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Fab Melo taking charges: “GIMMIE THAAAAT!!!”

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So Fab Melo is an ongoing project for the Celtics and so far in two summer league games he’s proven that he is still just that – a project.  But one thing that he has already developed into a pro form is his catch-phrase for when he takes charges.  During today’s complete thrashing against the Pistons, Fab took three charges and on the third, he lets out a huge scream, shouting “GIMMIE THAAAAT!!!” as if commanding the official to make the call go his way.  And really, if you’re a ref how could you not just for that alone?  Melo is getting good at screaming really, really loud when taking charges so adding this little catch-phrase is fantastic.

Check out the video below:

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  • adam

    I like Fab, hope this kid doesn’t end up the hasheem thabeet route and actually develops.

    • Bayern

      i dont think he would. plays like these may find mockers but he is motivating himself.

  • Raoul

    I like Melo and hope the best for him but I simply have my doubts. Hopefully Brad Stevens’ largest upside will be having no history with the players and really going based on what he sees now. Doc had such a bad habit of benching potential and never allowing them playing time to develop. I’m excited to see rotations that go 12 players deep.

    Also, the signing of his daily stats report guy is so exciting. Such a new way of looking at the game. Decisions based as much on stats and probability as on feel for the game and instinct.

  • Derron Jones

    Doc was a hindrance to Melo’s development both physically and mentally. Exiling him from the team surely didn’t pay off nor does basically no minutes in regular season. There’s no way I’d play Jason Collins over giving him small runs here and there.

    • DJ

      We weren’t in rebuilding mode… we were still trying to win a championship. Doc wasn’t about to experiment with a 7 foot rookie with low bball IQ.

      • Derron Jones

        His title was “Head Coach!” That says a lot about the power he holds over the team.

  • CoachAJ

    Those are three fantastic plays…….taking the charge is an artform that is confused nowadays. The fact that this developing bigman understand that he can’t block every shot and must stay on the ground and allow a man to barrel through him shows a lot of improvement. As the last line of defense, you can not block every shot.

    • Derron Jones

      Confused? In Shane Battier’s case it’s more abused!

      • CoachAJ

        Charge/Block is a complex call. But if a guy can fool the ref into seeing the offensive player was doing something he might not have been, all the more better for that guy. I have been a basketball coach at AAU and HS level for 28 years and have had my fair share of these calls go against and for me, but it’s still just another call in the game. Shane is good, really good at getting the call in his favor. ALL of the ONUS falls on the referee to make the correct call. They have had proper training and should know how to see it properly. If they don’t and it’s in your favor your’e happy, if it’s not in your favor your’e not happy, same as every other call in the game.