 million on Wallace’s deal to make the trade work. But he did get three future first-round picks from the Nets. The pick in 2014 will be marginal, but with the Nets mortgaging their future to win now, the hope in Boston is the picks in 2016, 2017 and 2018 will be much higher.

With Rivers now in Los Angeles, the Celtics brought on Stevens, who was the brightest young mind in college hoops and is the perfect fit for a rebuilding team. I met him in Maui in November at a tournament, and I don’t think I’ve ever been as impressed with a young coach. College coaches often struggle to make the transition to the NBA, but I think Stevens is going to be great.

Olynyk was one of the sharpest players in the Orlando Summer League in July and may become a fixture on the new-look Celtics. The 22-year-old is one of the most skilled big guys you’ll come across, but don’t blow all your money on his rookie card just yet. Olynyk still lacks both elite athletic abilities and length. I’m skeptical he produces at the level he showed this summer as a rookie in the NBA.

The Celtics’ real future will likely be determined by how bad they are in 2013-14. While Ainge might insist that his teams don’t tank, it’s in Boston’s best interest to lose a lot of games this season. The 2014 draft is stacked, and if the Celtics can land a top-five pick, they’ll likely get their hands on a franchise cornerstone to jump-start the rebuilding process.

I despise the final paragaph.

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  • Duncan1

    I think they will have a big problem with scoring enough to win a lot of games. We have yet to see how Green will handle being the main scorer, and hence, the main focus of the opponent’s defense.

    • Curt Hays

      I think scoring will be up to Kelly and Sully.

      • Tommy_Heinsohn

        lol curt

        • Curt Hays

          What do YOU know about basketball, Tommy??? 🙂
          Remember I called it. Then everyone can ask me for further advice when I’m proven correct.

          • Tommy_Heinsohn

            I’ll give you infinite Tommy Points if Sully and Kelly Olynyk are the leading scorers on this team.

  • jon

    Look as much as it sucks. I rather them be worse than 05-06 and 06-07 team! This years draft class is suppose to be stacked. We need a piece of that stack. Great we may be able to be better than some of the teams you said but I rather b a bottom feeder than a middle of the pack mess. If we stay middle of the pack the rebuild will suck. We need to get better quick and the best option is to just tank

  • Danno

    It’s reality. They’re in a serious rebuilding year. They’re gonna suck, hard. Still love ‘me, but c’mon.

  • Raoul

    Why don’t people understand that tanking for the 2014 draft isn’t worth it? We can’t suck enough for it to be worth it. “The 2014 draft is stacked, and if the Celtics can land a top-five pick” That statement speaks to the writer’s credibility, or lack thereof. The 2014 class is NOT stacked by any means. It is top-heavy. Big difference. So it’s not about “if the Celtics can land a top-five pick” as much as it is that they would HAVE TO land a top-five pick for tanking to even be worth it, and as stated before, this team simply can’t suck enough to be in that running. TANKING WON’T HAPPEN!

    • tvor03

      Actually, everything I’ve read is that the draft is both top-heavy and deep.

      • Raoul

        Those are two different things; top-heavy and deep. So yes, I would assume you would see both because different people have different opinions of the draft class. However, I feel most experts aren’t overly impressed by the draft class more than they are impressed with individual players (i.e. Wiggins, Parker)

  • KGino

    Tanking won’t be easy with Philly Charlotte Orlando Atlanta etc in the same conference. You guys act like it is our only hope. There is plenty Danny can do to make us more competitive as early as THIS YEAR (trade exceptions, trade deadline deals, etc). I’m sure the hope is that we will be in contention a few years from now, yet constantly adding better draft picks to our team than the ones surrounding us thanks to Brooklyn mortgaging their future.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    The Celtics will not be terrible only because of their roster, but also for their choice of coach. Picking a guy who has no NBA credentials or experience and looks as if he had not graduated from college himself, is probably the worst thing that Danny Ainge could have done for this team. Sure, we all expect the Celtics ti crash and burn, but at least hire someone that will get at least some respect from the players. Cenrtainly Rajon Rondo will be the first player who will give the new guy a more than frosty welcome.


    • KGino

      Awful post. Go read up on Brad Stevens you moron. Guy is a genius, and I GUARANTEE he will be one of the better coaches in the NBA 3 years from now. Danny is smart for grabbing him now and allowing him to grow into it

      • Slap Dog Hoops

        Whoa, where’s all this hostility coming from? I think you’re little delusional thinking that Brad Stevens will be one of the head coaches in the league three years from now. More than likely he will run back to the NCAA with his tail between his lugs the same way that Rick Pitino and John Calipari did.

        • KGino

          It’s just your argument for why Brad Stevens won’t have success is terrible… Because he looks too young and because Pitino and Calipari weren’t successful?

          Just not sure why you’re on here bashing him and Danny when you haven’t even seen him in action yet.

          • Slap Dog Hoops

            I just know the NBA and what will happen and blindingly following a no name like Steven is not so bright either, if you ask me.

          • Raoul

            I don’t think your reasoning has as much ground as Stevens’ accolades and known strengths have. Also, starting any point with “I just know the NBA” makes people not want to read anything else you write. It’s an insinuation that you are involved with the NBA at a level that would make your opinion of “It’s not going to work because age and college” have more substance if we were just more understanding and at the same level of “knowing the NBA” as you are. In saying that, I can agree we should not follow anyone blindly. But calling Stevens a no-name completely shows that you DON’T know the NBA much better than any of us because although literally everyone involved in professional and college basketball signs off on Stevens, when we never even knew who he was before coming to the Celtics.

            My 2 cents… or so

  • Curt Hays

    Being ranked low may lead to a few extra wins. Think of all those times over the last few seasons that the Cs have played down to the competition and lost. Toronto, Charlotte, etc. This is going to be helpful.
    Second, I expect Toronto to make the playoffs this year.

  • Brian Pahlm

    They are a 500 team. With kg and paul gone you won’t run as many iso plays that eatthe clock and keep scoring done. You wont have to worry about kg being gassed and paul having to play point forward and trying to stick with faster sg or stronger sf. The easiest shot is a lay up. I know it Brad Stevens knows it and we all know Tommy knows it. With this being Rondo s team it will be a fast break team. Tanking for a draft pick who could be the next Tracy mcgrady (Wiggins) makes little sense. It takes years for those guys to reach their prime and I dont want to wait that long. With our expiring contracts and draft picks and our 10.3 million dollar tradd exception we can make major improvement by early as next year. The plan is to model what the spurs do and be in it every year not have a window like the heat or the nets. With the new cba cap management and getting guys like sully at 21 and kelly at 13 and pressey for next to nothing will are all moves that pay off. Its easy to say doc paul and kg are gone, this team sucks, but it was time. Because of that trade we won’t have to go threw 20 years of hell.

  • Lee in Oregon

    DA hasn’t finished assembling/gutting the roster yet and the C’s are a projected lottery team.

    I don’t see Olynyk going off for 20 every night like he did against the summer league scrubs. And with KG gone, the interior defense certainly wont improve. There’s also a chance Rondo isn’t 100% to start the year and we see a lot of Phil Pressey at the point. I think the C’s, with a little luck, can slip below Orlando and Milwaukee……they might not be Bobcat bad, but a top 5 pick is a possibility…

  • Andrew Bolarinho

    Im sorry but the players you just listed certainly seem like a sub 30 win team hate to say it but we will be the worst jump shooting team in the league with rondo bradley hump granted sully olynyk and green have nice jumpers and lastly Dallas New Orleans and possibly Sacramento will all be better that Boston as well as the cavs pending on bynums health I know a big if.

  • Camwinnoori

    The team will certainly not try to tank, but believe me this is a tank season. If you thought our bigs had trouble when we had KG, we are surely in for it this season. Believe me they will compete and try very hard to win games but its a fact we will likely get dominated. BUT I am in favor of this since it will give our pieces of the future extended run and I am one of those in favor of a lousy record for the 2014 draft. Ok I understand there is a possibility it may not be 1st pick, but that’s fine

  • Andrew Vellucci

    Ok i really dont know how people can overlook their actual roster and say they are a bottom 5 team. Pg’s Rondo Pressey Sg’s Avery, Marshon, Courtney Lee, Bogans, Crawford Sf’s Jeff Green,Gerald Wallace, Pf’s Sully, Bass, Humphries, and maybe Shav C’s Olynyk, Faverani, and Fab Melo thats not bad at all i see this team winning 35-40 games

  • CoachAJ

    Although our HOFers are gone, our AllStar PG is back, Green believes in himself finally, and the frontcourt is young and hungry. New coaching staff brings new expectations. I like our chances of playing .500 ball. We will be better than Philly-Orlando-Atlanta-Charlotte-Phoenix-Utah-Milwaukee-New Orleans-Denver.

    Going to be right there middle of the pack with Minnesota-Washington-Cleveland-Portland-Sacramento-Dallas-Detroit-Toronto. BOSTON

    Definitely below New York-GState-Houston-Chicago-Lakers-Memphis

    Title contenders will be Miami-OKC-Clippers-Spurs-Pacers-Brooklyn

    Don’t mind being in middle of pack for a year, then rising back up when/if New York loses Carmelo, Duncan-KG-PP retire bring those teams back down a notch or two.

    We are building a new solid core of young guys, lets let them grow together like a couple of other teams did. And it will happen faster because of our Allstar PG.

    • Tommy_Heinsohn

      I think Lakers are going to suck, and I would throw Chicago in the title contenders mix… Look at what they did without former MVP Derrick Rose. Along with Coach Thibs, who we all know is one of the best, I think they have a very good shot at going all the way.

  • zippittyay

    I watched all 18 straight losses the year before The Trade and I will watch every one this upcoming year as well. They played hard and competed in every game back then and I fully expect them to this year as well. I don’t expect them to match last years win total or make the playoffs, but it certainly isn’t beyond reason for them to do so. Most of all, I am now looking forward to the Celtic’s future instead of dreading it.

  • Danno

    a couple more reasons why they won’t have a fighting chance:

    1. No coaching/rotation/playcalling cohesion. It’s a completely new system. They’ll be lucky if everyone gets on board and figures it out by February.

    2. The Refs. The team is a bunch of nobodies and malcontents. The only true “star” is Rondo, and every ref hates him, because he’s a mouthy punk wiht a bad attitude. They will be going into every game with built-in 10-15 point deficit on foul disparity alone.

  • kobe_beef2424

    okay okay, make it 28 wins

  • Andrew Bennink

    Of the 4 teams you mentioned, the Celtics have no chance of winning more games than the Wizards, and either Cleveland or the Bucks will almost certainly win more games. However, 5th worst in the NBA is the lowest I can see the Celtics finishing this year, barring big bottoming-out trades, so I agree with your general message.