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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s want to trade Humph & Wallace

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Among the players coming to Boston are Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries. However, CSNNE Celtics insider Sherrod Blakely has learned that the team may be looking to deal those two. Wallace has three years left on his contract, while Humphries has only one year left on his.

The Celtics currently have more players than they can keep on the active roster, thus the possibility of trades.

CSNNE: Blakely: C’s look to deal Wallace & Humphries

This isn’t exactly the most shocking news in the world.  The Celtics didn’t get Humphries and Wallace because they wanted Humphries and Wallace.  They got them because they were a means to an end… specifically the means to the end of the Paul Pierce era, and the best available way to get assets in return for that.  Now that that mission has been accomplished, it’s time to move on.

Thanks for your service guys, we’ll be sure to take out a full-page ad for you guys in the local papers, too.  Or maybe a little blurb in the “missed connections” on craigslist.  Either or. 

As for who might be interested?  That’s an excellent question.  We should all know by now that Humphries is on the last year of his deal, which pays him $12 million.  Wallace has three years left at $10.1 million per.  That’s going to make it difficult to move, so there’s a chance Wallace plays for a little bit to prove he’s healthy (especially mentally, after admitting last year that his confidence was shot) and able to help some team win.

I see a lot of Humphries hate around here, but I’m convinced that’s because of his Kardashian connection more than anything.  He’s nowhere near as bad a some people make him out to be, but the post-Kim attitude about him has stuck with him like some sort of celebrity-transmitted disease.  There will be a team that’s interested in him at some point.

As for the rules about when these guys can be moved:

[the player cannot be traded] for two months after receiving the player in trade, if the trade aggregates the player’s salary with the salaries of other players. However, the team is free to trade the player immediately, either by himself or without aggregating his salary with other salaries. This restriction applies only to teams over the salary cap.

A lot of this is still up in the air, because we don’t know yet how this deal was specifically structured.  This is where the type of person who has been recruited to crack codes for the NSA steps in and sorts things out.  But in layman’s terms, if Humphries was acquired in a multi-player deal to make this deal work financially, then the Celtics have to wait two months to move him in another trade that needs more than one player to work financially.  They can trade him on his own immediately.

However, it’s very possible the C’s could have actually executed 4 separate trades here.  Bogans could have been acquired in a 1-for-1 with Terry.  Same with Humphries and Garnett.  Without knowing exactly how the deal was structured yet, it’s not 100% clear how the rules can be applied.

The bottom line here is neither Humphries nor Wallace will play in Boston if Danny Ainge has his way.  And if they do play, it’s to showcase them for other teams so they can be moved.

One of the local writers mentioned on Twitter yesterday that the Celtics press conference to talk about the trade is scheduled for Monday with Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens, “and the new Celtics.”  No mention was made of who those new Celtics might be.  So don’t be shocked if something happens soon, too.

The formula is quite simple, folks.  The Celtics roster is packed, and Danny doesn’t want it to be.  Guys WILL move before the summer is over.  Something WILL happen.  It’s just a matter of who and when.

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  • KGino

    I actually used to love Wallace’s game when he was with the Bobcats and talk about us trading for him… He was one of the only players (along with J Smith) who I’d always grab in fantasy ball. They would both average around 2 blocks / 2 steals per game, which is huge in fantasy.

    But IDK what happened to wallace. He was never a good shooter, way more of a slasher. He had one year (if I’m not mistaken) that he averaged a double double with rebounds. Lately he’s sucked. Maybe playing with rondo would help him, but his contract is ridiculous for his recent production. Move him.

    I dislike humph because of how he plays (chippy) and he just looks like a dude you should hate. He has one of those faces that just makes you want to hate him for some reason… Kinda like Noah on the Bulls. And his “fight” with rondo is still fresh on people’s minds. Who knows, maybe I could learn to like him. But not now.

    And for the record, I don’t know a damn thing about the Kardashian mishap… I follow sports not people who are famous for no reason!

    • forever_green

      So humphries has a face like DA’s…

      • Raoul

        So Humphries is a guy whose chippy play is hated by an oppossing team but loved by his own? I remember we used to have a guy like that. Ke…Kevi… ah shoot I forgot his name.

        • forever_green

          I don’t know about you but I respected KG before he got here.

          • KGino

            i always loved KG i was hoping we got him since ilke 2002 haha… KG is different raoul, anybody who says they don’t want KG on their team is just a moron. Was humphries actually liked in brooklyn? No one even knows because he’s so much more of a no name than KG.

            I’d take Noah on our team. But that’s because I respect his game. Anyone should respect KG’s game. I don’t really respect humphs game.

          • Raoul

            The point is not comparing the two players, but pointing out your statement of “I dislike humph because of how he plays (chippy) and he just looks like a dude you should hate.” I don’t mind chippy play. It’s what I love about KG, so to say you hate Humphries because of it is somewhat contradictory. If a characteristic of NBA players I like is a solid pull-up jumper, then I should not dislike a player because he has a solid pull-up jumper, like you said you dislike Humphries for his chippy play. Then again, you never said you liked KG’s chippy play so I may be assuming. And you might say their chippy play is “different” while I say I’m unsure how you’ve been able to measure the differences to where one is Loved and one is Hated.

            The only thing I hate about Humphries is that he could have been even better if he never got distracted by the reality show crap. Other than that, he’s a solid player. You can even say there’s something about “his face” but by non-celebrity pedestal standards, Humphries could get ass wherever he’d like, NBA career or not. More ass than anyone posting on this page, and I have seen none of you.

          • Raoul

            KG is my all-time favorite player. No need to tell me :-). But when you see KG hip-checking and grabbing arms of the players on your opposing team and no foul is called on it 9/10 times, you will learn to hate it.

          • Raoul

            Watch when KG hip-checks Rondo while chasing Deron as he pulls up for the Nets game winner. We will see how many Celtics fans will be saying “gosh I love when he does that to us.”

  • forever_green

    Yes, trade them, easier said than done…

  • Raoul

    Moving those two makes no sense. If we can only trade straight up and can’t combine their salaries with anyone else, we won’t get the type of player we need back. A team essentially has to look at their players who we consider better than Kris and Gerald and say to themselves “mmm I would sooo much rather have Kris or Gerald.” Pretty unlikely.

    I’ll sign off on Wallace and Humphries. They both add solid weaponry to our arsenal and we can still be well under the tax line with them on the roster.

    • Donny Ainge

      They could also send us more draft picks, cash, and not necessarily another player “better” than Kris or Gerald.

      • forever_green

        Plus a shorter contract than Wallace would be nice.

      • Raoul

        Draft picks? How many do you think we need?

  • Donny Ainge

    I don’t really understand all the hate towards Kris Humphries. Sure he’s a d’bag but the 2 years he got legitimate minutes he averaged a double double. One of those years he was top 5 in rebounding, the other year he was a top 10 rebounder. I understand his contract sucks, but he really isn’t that bad of a player.

    • adam

      he has good numbers, might be a nice guy who got a bad rep from the media.nothing perso….. wait it is. just don’t want to see him in a Celtics uniform,

    • kobe_beef2424

      Go to the Nets blog and they are too happy to send Humphries to the Cs, they say Humphries is a sissy

  • Double P

    Humphries has much more value because he has a large expiring contract but also why I don’t see too much of a need to move him.. Getting rid of Wallace’s contract would be HUGE, but who the hell will take that on? Only issue I have with Keeping humphries is the log jam at PF.. Sully needs the playing time.

    I would honestly rather get rid of Bass and Wallace ideally. Two crappy contracts and are both backups at their positions behind Green and Sully

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Bass has a real opportunity now. He should go way up in value this year, playing on a team that needs scoring to come from somewhere.

      Wallace and Humphries meanwhile are the kind of guys you can get away with playing if you are loaded with scoring talent at the other positions, and this team is not.

  • MrCuret

    I hope they’re able to move Wallace, as far as Humphries, I don’t really care if he gets traded now bc his 12 million’s contract will be off the books next season anyway.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Getting rid of Wallace & Humph will help in the “tanking effort” for next year…which the Celts would be idiots NOT to do.

  • forever_green

    Since we know we’re not winning this year..Do you guys think Kirilenko helps the Nets?

    • Raoul

      I think they got the Gerald Wallace we want, in AK-47. Very expensive team, but for the sake KG, Pierce, and even Terry, I hope it works so they can say “We can do that sh*t too Judas. At least Boston is still cheering for us.”

  • frickenWaaaltah

    I really don’t care about or watch or follow the Kim Kardashian show. She seems nice the little I’ve seen of her so I’d assume the hate is all just envy from her being rich and good looking.

    Maybe it’s obvious if you do watch the show, but I would guess if anything she made Humphries seem more likeable because that’s what usually happens when some lucky douche gets to date a hot, popular, socially adept chick.

    I follow the NBA, not the fashion channel. I hate Humps because he’s Humps. Humps was an unlikeable overmuscled gel-haired douche before her and he still is one. On the court, he’s an overpaid goon who can’t shoot and the #1 fake tough guy in the NBA. Worse, he’s typical NBA fool’s gold because he doesn’t look so bad in terms of his box score stats.

  • Celtic bro

    I think wallace and humphries for stoudamire is a good deal for both teams. Boston will get a veteran leader who won’t take many minutes away from the developing players because of his injury limitations. Also stoudemire’s deal expires in 2015, one year earlier than wallace’s, the year where the celtics will have tons of cap space to go after K Love and others. For the Knicks, they get an expiring deal in humphries to help them in 2014 free agency and then they just have half of the stoudemire contract value in wallace. This trade helps both teams

  • Raoul

    Lol because people rarely say they want to punch someone in the face because of how it looks, about an ugly person. Like “Uggh they’re so ugly. I just want to punch them in the face.” For example, I would love to punch Bieber in his stupid face but it’s probably because his stupid face gets more a** than me and I don’t think he deserves it what he has because he looks like an idiot.

    It sounds like you want to punch Humph in his face because he looks like a person you would hate. I guess it was just poor placement when you were trying to make a basketball point.

    • Raoul

      By the way, I would never take the dirtiness away from KG. It’s who he is and I love it. Being a douchebag to anyone that is not on his team. Refusing to shake acknowledge Ray Allen.

      “I F*CKING LOVE IT” – Kevin Garnett on the Garden.