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Report: Melo wanted the Knicks to trade for Rajon Rondo

Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo watches New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony fall on Paul Pierce in the first half in the Eastern Conference first round of the NBA Playoffs at Madison Square Garden in New York City on April 22, 2011. The Celtics defeated the Knicks 113-96 and lead the series 3-0.      UPI/John Angelillo

According to the New York Post, Carmelo Anthony wanted Rajon Rondo as a teammate (via Slam Online):

Anthony told friends after the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce trade to the Nets, he figured the Knicks would make a play for point guard for Rajon Rondo. Anthony believes Rondo would be the perfect piece and would be super motivated in New York to attempt to knock off Garnett and Pierce.

Instead, the Knicks will return two of their three primary free agents in J.R. Smith, who flopped in the playoffs, and Pablo Prigioni. They didn’t even have enough money in this new CBA to keep their young sniper, Chris Copeland. And they may not have enough to woo aging Elton Brand. Or the cash to get a commitment from competent but hardly scintillating backup point guard Sebastian Telfair. Another Knicks target, point guard Will Bynum, agreed to terms last night to remain in Detroit.

It’s possible Knicks GM Glen Grunwald called Danny Ainge about Rajon Rondo. Aside from Iman Shumpert, New York doesn’t have much to offer. Any player that Grunwald would have had to throw into the deal to make the salaries work (Felton, Novak, Camby) have too many years on their contracts.

Melo shouldn’t be too disappointed. Instead of Rondo, he’s getting Andrea Bargnani.

Isn’t it strange how other teams view Rondo as the missing piece, while the media in Boston labels him expendable.

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  • Step

    I love Rondo and don’t won’t him to be traded, but a part of me wants to see him flourish on another team just so the Boston media can choke on their words and call Ainge a fool for dealing him. He gets some undeserving backlash and most of it comes from people who aren’t even around the team and use “sources” as if it’s fact.


      I agree, I can’t wait to see how many teams try to get him after he opts out his last season with Boston.

      • Step

        You’d see fans that didn’t like him and wanted him traded talk about loyalty and other crap.

  • Joey Burns

    What about rondo & green for Drummond, Charlie V’s expiring, & stuckey’s expiring?

    We tank & have future potential beast in Drummond.

    Det lineup;
    Josh smith

    • eddysamson

      uuuuuuuuuuuuugh its such a bad idea it burnssssssssssss


  • Kahnstantine

    Yeah, I love the Celtics and I love Rondo and hope he stays, but the Boston sports media is the worst (aside from Ryan and J-Mac and a couple others I’m sure.)

  • RedsLoveChild

    That would be a bad trade…NY has nothing to offer for Rondo.

    However, maybe NY would be interested in Fab Melo for CarMelo?

    • vitamin d

      Fab Melo > Fat Melo

  • Lee in Oregon

    sorry Melo……….we can let u have J Crawford though……

  • elgirrl

    I’ve noticed that for a long time, how certain members of the Boston media view Rondo as expendable, overrated, etc, while other teams and their local media value him a great deal. I think it’s a bit of not realizing what you have until it’s gone.

  • DYU

    if Carmelo wants to play with Rondo so bad, maybe DA can clear some cap space for him next year

  • CoachAJ

    Everybody wants Rondo……….on the cheap though, They should know Danny doesn’t play cheapstakes. Not seeing how or why or even when Rondo would be traded. And certainly not to the Knicks after PP and KG are in Brooklyn.

  • forever_green

    Rondo should be a Celtic for life but DA’s an a-hole so that won’t happen.

  • Just read the newest Bill Simmons article. He raises a good point: don’t trade Rondo unless you get an equally talented player back or the team eats the Gerald Wallace contract. If we are destroying everything then let’s clear up cap space too.

  • delontewest’sherpessore

    could we have enough cap space next year to bring in carmelo to play with rondo?