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Your Morning Dump… Where it’s Summer League for Brad Stevens too

brad stevens orlandoEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“A lot coaches are down here evaluating the players and I’m down here getting a feel for not only the players, but also the game, the discussion points in the game some of the things that might be difference between college and pro.  There’s a lot of studying to do and I’m passing on a lot of social activities just to go back to my room and watch and continue to learn.

“[Danny Ainge] was great. We had a lot of similar thoughts.  That’s been really the case over the past 10 days.

We really exchanged a lot of ideas.  We’re not talking about what to do in each situation, its more about ‘this is what we might have seen before, what do you think about this, this, and this.’  He’s a really good guy to throw ideas off of.  One of the things that I’ve really enjoyed about him is he’s an outside the box thinker and is not necessarily dead set on right or wrong ways but maybe what the best way is for their particular team.”

Those are some of the words from Brad Stevens after yesterday’s game.  Stevens watched the game from across the court, seated next to Danny and Austin Ainge.

For Stevens, this is all part of the learning experience, which seems to really excite him.  Here are a few other quotes from the new coach given to us yesterday afternoon:

“I’m going to study as hard as I can.  I saw my wife studying for the bar for 2 months like it was going out of style.  My stuff’s a lot more interesting than that.  it’ll probably be a similar summer to what she had.”

I actually like the comparison to the bar exam.  That’s how complex it is being a head coach.

“You have to pinch yourself still, right?  But at the same time, we’ve had a lot of great opportunities in my young career at butler to experience things that I do think translate.  Now there are other things that won’t and I think I just have to be cognizant of that.  I think I’m comfortable with a lot but i’m also comfortable with the culture side of things, with the team side of things, with the people side of things and getting the right people on the bus around me.  I think that will be a critical part of this.”

I’ve heard the “getting the right people on the bus” thing before.  I believe that’s a reference to “Good to Great,” an inspirational business strategy book that I’ve had thrown at me before.  Actually, one of the best bosses that I’ve had was a big believer in its message.  The message is pretty simple:  surround yourself with the right people, and the right things will happen.  It sounds simple, but we’ve seen the “wrong” people coddled and kept around in sports and in life.  Get the right people on the bus and the bus will keep moving forward.

“I’ve spoken to multiple people who have been coaches in the league.  I have spoken to a couple of coaches via phone.  I have not caught up with anybody yet.  I’m sure I will.  But right now I’ve got a pretty good idea from the people I’ve talked to what I need to do and how to best transition.  One of the things I can’t do is get over inundated with advice.  I think I got to reach out to the appropriate people and learn as much as I can, but I’ve got a lot to learn.  I’ve got to spend my hours doing that.

I think I’m pretty process oriented.  I think I”m as enthralled about the learning as I am about necessarily getting there.  I’m not worried about when I get there, I’m really enjoying just the talk, I’m enjoying the learning, I’m enjoying the transition and I think that’s the way I’ve got to do it because it’s the right way looking forward to move.

This is something that just shows how smart the guy is.  Most of us would seek out everyone’s advice and try to piece together the best of it, thinking a bunch of great advice combined would make the greatest advice ever.  But Stevens is seeking out a few bits of advice, and trying to see how it fits into the things he’s learning.

I’m legitimately excited by this guy.  I love his approach.  I don’t know if he’ll succeed or fail, but if he fails, it won’t be for lack of preparation.  Like the rest of the guys out there, this is summer league for Brad Stevens too.  He’s doing the same thing Kelly Olynyk (who officially signed his rookie deal last night) is doing:  taking everything he’s learned in basketball his whole life and trying to apply it to the pro level.  He’ll make mistakes, but just like Olynyk, you can see the promise in the guy.

We spent two hours talking about this stuff on Celtics Stuff Live last night, and there was such a positive tone to the show.  There are things to be happy and exciting about, even at this time of transition.  Brad Stevens is one of them.

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  • tatlıkafa

    watched the game yesterday. CI had decent defense and Pressey was alright too.
    now off topic. we hear now that d12 arrived, Asik wants out of houston, can we trade humph for him? what do you say brain people?

    • Astarot

      I’d love to trade Hump for Asik but I don’t know if it’s possible from the financial standpoint. I’d say it’s not cuz of the cap situation but I’m just guessing. And I’m not sure whether Huston woud go for that trade but that’s another story.

      • Brian Pahlm

        It depends on what you get from Brooklyn in the form of a trade exception. Other options are a deal 2 another team for a 12 million player like horford. A sign and trade for bynum or a salary dump to a team who is under the cap like utah and marvin williams. You could get asik for bass and two unprotected picks. Houston has to pay asik 15 million dollars next year along with lin so any trade would save them money. The celtics got options they just want to make sure they gain picks or pay roll flexibility. They aren’t going to draft 9 guys with all those picks. …right now fab is at center. They need to address that soon.

        • Astarot

          Obviously complicated but I understand that straight -forward trade Hump-for Asik woudn’t quite work? And one more so you think they gonna get something as a trade exepction in KG/PP trade? Isn’t it straight players for players trade (and sign and trade Bogans in it of course)? Al those other options I get it but it’d take other teams and that always makes everything even harder with all those cross intrests. I’m not sure Antlanta want Horford out anyway.

          • Brian Pahlm

            Yea 12 mill for hump for asik at 5.25 wouldn’t work. Chris Forseberg and a few others said the Deals for paul and KG and Terry Might be split up the details aren’t clear yet, but a trade exception is realistic. I can’t find the link now but you can google it, I know some of the guys I follow on twitter said it was a strong possibility. With the new salary cap teams will work very hard to avoid taxes. I see Atlanta in a rebuilding mode so I don’t seem them holding on to horford. If they can get out from paying him and getting two 1rd picks it would speed up the rebuild. They also just signed Paul milsap though so who knows. I’m sure something will be done. I know Fab won’t be your starting center.

          • frickenWaaaltah

            They just aren’t allowed to split up the deals. It violates the rule on there being no conditional deals.

            You can’t split up one deal into three deals to game the system into creating a trade exception for somebody…not that this deal would do that anyway. There’s no trade exception coming.

          • Astarot

            For sure Melo is not ready.Ii wasn’t aware that Asik makes just 5.25, so I guess other teams woud have to be involved but as you said everything is possible. Thanks.

    • Brian Pahlm

      Houston told him no, but with humpries expiring contract we can Make it happen.

  • KGino

    Brad Stevens kind of reminds me of Theo Epstien… The new Boy Wonder has arrived

  • RedsLoveChild

    Kelly O put the ball in the air 12 times…and came away with 25 points!

    Seven feet tall, the ability to hit 3`s and FT`s, originally drafted by Dallas, long blond hair, wears #41…..let the comparisons begin, Ainge has just locked up the next Dirk Nowitzki!