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Your Morning Dump..Where More Leadership Could Suit Rondo

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Sometime in the coming months, likely in October, the Boston Celtics will almost certainly announce that Rajon Rondo has been named the 15th captain of the storied franchise.

Taking the torch from Paul Pierce, who brought much-needed stability to the captain’s role in 2000, Rondo will formally be tasked with being the veteran voice and anointed leader of a Celtics team entering a murky transition phase.

Will More Leadership Suit Rondo?-ESPN Boston

.Oh boy…this topic. It’s always been a hotbed of controversy at this site & most others in the blogosphere. But like it or not, Rondo will join names like Cousy, Bird & Havlicek in becoming Boston’s next captain. The question is, and has been, will he be a good leader. It’s been talked about over & over for the last few years, and now with KG & Truth gone, we will finally see if he can truly lead this team.

You see, getting the C isn’t the hard part in Boston. It’s how long you maintain that post that dictates your legacy as a leader. Will Rondo be part of the longevity club, captains who served in that role for more than a decade and don’t need their first name to be referenced in these parts like Cousy (1950-63), Bird (1980-92) and Pierce (2000-13)? Or will the captain’s crest bounce around as it did in the ’90s, when, after Bird capped his 13-year run in 1992, eight different players — more than half the total that have worn it since 1950 — were named captain of Boston teams that were trapped in the rebuilding process?

Rondo has tremendous pressure on him this season-tremendous. Two of arguably the franchise’s favorite players are gone, and the torch has been passed to #9.  All of his detractors are drooling at the thought of him “failing” so they can say “see-told you so”. But he also has quite a few supporters out there who are holding on to hope that he can lead the young nucleus of Green, Sullinger, Bradley & himself to at the very least a competitive season. It will be interesting to see if as some of the readers suggested yesterday, Danny brings in another veteran player for Rajon to kind of “lean on” in what could be a “lean” year.

But that doesn’t take much pressure off Rondo. Entering the 2013-14 season, he no longer has that Big Three support system. No longer are Pierce and Garnett here to echo his message. At the moment, Rondo doesn’t have a close friend like Keyon Dooling to nudge him in the right direction in terms of being a vocal leader.

Check out the rest of Forsberg’s piece-it really poses some great questions on the age old Rondo debate.

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  • I think he can do it. I think part of his bad attitude came from his inability to be treated like a vet because of the presence of PP and KG.

    • screamcrimson

      I think that’s so true. KG even acknowledged it last season that Rondo went about trying to get their respect the wrong way at first. But with time I guess he realized the way to get them to follow his lead is to get it done on the court and that’s what he’s done. In 2011/2012 Big Three told him its your team and we go as far as u take us and he damn near almost got them to NBA Finals. The young core respects him, he has their full attention. Even if they struggle on court he has to be that crutch for them imo. And though I may not like it but he has to be more open with his leadership to the media. We know and hear about his behind the camera work with the younger guys but like Cedric Maxwell said he needs to repair his relationship with the media to try make this transition easier on him and the team.

      I think he’ll be a great leader. He’s been given all the tools needed to succeed..Management, the players are behind him

      • eddysamson

        I think that ESPN spot with him and the giant hands handshake was a good step in the right direction on getting back on the good side of the media.

        • screamcrimson

          then he got injured and Doc River saga happened and they did a 180 on him. He went from being the guy the media liked at start of season to a cancer and he wasn’t even around..I think that’s why he’s cold with them, they build him up one day and tear him down the next..But playing nice is part of the job description so guess he has to do it involuntarily

  • pierce Hart

    Anyone else reckon we should put an offer up for Aldridge? We have several picks and good young talent and if he wants out they might need to bite! However could Rondo Green and Aldridge with Bradley and Sully/ Olynk win a title? Thoughts…

    • KGino

      I like Aldridge’s game, but it’s way too early to insert 1 all star into our lineup and think it would win us a championship. There’s too many question marks right now.

      How will Rondo adapt to being the Captain and playing without HOF’s? Can Jeff Green play to his potential on a consistent basis? Can Sully / Bradley (and now Olynk) be healthy for a full season? How well will KO’s game translate to the NBA? How will the defense be without KG?

      Looking forward to finding out.

      • pierce Hart

        Yeah we’d be in a better situation to make a trade towards the deadline

    • Curt Hays

      I don’t think you can just throw any All-Star into the mix and succeed. Derron Williams wouldn’t work, he’s not Boston. Neither is James Harden. I think Danny needs to wait to see what KIND of all-star to add before he goes doing it. Though Danny probably already knows which one(s) to go after.

      • eddysamson

        KO seems like he could have a good Celtic mentality

        • Curt Hays

          I totally agree. COULD. He’ll have to develop a defensive reputation before I buy his jersey and his shoes, but I am really hoping he’s a gold mine.

    • forever_green

      If you can get Aldridge, you do it…instant championship?.NO..but its a step in the right direction.

  • NE_Celt

    I am a Rondo fan…so I hope he succeeds this year…I know they tried to make him the “leader” last year, but with PP and KG still around that wasn’t really going to happen. He has a real opportunity this year, to make this his team, and to put all his knuckle head moves behind him (leave those refs alone Rondo!). If he is going to be a leader he cant be losing his cool.

  • zippittyay

    Who else? Brandon Bass? Green? of course it’s Rondo.

  • forever_green

    Rondo was born to lead.

  • CoachAJ

    No more looking over his shoulder to see what Doc wants, or what KG or PP would do. Time to be accountable for every mistake and heralded for every triumph. That is what the CAPTAIN role is all about.