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Your Morning Dump… Where Brandon Bass isn’t paid enough to play GM


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Bass sometimes checks just to make sure he’s still a Celtic, but he leaves the rest of it to others. He doesn’t want to ponder the hoop hypotheticals.

“I don’t know, man,” Bass said. “I don’t really try to be too smart of a guy as far as thinking about basketball and being an analyst. I just take care of myself and be able to come in and contribute and help the team when it comes time of training camp and the season.

“I don’t know,” he went on in regard to the potential for more Celtic changes.

He broke into a smile and added, “I’ve got kids, man. If I had to think about that … c’mon man, they don’t pay me enough to do all that. I’ve just got to play basketball.”

So, what you’re saying is that if you got a raise, you’d be all over this stuff?

Bass laughed again.

“If I got a raise, I’ll start thinking about who we should bring in,” he cracked. “I’ll start thinking like Kobe Bryant, you know, like all these guys that the GM needs to talk to me first. But, no, I just need to be Brandon Bass and do my job — come in ready, come in in good shape and contribute any way I can.”

Herald – Brandon Bass won’t take bait

You have to love Bass’ mentality. Head down, skate your lane, focus on things in your control (I just wish he had better hands and a nose for rebounding).

My hunch is that Bass wears Celtic green next season. It’s presumed that Danny Ainge, the man paid handsomely to shape the roster, will have an easier time moving Kris Humphries and his expiring contract.

As for how Ainge is spending his time this summer:

They are likely to be inactive in the free agent market, save for some minimum salary deals. Ainge maintains the Celtics need to shave players off the roster, condense salary, and put themselves in a better financial position, unlike those luxury tax years when they were competing for championships.

They are not making a peep in free agency, they are in complete restructuring mode, and Ainge said Wednesday he is not likely to use the team’s mini mid-level exception or bi-annual exception to sign a free agent who merely would be a stopgap. With the incumbent veterans such as Brandon Bass, Jeff Green, and Courtney Lee along with Wallace, potentially Humphries (if his expiring deal is not moved), and Bogans, the Celtics have enough veterans.

Signing a couple of more won’t help their retooling plan if it means robbing playing time from a youngster.

“Right now we’ll have a full roster,” Ainge said. “So there’s some guys we’re still taking a look at but we got a lot of guys. We’ve been active but just in a different way. We’ve been trying to make more deals as opposed to just free agent signings because we haven’t had cap space and we have a lot of bodies and we have a lot of guys we like under contract.”

Ainge has fielded his share of calls on Rajon Rondo and there are teams such as the Detroit Pistons lurking, waiting for the Celtics to make him available. Ainge has maintained he is not trading Rondo. Rondo’s agent said his client is ready to cooperate and work with new coach Brad Stevens, and Rondo is still recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Yet Ainge said teams are not making ridiculous offers for Rondo, such as expiring contracts or low draft picks, trying to feast off a rebuilding team looking to dump salary.

Condensing salary and financial positioning are not sexy terms for fans.

Speaking of the luxury tax, Wyc Grousbeck has to send a check for $1.1 million to the league office this week.

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  • adam

    i forget we have wallace and humphries on the team. wallace i dont mind, chris i hope they move for draft picks. even 2nd round ones. if they had a 3rd round i would say take those.

  • Adam Stark

    I’d trade Humpfries for a bag a basketballs. Anything not to see him in green. How about Humpfries and a first round pick for Varejao? Cavs want cap space next year and we save money this year coz he’s only on about $8 million.

    • celtics_forever

      Any reason why you don’t want Humphries?

      • Raoul

        I’m interested as well. I think people watch the Kardashians too much, if I’m being completely honest. Kris Humphries is a solid PF and makes us deep as hell at the 4 with Sully and Bass. Unless we’re looking at a tax bill, there’s no reason to move him. At least not first. We currently have the potential of 18 players on the roster, if Iverson, Olynyk, and Pressey all make it to training camp. We have some weight to lose; just don’t think Humphries is the one to move first. What about Kris Joseph, Keith Bogans, DJ White, Fa Melo, Jordan Crawford, Shavlik Randolph?

        • celtics_forever

          I completely agree. One of the things I like about Humphries is his rebounding. That gives us a good rebounder to pair with Sully at the power forward. IMO, he’s one of the more underrated power forwards in the league.

          • Raoul

            +1 on Rebounding. I wouldn’t say he’s underrated though; maybe by fans but not by teams. He is owed $12mil. Since I looked that up though, it kind of has me side with Adam above but not for the same, unjust reasons. The players I listed above combine for exactly $7,626,121. Financially, it would make more sense to move Humphries and pair him with 1 or 2 weak contracts. I said this when the Nets trade happened, and I cannot believe Danny Ainge let Josh Smith, Al Jefferson, and Iggy go to teams for peanuts with not even as much as a rumor that he was trying to get them. We have 18 on our Roster so sending 3-4 players for Smooth is not only beneficial to us (Roster Space and Need for Star Player), but for the Hawks. as an example.

          • Raoul

            We currently have $60,637,694 on the books, so we don’t need to move anyone. That does not include any players making it out of Summer League.

          • celtics_forever

            Yeah I meant by fans.

      • Adam Stark

        I don’t want Humphries because we all know about the fight him and rondo had so there will be that in the air. I agree he isn’t that bad of player but he couldn’t even stay in the nets rotation. And most importantly he will be taking playing time away from sully and olynyk. He is a better player than bass but he can be moved better.

        • celtics_forever

          I don’t think the fight will matter all that much. Also, I think he was out of the Nets rotation because their offense had no use for him.

        • RedsLoveChild

          The Kardashians are good luck!

          L. Odom won 2 rings with the Lakers since marrying a Kardashian…and Kim K. got her “ass” invited to the White House when the Saints {Reggie Bush} won a Super Bowl.

    • dk

      I don’t get why everyone is so bent out of shape about the “fight”. Guys get in fights all the time. Petrius got into a fight w KG and noone cared. If I remember didn’t Allen get into a fight w PP or KG a long time ago? It happens all the time in the league. Look at Kobe and Artest. If you don’t want the guy bc he sucks or you think he’s a bad person etc fine but just bec he got into a shoving match w an opponent during a game I think is short sided

      • celtics_forever

        +1. Totally agree, the fight should not be a problem.

        • Raoul

          Both Rondo’s and Humphries’ $12mil contracts should be a comfortable buffer, I’m sure.

    • adam

      They could always trade him for a washing machine……..

      • tvor03

        I got it.

  • Chuck Moran

    I wish they could trade him but I doubt it. I like that we got a lot of draft picks but we still hae the same if not more money on the books. I def think ainge is gonna meek the team tank or else they outdated kept kg and piere who would both been off the books after the season but ainge likes the draft so much that he had to do it. It’s def e only reason he’d ake on Wallace and humps contracts.

  • Chuck Moran

    I have horrible typing skills.

  • Raoul

    The $1.1mil Tax Bill I read about yesterday is a sign of some bad decisions. When it comes to the future, it’s either you paid tax or you didn’t. $1.1mil means we could have made a financial move last season and had the full MLE this season.