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Your Morning Dump… Where the Pistons deny the Brandon Knight for Rajon Rondo trumor


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

Detroit Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars denied offering Brandon Knight to the Boston Celtics for Rajon Rondo.

He also said he hasn’t even mentioned Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings with Bucks general manager John Hammond, a former assistant GM with the Pistons under Dumars.

“Never happened, never even a conversation about Brandon,” Dumars said of the Boston Globe report over the weekend. “And today I saw something about Brandon Jennings.

“John Hammond and I were on the phone talking about our dogs.”

When pressed to say more about how Rondo would fit with the Pistons, Dumars added: “At this point, I really can’t start talking about somebody else’s player. That trade rumor is not true.”

The Pistons did ask about the availability of Rondo, but it never reached the stage of potential players who would be involved in such a move.

The Celtics are keeping the standout point guard for now. Expect his name to stay out front in trade rumors and many expect him to be moved by February’s trade deadline.

Detroit Free Press

The Brandon Knight and expiring contract offer for Rajon Rondo (first surfaced on Sunday) is laughable.

Who is Brandon Knight, anyways?

Aside from being the guy with balls to challenge a DeAndre Jordan dunk, Knight is a 6-3 combo guard out of Kentucky.

He can shoot the deep ball (37% FG) but is awful from just about everywhere else (35% FG from 10-23 feet).

According to the ESPN Insider scouting report, he’s a long-armed defender who rebounds well for his size. He’s not near the level of Avery Bradley but has potential to be a solid defender.

That’s it.

I just don’t see how Knight is enough to headline a trade package for Rondo.

The Celtics are not desperate for the expiring contract. As John detailed yesterday they have a $10 million trade exception and $17 million (Humphries and Bogans) coming off the books next year. 

There’s only one guy I would consider taking back from Detroit and that’s 7-footer Andre Drummond. And according to most reports out of Detroit, Drummond is untouchable.

A package of Greg Monroe, Knight and an expiring contract would get the deal done, provided Ainge is okay with Monroe’s defensive deficiencies.

I’m still in the “Keep Rondo” camp.

I know the guy has his faults, but this team becomes a rudderless ship without him on the floor.

In case you missed it late yesterday afternoon, Paul Pierce thanked Celtics fans with a series of Instagram photos from his time in Boston.

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  • MrCuret

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Drummond a free agent next yr anyways? If that’s the case then the C’s can go after him without having to give up Rondo.

    • Timi

      Pistons have a team option and it’d be stupid move if they’ll decline it, cause Drummond’s upside is unbelievable.

  • Raoul

    I still find it absolutely absurd that there is anyone that doesn’t want Rondo on this team. At his best, he’s a Top 5 NBA player (2012 ECF Game 2). At his worst, he is the best true PG in the league. At $12mil? Give me what you’re smoking, PLEASE!

    • Raoul

      COME ON! How do you not LOVE THIS! Such a smart player. When you see this stuff, don’t get mad. He learned this instinct from KG. He will expose you if you’re not at the top of your game.

      I may be blowing smoke, but notice how Ray comes to get Rondo on that first occurrence and then is talking to him after in what seems to be a disagreement of what he just did. Ray was probably telling him to stop acting out, and Rondo is like “Acting out? There are rules to this game. I do what it takes to win. Do you Ray? Go practice your 3’s or something you slow-footed mongrel. You’ll get your time to shine when I give you the ball, if I give you the ball.” Ray probably viewed Rondo as immature, while Rondo viewed Ray as the 4th of the Big 4..

      • Tommy_Heinsohn

        I love that defense on Lebron. I agree 100% Rondo is someone we need on this team. We need him to lead the younger players and to get them open. We don’t have any players who can create their own shots (other than JG) so Rondo is a key component to this teams success.

        • Raoul

          That defense on Lebron is so fun to watch. I just see a mini KG. Rondo is absolutely fearless. Even JG doesn’t really create his own shot though. He’ll take it to the hoop on his own, but he rarely dribbles into a jumpshot. Usually catch and shoot.

    • grey_skies7

      “At his worst, he is the best true PG in the league”

      I couldn’t disagree more. A true PG should have a jump shot and hit free throws. In today’s game three point capability is important as well. Yes he has probably the best court vision outside of Nash, but at his worst he kills an offense because he can’t put the ball in the hoop. Check the Celtics offensive efficiency last season with Rondo on the court. Not pretty.

      You’re right about Rondo’s ceiling as a top-5 player, but that potential is only tapped in big games. The Celtics will be a bottom feeder for the next few years, which means we’ll most likely see a lot more of the sub-par Rondo, which puts him outside the top-10 NBA PGs in my mind.

      The other reason to deal Rondo is that this team is going to be awful (hopefully) for the next 2-3 years. In 3 years Rondo will be beginning to leave his prime. Why employ him to help us when we want to be bad, just to watch him start to decline as we are starting to contend. The timing just isn’t right.

      I’m not on-board for a fire-sale style deal, but I’d take Drummond in a heartbeat.

      • Raoul

        “I couldn’t disagree more. A true PG should have a jump shot and hit free throws.” You’re thinking about Shooting or Combo Guard. But hey, if the only things people can ever get on Rondo about are his shot and his arrogance, then I guess he’s one consistent S.O.B. because I have heard no other complaint about him since he’s been in the league. Lastly, I think a lot of Celtics fans have moved past the “this team is going to be awful (hopefully) for the next 2-3 years” mindset and actually like the roster and assets we hold. Unless something catastrophic happens, I foresee some very exciting playoff games (yes, we’ll make the playoffs). Maybe get some revenge on the Knicks.

        • grey_skies7

          No, I’m thinking about a point guard. And to think that the assets we have are enough to build a title contender is laughable.

          • Raoul

            “to think that the assets we have are enough to build a title contender is laughable.” You are possibly the only individual in the country that thinks our assets are laughable.

  • pierce Hart

    See with our trade exception can we basically give Gerald Wallace away to anyone and only recieve a min contract player? Seems like it would help a contender out.

    • Raoul

      I think so. I’m no expert on the stuff, but we should be able to trade for lesser value, which would equal in a Trade Exception for the difference. I’m sure someone else is more well-versed on this though and may end up correcting me.

      • pierce Hart

        Thanks mate

      • frickenWaaaltah

        You can only do that if the team taking the salary is far enough under the cap to absorb the salary.

        Two teams that are over the cap and making a trade have to trade incoming for outgoing salary that is within 15% of each other.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      There is no trade exception.

      So far I’ve only seen Chris Forsberg at ESPN and Baxter Holmes at the Globe saying they got one. They’ve offered no explanation or source and it’s impossible for the C’s to get one in the way they suggest it happened, by splitting the big deal up into multiple smaller deals.

      When have you ever heard of a team splitting up a big deal into multiple smaller deals to create a trade exception? It would happen every time if teams could do it, but they can’t.

      Even if they could split up the deal into multiple deals, both teams are over the cap and must trade within 15% of eachother so there is no possible way to create a lopsided trade that creates a trade exception.

      • pierce Hart

        Yeah I read the ESPN article on it, and they say the way it happened makes your eyes crossed but if we got it we got it. I thought only teams under the cap could offer exceptions but apparently Angie found a loop hole

        • frickenWaaaltah

          Ainge never said the C’s got a trade exception. There is no loop hole. Forsberg is just wrong.

  • KGino

    All these rumors are going to eventually run rondo out of town.. And who can blame the kid. “Rondo is stubborn blah blah blah” you know who rondos personality is similar to? Kobe’s. Last I checked he did alright for himself during his career

    • Raoul

      I agree, but with that I don’t see Rondo as a person that can be run out of town. He will do the opposite of what people want him to do.

  • Frank Aziza

    These rumors will end if Rondo is having an all-star season and the Celtics are in the 3rd spot by the break. I like this team, if Green and Rondo are in the conversation for all-star and Kelly O is looking like he’ll be on the all rookie team then we’ll be looking fine. Lot of ifs huh?

  • forever_green

    Trading Rondo would be stupid!

    • Raoul

      Simply and to the point

  • Future Celtics GM

    I don’t see any good reason not to write this year off as a building year and not shoot for the lottery. (Ticket sales are not a good enough reason- even with a first round playoff exit).

    As a management decision, wouldn’t it make sense to bench all the old Nets (sans Brooks) and play all your young talent, delay Rondo’s return and develop Jeff Green as a All-Star/Top 10 MVP candidate? Rondo needs time to heal and chance to come back and prove he is as good and coachable as before! He needs a chance to run for atleast 2 months to determine 2 important things 1) can he be an integral piece to the Celtics long term future as a member of a Big 3 and leader of a younger team? And 2) INCREASE his TRADE VALUE! Danny, you’re a smart guy, don’t settle for pennies on the dollar, his stock is at a 3 year low right now, even if Boston decides that he is not part of the future and should be traded, give him 2 month run time with INFLATED stats of 20pg/10+assists/6rbnds/2steals as he is the first or second option on a bad team with uptempo run and gun style (aka HIGH ASSISTS for Rondo and easy transition points- where he thrives and builds stats). THEN trade him as a 20/12/7 guy and coachable under a new coach reputation! Then we can talk about $1.50 return on the dollar even if Danny decided he wanted to trade him all along. There is NO good reason to rush this trade that I can see….

    I think you right off this season as nothing more than an opportunity to develop your young guys skill, CONFIDENCE, and experience. Consider this as a VALUABLE asset as theu develop into higher trade chips (be inflated stats because of inflated playing time) or they actually develop into cornerstone’s for Boston’s future.

    Give AB full reign to develop, let this year gauge if he really will be a starter caliber or tradeable.

    Same for KO, Melo, Brooks and whatever young (potential-filled) player we will have on the final roster.

    There is zero point to playing Bogans or Humphries.

    Also, develop Jeff Green as a Number 1 option and see if he has the potential KG saw in him as “one of the all time greats”. I see him as having the POTENTIAL to be a solid player to build around. Pair that with Rondo as the KG like soul/passion/fire of the team and Captain. You may be on to a solid future with these two as elder statesman while new talent develop under them in future years.

    Now the added benefit of this plan, is the Lottery. I’m not saying purposefully tank. I’m saying be realistic and STRATEGIC. You won’t be a playoff threat with this roster. Don’t waste a minute of playing time for players with no reason to either:

    a) develop as a player for the future

    b) increase trade value

    c) give a “test-run” to really determine value and future potential (ie who cares if Melo blows 5 games for us, better to find out if he’s worth keeping or dumping


    Lastly, apply the Greg Pop system and give EVERYONE a chance to prove their potential and worth. Doc’s biggest flaw was lack of trusting and giving people opportunities. I predict C.Lee has a breakout season because he will be used as chess piece that he is an not forced to function as a bishop when he may really a knight. I believe with our new coach we have the College mentality of earning your roster spot and opportunity based on actual output and not on fame.

    This season may be a lot more exciting if we accept it as what it is, a an experiment for growth. Low expectations. Remember how Michael Jordan became Jordan. He was on a bad team with no expectations for many years and just given free reign his first few years with no expectations or pressures to develop with freedom to shoot and play at will. I think if he was drafted in 1984 to Boston he never would have developed these opportunities and MAY have never become “Michael Jordan”, but merely a Sam Perkins. Confidence is the most important thing to develop for a newbie to the NBA. This is the year to do it for the Newbies as well as the likes of J.Green and C.Lee’s.

    Daniel Lavi

  • zippittyay

    Can we have some kind of contest? Guess the opening night roster, entries in by such and such date, some way of breaking a tie and the prize be something like a KG jersey?

  • Brick James

    Knight is basically the homeless, handicapped man’s version of Rondo. It’s laughable.