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The Legend of Kelly Olynyk grows in Orlando

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It’s been said that from Kelly Olynyk’s flowing, golden locks comes an aura that can heal the sick.

Actually, I’m the only one who said that, but what’s another wildly ridiculous overreaction to the “O’Klynyk” he’s been putting on here in Orlando.  And while we’re all having fun with the hyperbole while watching Olynyk’s play against a bunch of non-NBA competition, there are things he’s doing here that show that are impressing the NBA folk congregating at the Amway Center.

Olynyk’s shown an array of post moves and an ability to finish with either hand.  His footwork is good and his jumper is smooth.  He’s even starting to work in some fadeaways and the types of contested shots he’ll face when people aren’t wearing shorts in the stands.

There is little doubt here in Orlando that Olynyk is very skilled.

“It’s crazy,” teammate Colton Iverson said after the game.  “For his size, it’s unbelievable.”

Olynyk had a 21 point, 9 rebound, 4 assist game in a 76-74 win over Indiana this morning.  Forward Tony Mitchell displayed some impressive athleticism on his way to 15 points, 5 rebounds, and one very emphatic blocked shot.  Phil Pressey checked in with what’s become a typical 11 point, 5 assist game for him this week.

But the buzz was about Olynyk, who had heads shaking in amazement once again.  Yes, life will be different when it’s Josh Smith in front of him rather than Justin Harper or Solomon Hill.  But Olynyk knows that he’s at the beginning of a long process.

“I still have a lot of stuff to work on, obviously,” he said with a chuckle after the game.  “The next level is an even bigger jump than this.  There’s a lot of NBA guys here right now, but you’re going to play against better and better once you get into the season.”

Still, those are things that can helped by coaching and repetition.  There are some things, though, that players are born with.  And there is plenty of chatter here that Olynyk brings a good amount of legitimately natural skill, and smarts, to the table with which Brad Stevens can work with and mold.

With the foundation he brings, it’s looking more and more like the Celtics targeted the right guy in the draft, and made the right decision to trade up to make sure they got him.

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  • CoachAJ

    I said KellyO a long time ago. Dude is a ballplayer, and Canada’s prospects are getting better. Sidenote from game today……David Baumann: Danny Ainge just yelled at ref: “That was perfect defense.” Larry Bird responds: “What do you know about defense Ainge?” Hilarious. #Celtics Twitter @DavidBaumann33

  • Mannie

    Kevin love without the rebounding?

    • eddysamson

      I was thinking that but isn’t Love a great defender as well? I could see him getting better at both of those facets in a few years anyways.

      • tvor03

        Kevin Love is actually a pretty poor defender.

        • eddysamson

          Ah I see, I dont ever watch him so I wasn’t sure.

        • kg2128

          +1 on that. Love isn’t built for good defense (short arms, not tall, not athletic) and he doesn’t make up for those things with effort on D. He is a beast of a rebounder though and a legit 3 point shooter. Love’s post game isn’t that impressive either, career 44.9 FG% and last year 35.2% due to injuries.

  • eddysamson

    KO is great obviously, but I’m liking what I see from Pressey. We’ve got 5 guards on the roster and only 1 of them is a real PG. It would sure be crowded to take him, but I feel like we kind of have to. He’s a good compliment to AB’s on ball defense, and keeps up the court vision/good passing/unselfish play of Rondo when he’d be backing him up.

  • Chuck Moran

    He’s not a jumper but for a 7footer the dude has amazing handles and quickness if he can guard centers he would burn most big men in the league outside the paint. I knew he had skill but its shocking how consistent he’s been so far.

  • Red’s Cigar

    Some similarities to Dirks game. Way too early for that comparison, I know, but there’s definitely some similarities. Will be interesting to see how he plays in the pre season.

  • kobe_beef2424

    I’ve watched Dirk’s rookie years, and if things goes Olynyk way he can be the next Dirk.

  • kobe_beef2424

    I’m really amazed by his stealing skills, he does it like he is a PG, well he mentioned that he played that position before.