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Your Morning Dump… Where the Pistons are “quite interested” in Rajon Rondo

Photo Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE

Photo Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE

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The Pistons are quite interested in Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo, but they don’t have a package to offer that would attract president of basketball operations Danny Ainge to making a deal. The Celtics would presumably ask for emerging center Andre Drummond, who is as close to untouchable as a younger player can get. Detroit would like to send the Celtics Brandon Knight and an expiring contract, but that wouldn’t be nearly enough. Detroit doesn’t have a first-round pick to offer because of the Ben Gordon deal that gave the Bobcats the choice of a Pistons draft pick over the next four seasons . . .

Boston Globe Sunday NotesAfter a long dry spell, Detroit Pistons make major strides toward relevance in NBA

Ever since draft night when the Celtics management decided to bring out the dynamite to the P/KG Era, there have been rumblings, rumors and outright requests for them to go all the way and send Rondo packing as well.  Some just want him gone for five cents on the dollar while others are holding on until they get at least fair value in return.  Danny Ainge is apparently not willing to trade him unless he gets exactly what he wants: and that’s usually been the other teams’ best player, first round picks and/or contracts to clear money off the books.

Ainge realizes that Rondo’s trade value is probably at the lowest it’s ever been.  He’s yet to play after tearing his ACL, he had a sub-par year for him last year and just about everybody thinks his attitude is so bad that it’s only a matter of time before he forces his new head coach to flee back to Indiana.  So if you want to trade him to completely blow it up that’s fine, but take a long hard look at every roster in the NBA and their current status in the league and ask yourself A) what the C’s could truly get for him and B) if you’d be happy with that deal.  Not as easy as it looks, is it?

So when the Dallas Mavericks, a mediocre team at best right now, call and ask for Rondo, Ainge asks for Dirk (and probably a lot more).  When Joe Dumars calls and offers Brandon Knight and an expiring contract, Ainge chuckles, says “how about we START the talks with Andre Drummond and from there see what else we can add on your end?” well that’s what you want from your GM.

In the case above with Detroit, you can see why it’s highly unlikely any deal with the Pistons will get done.  They have no first round picks to give (as noted by Gary Washburn above) and would refuse any deal involving Drummond.  My guess is that Dumars wouldn’t want to give up Greg Monroe either, and to me (and likely Ainge as well), Monroe and an expiring for Rondo wouldn’t be enough.  Monroe is a very solid player, but if you already have Jared Sullinger and now Kelly Olynyk (both on rookie deals well under your control, both could be very effective PFs) then now you have to make another deal to fill a huge hole at PG.

Unless Ainge gets blown away this summer by the right deal, the best bet is to let Rondo take his time to return from his ACL injury (sit out the first two months if needs be), let him return and work his way back slowly to either up his trade value or simply hang onto him for the long haul.  Be ready though because I’m sure you’ll likely see plenty of Rondo rumors throughout the year.

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  • Jason Whetzell

    It might sound strange but I think I’d be sadder to see Rondo go then KG or Pierce. I think it’s because I always expected they might someday go and I always expected (even through all the trade rumors) Rondo to stay.

  • Chuck Moran

    No way u trade rondo just to dump salary can’t wait till he shows all these haters. He is gonna one back with a chip on his shoulder which is scary cause he already had one. Only way u even think about trading him is if they take Wallace and lee and give Drummond and future picks. That team would be scary though if rondo was throwing oops to Drummond n smith.

  • Andrew

    Rondo needs to stay….no way we trade him unless its for a atar in return and 1st round draft pick/s. Rondo should be more aggressive this year like he was against Orlando a couple years back in the eastern finals. He knows its his team now. He will start to average in the 15-18 pt range now besides the 10 assists. He will not sit back anymore because the hall of famers are gone, he will be more aggressive offensively. Him and Jeff Green!

  • elgirrl

    This post leaves the impression that a trade for Rondo would be done in a minute if only Danny could get something decent in return for him, particularly when he demonstrates he’s healthy again. Sure, Danny is always willing to listen to potential deals, but instead how about dismissing this constant trade rumor talk for the rebuilding approach,that Ainge and co. appear to be taking now, which is to actually ::keep:: Rondo and rebuild around him, because you actually see the value of him on your team for years to come and helping to bring about your next championship?

    Trading a 4x All Star player like Rondo this year would be silly. Even a deal for Drummond, Stuckey, etc future picks is not worth it when you already have a proven winner on your team who is still young enough and rising in his career. He’s already looked to as a leader on the team by its young players, and has demonstrated that he can run whole games from the court as an extension of his coach. Rondo is not only valuable as an assist guy and scorer, he steals, he rebounds. He brings in thousands of fans, he sells millions of Jerseys, he’s brought many fans to the Celtics, along with Pierce and Garnett because he’s exciting to watch.

    So yes, the trade rumors will continue to come in, but the reality is that while there’s always the possibility of a future Rondo trade, the much greater likelihood is that the Celtics’ front office keeps him because they ::want:: to keep him– not because they’re waiting for the next good deal.

    • Frank Aziza

      I know, It makes no sense,,,,You have a young point guard that won a championship with your team and was their best player in getting them to the next finals in 2010 and their best player last season when they fell one game short of beating Miami in the conference finals. He is under paid, so his contract is great at the moment.
      If Ainge trades him that tells me that the Celtics feel the rebuilding will take so long that Rondo will be passed his prime. If they feel they can get some big time players within two years then Rondo can be a key piece.
      I personally think they should have went after Josh smith and people will stop laughing at me when they see Smith’s huge improvement over the next few years..To look at Josh Smith like he cant be a max player is ridiculous!!!!
      Anyway, back to Rondo… He is the best point guard in the NBA and you will see it soon. I dont know how good the Nets will be this year but if the had Rondo rather than D Williams they would clobber Miami. Rondo KG and PP almost beat Miami last year mostly because of Rondo. Rondo can go out in a big playoff game and get you 23 16 and 15…Rondo can also DOMINATE a game and only have 3 points.

  • Frank Aziza

    Rondo deserves a chance to stay after all he’s done for us. Look at 2009-2012 playoffs. Maybe Doc was a bit to blame on the issues with Rondo. PP and Doc weren’t exactly love at first sight either. If rebuilding will take 6 years then trade him now, and Jeff Green too because they’ll be 32 in six years. I’m hoping to be relevant after next summer and Rondo and Green can play. Detroit wants Rondo to be relevant, who wouldn’t?

  • LA Flake


    Greg Minroe not enough for Rondo because we have Sully and Olynyk? AAAAANNND they would have to throw in a first rounder, too? For a petulant PG with a bad knee who has NEVER EVER been the focus of other teams because of his HOF teammates?

    Remember some folk who were once like, “Oh, HELL NO I ain’t giving up Al Jefferson for KG! WHAT?!?! They want Gerald Green, too?!?! Are they fukking nuts? Where’s my gun? Go get my gun! WHERE’S MY GUN!?!?!”

    Let’s just move on.

    • Frank Aziza

      Cmon man, How did u feel about Rondo being traded during the Cleveland series in 2010? Or the Orlando series the same year? Or the Knick series in 2011, or Game 7 against Philly in 2012 after Pierce fouled out? How about the Miami series in 2012? Look if you dont trust the knee thats a good argument to trade, but to trade Rondo because this garbage that hes a coach killer(he’s only played for one NBA coach and that guy quit on Boston) or because he didnt play great last season thats silly man. I dont think theres a player outside LeBron that I trust more in the playoffs than Rondo. If that knee is strong, look out man. He deserves a chance, he has earned it with his play!! Ainge is turning the Celtics in to a whore house….He should have brought everyone back for one more season. Last years roster HEALTHY plus our new draft pick and try and get some help in free agency, maybe we could have landed Kirilenko. Looks like another 20 years to rebuild, hopfully McHale will still be in a position to trade us a hall of fame player.

      • forever_green


  • forever_green

    As long as scumbag is running things, you never know..Bird for GM.

    • Joey Burns

      The pot calling the kettle black

  • Suarez

    Some really great points in terms of the unlikelyhood of a deal with the Pistons. But what if Wallace’s contract could be shed? I believe Monroe, Knight, Villanueva, and Stuckey for Rondo, Bradley, Wallace matches up.

    I’m not sold on Knight, but I think Monroe is legit. Villanueva and Stuckey both have expiring deals, that would take another $17m off the books after next season.

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