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Celtkicks: First look at new Anta KG “Team” shoe


I was thinking that once KG was officially a Net, I would not post “Celtkicks” features on him anymore. But as one of our readers put it in the comments of my last Cekltkicks post, “KG will always be a Celtic-we should support him.” Couldn’t have put it better. So whether Net, Celtic or any other uniform, I’ll continue to post his kicks in the Celtkicks section.

Now on to the goods. Via, Weibo, we get a look at the brand new Anta Team shoe. It has what looks to be an “air max” type of sole throughout the bottom, and is still in green, black & white. They also have a red colorway featured on their site. I’m sure they will be making models in Nets’ colors as the season gets closer. Stay tuned to Celtkicks for more details.



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  • forever_green

    Just Great stuff KWAPT, I’m really missing KG & PP and everything they stand for..knowing others feel the same way has helped during this hard time..+ I enjoy reading your stuff. Thanks

    • KWAPT

      Thank you-that means a lot. I can’t remember any other franchise’s fans going through such a gut-wrenching transition in a long time. What’s gotten me through is other fans like you and being able to express myself through social media and of course Red’s. It’s amazing the bonds that are formed via special organizations like the Celtics & special players like PP, KG and all the legends that have come before them.

  • Frank Aziza

    How do u buy them ? Can’t find them on the Internet.