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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo has an open mind about Brad Stevens


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Well a source close to Rondo who has talked with the guard since the Stevens hiring said Rondo is looking at the move with a “completely open mind.”

Rondo makes his offseason home in Louisville, Ky., and it’s uncertain when or if Stevens will meet or speak with Rondo before training camp. Stevens is scheduled to be introduced Friday morning at a press conference in Waltham and most certainly will field his share of Rondo questions.

“They both have a lot to prove,” the source said of Stevens and Rondo. “Might as well do it together.”

Not sure this qualifies as breaking news, but Stevens and Rondo have been in contact since BS was hired. Had a cordial conversation.

CSNNE’s Rich Levine

Open mind?


I refuse to believe that a coach-killing monster like Rajon Rondo could possibly have a positive reaction to the hiring of Brad Stevens.

Read Jeff Goodman’s latest column and you might think a Latrell Sprewell/PJ Carlesimo incident is the only realistic outcome.

Meanwhile, we’re learning that Mr. Charisma, Doc Rivers, had some issues with management’s push towards analytics:

Celtics GM Danny Ainge leans heavily on his analytics staff, and at a meeting with Doc Rivers at season’s end, it was suggested Rivers should perhaps incorporate more of those elements into his game plans and preparations, several sources told Y! Sports.

Privately, Rivers winced over the contents of some of the discussion, sources said. There was no confrontation, but there was tension. For Stevens, he’s long been immersed in the statistical revolution, and he’ll give management far more input into his rotations and style of play. For better or worse, that’s the new NBA.

Can you tell I’m fed up with the media’s character assassination of Rajon Rondo? And I’ve never been his biggest fan (see Karalis, John, President, Rajon Rondo Fan Club).

The Celtics will introduce Brad Stevens at an 11am press conference. Watch live on

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  • vitamin d

    I think Rondo is the type of player that will speak up when he wants something fixed or done right. To me, that’s not a bad thing, and it’s what players should do. IMO, Doc and Rondo worked great together and it was because Doc was willing to listen. It’s not really Rondo’s problem so much that the Celtics just need a fitting coach.

  • Brick James

    Media’s job is to fabricate a story. This is the only storyline they can tell right now. Don’t let it affect you.
    I do think there will be tension and I’m interested in seeing how Rondo handles it. Remember Pierce back in the day versus what he became during the Big 3 era?
    It’s Rondo’s turn to write his legacy and it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

  • aaron32

    Remember all those times Larry Bird sat quietly in the huddle and in the lockerroom and never questioned or challenged his teammates and coach?

    Me neither. What an annoying non-story.

    • Curt Hays

      I upvoted the Larry Bird sentence. This is not a non-story. It is informative…especially the part about Doc.

    • Astarot

      It’s just media one day we’ll read about how they work together and the next day some reporter will create a conflict. We have to wait and see how it work out on the floor.

      • kg2128

        It’s always hilarious that it comes from an undisclosed “source” or “someone close to the situation.” Definitely a lot of crap being made up. Of course some of the reports that do that end up being true, but way too many reporters follow the Chris Broussard shotgun strategy (make up a bunch of stuff to be the first person to report something or to create controversy, some of it is bound to be correct).

        • Astarot

          Exactly, that’s how they earn the money. Controwersy and the stories give the biggest profit.

  • Curt Hays

    If Danny likes to play Moneyball (worked for another local team didn’t it?), and so does Stevens, then maybe, just maybe, we’ll see decent rotations on the floor and the right plays being called. Stevens ought to help keep Rondo better informed, and after hearing his information about Doc’s views…so much more is clear. I expect Stevens and Rondo to fully compliment one another.

  • Curt Hays

    Also, John, can I be like VP of the Rondo fan club?

  • Astarot

    Yeah I guess we might learn a lot more of Doc’s deparure background either true or false. Correct me if ‘m wrong but shoudn’t it be that coach is a coach he’s doing his job no matter who he is and if team sucks he’s out and GM shoud be a GM doing all the things manager shoud be doing? It shoud even be vice-versa, coach shoud have at least something to say about roster that GM builds. Now with young coach Ainge we’ll be free to have influence on whatever he wants from managing the team (his job) to rotations and tactic (things he shoud keep away from).

    • kg2128

      So Doc should have had input on the roster, but Ainge shouldn’t have had any input on the coaching? It was a two way street for both guys, Ainge saw things and said them to Doc. Doc had a lot of input on trades and signings. Both guys had final say in their respective fields.

      • Astarot

        Yeah, but at some point asaide from Doc’s considering going somewhere else, Ainge thought he shoud’ve had bigger impact on tactics, he proves that now by hiring young inexperienced (in the NBA) coach. Top level coach woud’ve work with Ainge just like Doc did as you said but there woud be a line that Ainge woudn’t be allowed to cross in terms of rotations and coaching overall. Now Ainge will be free to influence coaching much more cuz Stevs will need help anyway, and sure it won’t be directly but I guess mostly by assistant coaches that Ainge will chose (not to mention head coach shoud have the biggest impact on what his coaching staff looks like).

  • Frank Aziza

    If Rondo is a great teammate for KG then I will never question his attitude in the locker room.

    • kg2128

      That is certainly a good test. If you don’t put winning first KG would not stand for it (see Sczerbiak, Wally).