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Your Morning Dump… Where Pierce knew it was over before the playoffs began


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“I knew the writing was on the wall, you kinda felt it coming,” Pierce said of Boston’s decision to start the rebuilding process this summer. “I think, toward the end of the [2012-13 season], even before the playoffs started, you looked at the team and, when I was on the bench, you looked down and see the players down there, you start looking towards the future and you see the guys they are bringing in. Me and Kevin talked about it all the time, me and him discussed that this may be our last year in Boston. Then when I started looking, and I was like, ‘Doc is leaving?’ I’ve always said, I don’t want to play for any other coach at this stage of my career. When I saw all of that going down, I pretty much knew my time was up.”

As for their favorite memories in Boston?

“You’re talking about 15 years of memories, there’s going to be a lot of things,” said Pierce. “Ultimately, just winning the championship [in 2008], that whole parade. There’s so many things I’m going to miss, the clam chowder. These are my lasting memories right here.”

ESPN Boston: Conversation Part 2: Pierce, KG

Ahh yes, the clam chowder.  If there is anything that the Celtics can use now more than ever to lure potential free agents to Boston, it’s the clam chowder.  There was a tipping point last season for Paul Pierce when he knew he would miss that clam chowder very much so, and apparently it was before the playoffs even began.  In the second part of the ESPN conversation with Jackie MacMullan, Pierce reveals as much.  He doesn’t say a specific date, game, incident or moment, rather just towards the end of the season.

Going further, he felt absolutely convinced of it once the Celtics turned into Beverly Hills, 90210 during the early parts of the offseason, when Doc eventually made his way to that new zip code.  The drama made Pierce sure of himself that it was over.  It’s interesting to know that he felt it was over well before that.  Now, it doesn’t matter since they’re all gone but we didn’t hear much of this until Pierce mentioned it.

In the first part of the conversation, KG also hinted that he felt it was forced upon him… that he was being forced out.  Pierce and KG to me will always be Celtics but for the next year or two they will have a solid chance at getting a second ring in Brooklyn.  Maybe someday when they each come out with their own books they will reveal more of how it went down.  Perhaps when Pierce returns for his own night to raise his #34 to the rafters one of us will be lucky enough to run into him in a restaurant and sit down and chat with him over a bowl of clam chowder and digest his long and storied career as a Celtic.

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  • James D ♣

    Granted, things could’ve been made difficult for him, but KG had the no trade clause, so it was literally impossible to “force him out”.

    • kg2128

      True if KG really wanted to stay at all costs, he could have denied the trade to the Nets. But Doc was gone either way, Pierce too probably (Danny has an itchy trigger finger and Pierce had value around the league). The roster was formed half as a contender and half for the future. The way it happened it was good for KG/Paul and the team, I think both guys were just hinting that they would have been willing to run it back with some tweaks. The question is did Danny say enough is enough we gotta start over, or was Danny willing to do that. Even if Doc had stayed Danny might have decided to start over. We will never know what really happened between Doc/Danny/the rest of the team this offseason.

      • Frank Aziza

        Sounds like Doc wanted to stay and give it one more shot with PP, KG a Healthy Rondo and a better Jeff Green. He knew after a first round exit Danny wanted it over to rebuild. What saddens me is that Danny seems to always want to be rebuilding, seems to enjoy building a title team more then winning it.

        • kg2128

          Agreed, I know all GMs should consider every option but Danny seems to go after every option nonstop. I feel like he calls every other GM 1000 times and they get sick of him, there were rumors that some GMs stopped taking Danny’s calls lol. Danny is a good GM overall in my opinion, but since he always wants to make changes it definitely makes players less comfortable, maybe even scares some guys off too. Ray Allen didn’t like Rondo but he was definitely pissed at Danny. And Rondo we know was offered a bunch of times too. Other GMs are a lot more discrete and selective when it comes to potential trades. Danny seems like a GM who is hardworking but also hard to trust.

    • Frank Aziza

      Dont you guys realize something? Everytime the big three Celtic teams have struggled Danny always tried to blow it up. Think about it, in 2010 the Celtics started playing awful from January on, Ray Allen was mentioned in trade rumors everyday. The Celtics turned it around and went to the finals and Danny decides to resign Allen and Pierce and brings in more big bodies to help for the next season. 2012 , The Celtics are awful the first half of the year and every key Celtic is on the trading block. Ray Allen was told to pack his bags, he was traded. The trade fell through, the Celtics fall one game short from the Finals and Danny decides these guys are still good enough to compete. He goes out and talks KG into not retiring and begs Ray to come back with a 2 year 12 million dollar deal and a NO TRADE Clause. Ray pretty much said kiss my butt. This year the Celtics start off bad, then injuries never allowed us to see the play offs.

      My point is, Danny over reacts to one season, One lousy year ago right now he believed in the roster, one injury plagued year shouldnt change that.
      If the Celtics had Rondo, Sully and Barbosa in the play offs, they beat the Knicks ..Indiana would have been beatable. and Right now Danny would be adding more pieces for one more run with KG, PP and RR.
      Plus he traded PP without a thought, like he was some hired gun in 08 to help win a title. Pierce to Boston is what Dirk is to Dallas. I wish we had Mark Cuban running our show. Hes a loyal guy.

      • Celticsfanatic

        Yeah, the Mavs look like they’re in great shape now……..

        You can criticize Ainge all you like, but you have to recognize the lose-lose aspect of this situation from Danny’s perspective. If he kept those two, the Cs would have been bad for years. If he traded them, he would have been seen as a traitor, despite the fact that Ray and Doc walked first (and don’t give me any of their excuses for leaving).

        Face the facts. Danny never had the luxury of gutting every Celtic except for Pierce after 2008 for salary cap reasons like Cuban did with the Mavs after 2011, leaving Dirk and Dirk alone in hopes of luring Williams, Paul or Howard. Now that it didn’t work out, it’s funny how he’s viewed as loyal because he drove the Mavs into the ground trying to get a superstar and was fortunate enough that his plan included Dirk. Mark Cuban was never thinking sentimentality when he kept Dirk and no one else. He was looking for the best way to win another ring, just like Danny is now. Celtics fans can surely tell you hindsight is 20/20, and I can’t help but think Cuban wishes he traded Dirk back in 2011, when he dealt Dallas’ version of Ray Allen and KG in a heartbeat, not even a year removed from winning a ring.

        • Frank Aziza

          Im not saying it was a bad move just not what I thought Boston was all about. I remember what Red built and his logic. Some guys are worth keeping just because they bleed green

          • forever_green

            Love the posts Frank.

          • Frank Aziza

            Thanks Green, for me its about the people I root for on my team. How can you not wanna keep KG and PP for one more year. I know chances are they wouldnt win a title this season but they still would have punchers chance…and thats more then we have right now. The 3 draft picks are nice but nothings guaranteed. I think the fans would like danny better if he said KG and PP earned the right to retire as Celtics, they given us their souls!! They were treated like crap the last few years, in the trade rumors every year since 2010

  • LA Flake

    well, when you surround those legends with guys like jordan crawford and junk made in china instead of the PJ Browns and James Poseys, it does become kind of obvious that you’re not serious about contending. granted, we had some serious injuries, but pp & kg probably think that their tenure could’ve been better supported by the owners and danny. and in many ways they’ll be right. but in ways they’re not. at the end of the day, paul & kg are celtics for life and we’ll see them rooting for the c’s 5-10 years from now. ray allen, however, well, SCREW THAT GUY! BOOOOOO!

  • art

    PP played like he knew it was over. Watching PP and KG in decline is not fun. Watching the green play last year was not fun. Watching PP not show to up to play over the years was not fun. Watching opponents dribble by kG, or out-rebound him is not fun. Constantly hearing about keeping aging players minutes down is not fun. I think both players will enjoy the new beginning in a new city as they wind down their careers. They will become support players instead of dominant players, something not doable in Boston.
    Danny has a lot to manage while he competes against 29 other teams which is much more difficult than 30-40 years ago in a smaller league, although I think he could have done better the last couple of years, especially at center where they have not had one since the Perkins trade. It was time to rebuild and a lot of assets were returned in the trade. The team was obviously coming to the end. Don’t forget the struggles even when Rondo was healthy.