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Boston’s Museum of Fine Assists: The 2012 Rajon Rondo Collection


If you’re a Bostonian or New Englander for that matter, I’m sure at one point you have visited Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts at some point.  Or at the very least, you have heard of it.  If not, well it’s an art museum that displays some of the finest work from some of the most creative artists throughout history.  Sometimes, sports and basketball specifically feature players that are artists in their own way.  Playing the point guard position can be one in which a player can become quite the creative artist on the court.  Rajon Rondo is often one of those unique players in the NBA.  Sure, he does things that can drive you crazy but he can also dazzle you with some incredible passes throughout the season.

This video below is a compilation of his greatest assists from the lockout shortened 2012 NBA season.  There are no replays, just quick-hitting passes that display some of his best passing skills from that season from the preseason through Game 7 vs Miami.  There is a lot of time until we see some real Celtics basketball again so sit back and enjoy more than 30 minutes of the “2012 Rajon Rondo Collection.”


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  • Curt Hays

    We were so close in 2012 (game 2 was stolen from Rondo). And we were so close with the Rondo/Shaq tandem. Even the Rondo/Steimsma tandem was great. Now we can all just anticipate the Rondo/Sully/Kelly nastiness. I thought I could stop watching bball when KG left the Cs, but the reality is…damnit…Let’s Go Celtics!

    • eddysamson

      Not only Rondo->Kelly/Sully but Kelly->Sully/Any other big. If you watched the summer league you’d have noticed Kelly LOVES to do a quick big to big high to low post pass, he tried it with Melo a bunch but Melo is Melo and was only ready like half the time.

      • Curt Hays

        Totally agree. That’s why I included all three as I did. I can imagine Kelly hitting Iron Man for one of those baseline, time altering dunks he does so well.

      • wil

        i agree, Kelly’s heighy will make it easy for him to make entry passes, and bradley and rondo’s cutting ability too.

        If KO can play like he did, he will be unlocking multiple potential in Celtic offense, rondo and kelly pick and roll will be unstoppable

  • Andy

    We need to send a copy of this video to every team in the league

  • Stevie Ham

    Wow I forgot how easy scoring can be with Rondo on the floor. Excited for his recovery and to see him play with 3 new centers! #signcoltoniverson

  • KGino

    Just get a big who can dunk, Rondo will do the rest… lol. Guy makes Chris Wilcox look like Blake Griffin out there. Rondo/KO pick and roll is going to be deadly, especially in a few years.

    DA, keep Rondo. Rondo, play better D.


    This is awesome Jay. Can imagine how long it took to find then spool all this together. Fantastic work as always!

    • Chulinho

      Probably the best way to spend 32 unproductive minutes today. Lol.

  • Chulinho

    Pause the video @ 3:16. That face summarizes J.O.’s entire time in Boston.

  • celtic_joe

    My goodness.
    CANNOT wait for #9’s return.

  • Dustin Chapman

    YouTube just got Rondo’d