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Jackie Mac sits down with Pierce & Garnett

ESPN aired this short conversation that Jackie Mac had with Truth & Ticket today after their whirlwind presser. KG talked about how he felt the trade was “forced on” he & Pierce, and Paul speaks about how disappointed he was that the Celtics dangled him as trade bait while vets like Duncan & Dirk were never treated that way. Leave it to Jackie to get right to the point:

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  • Dhruv Mehta

    Man, hurts so bad to see KG that emotional, been what 7-8 years? since the john thompson interview… love these guys, wish they had a chance to finish off in boston, but danny needed to do it

  • forever_green

    I’m so glad I witnessed the KG & PP era..

  • dk

    wow–just when I was getting passed everything w/the trade–I see this video and listen to them basically say that this was forced upon them and they wanted to stay. I will say it does really suck that PP wasn’t treated like Dirk, Kobe and Duncan and allowed to stay on the Cs for his whole career. That I think was a shame that he couldn’t fulfill that

    • zippittyay

      Ask them again when at some point in the season they have the best record in the east.

  • art

    I want PP and KG to know that we’re rooting for them 100%. I bleed green and hope the Brooklyn Nets win it all. I hope for the future of the green and at the same time wish for PP and KG another ring. Their blood will always be green just like mine. Best of luck PP and KG.

    • celticpride17

      I hope this doesnt come back to haunt danny ainge and the celtics. other veterns may not want to come here to be a celtic if they can be traded with no respect for what they may have done for the team

  • kobe_beef2424

    Danny Ainge is the traitor, Cs will never win another title with DA mark my words

  • chuckmckenney

    Forced is a poor word choice. KG could have vetoed this entire deal and stayed in Boston. He had the power. I’m sure Danny was very persuasive, but had KG wanted to stay in Boston, he could have.

    • forever_green

      Probably went because DA would have traded Paul anyways..IMOA

    • Jake Gruber

      you can feel “forced” into making a decision you didn’t originally in your heart want to make

  • Chuck Moran

    Eff u danny

  • Chuck Moran

    Actuall eff doc he started this by running away and that forced us into a rebuild without doc staying and rondo injured it had to be done.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Reasons do exist for not liking Danny Ainge…but the BKLN trade is NOT one of them. Ainge is a fierce competitor, who takes his duties as the Celtic GM very seriously.

    Here, he took full advantage of a desperate-to-succeed BKLN franchise, by getting more for KG/PP than anyone could`ve expected. The Nets are fools for thinking KG/PP are capable of putting them over the top.

    Yes, it would`ve been nice if PP could`ve played his entire career in Boston, but his situation is very different than Duncan or Dirk. SA and Dallas are transient cities, without the victory demanding fan-base Boston has. Also, those guys are the single-most popular players in the history of their teams {Pierce isn`t close to being the end-all in Celtic history}.

  • Sarah

    I’m torn about this. Obviously I never wanted to see Paul and KG go, and he makes some valid and stinging points about some of those other stars around the league. He could have left US, and didn’t. Instead the organization turned on him ultimately…

    That said, there’s no question this move accelerated the rebuild for the Celtics. Doc leaving was the first domino, and there wasn’t any looking back from that. The chances that we could have brought in enough talent around an aging Pierce and Garnett to get back to contention were slim to none, and letting them ride out there careers would have left us with absolutely nothing to show for it. Just years of mediocrity to come, and only memories to hold on to.

    We still have those memories, they aren’t going anywhere (just like my Pierce and Garnett jersey’s), only now, we have hope for a future.

    Without QUESTION, this offseason was the most heartbreaking in decades, for everyone and anyone who loves the Celtics. I’m still not over it. But I wonder if, and hope that, a Pierce (and Ticket) return to the organization (in any capacity) could be in the cards down the line. They *are* Celtics for life, after all.

  • Frank Aziza

    AINGE is not a CELTIC!!! Those two guys deserved to stay in Boston, the fans would love them even if they could not deliver banner 18