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Your Morning Dump… Where the Rondo/Stevens relationship should be fine

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

There will be much talk about “how he will handle Rajon Rondo” and “will he be able to get through to Rondo.” But all this discussion presupposes a claim we have not purchased — that Rondo is clinically impaired and fated to destroy both himself and his team. We’ll grant you the evidence from anger-related suspensions, but the larger problem is that Rondo may be too bright for his own good at times.

The belief then is that Stevens will get along just fine with his point guard if he shows that he is able to put him in positions to succeed. That is, of course, the same way it works with everyone else. Players listen to coaches who prove they know what they’re talking about.

Herald: Old college try may work here

I can’t say that I’m shocked by the immediate reaction about Rondo and his relationship with Stevens.  But those two paragraphs from Steve Bulpett capture my feelings pretty well.

Rondo has shown a history of getting angry.  We’ve heard how many times he gets mad at himself, and allows that to spill over to other things.  It spawned one of Doc’s better known lines: “get past mad.”  But assuming Rondo will instantly have a problem with Brad Stevens assumes Rondo is hateful and intent on bringing the team down.

If that’s what you believe, then I feel bad for you.  I don’t think Rondo has ever demonstrated that kind of behavior.

My personal belief is in line with Bulpett’s here.  And I believe this from watching Rondo over his career, and how he responds to people’s questions.  I think Rondo respects basketball knowledge.  Like Steve says, he’s “too bright for his own good.”

I kind of see Rondo as “Sheldon” from “The Big Bang Theory.”  He’s a genius who is derisive and condescending to people until he finds someone he sees and an equal.  Then he opens up and gets excited.  They both even wear the same kinds of off beat T-Shirts.

I’m sure Rondo will test Stevens.  And I’m sure Stevens will test Rondo at times too.  If Stevens is truly into the advanced analytics, that may have a certain appeal to Rondo.

The bottom line is… “Players listen to coaches who prove they know what they’re talking about.”  Rondo will be no different.

Poll:  How do you think Rajon Rondo will get along with Brad Stevens

There is also apparently a good reason that no one saw this coming.  If your only actual target is the coach of a team almost no one will talk about when discussing college basketball, it’s a little easier to keep quiet.

According to a source familiar with this process, Stevens’ patience is a virtue for which Ainge was looking.

And the search did not take long.

One source told the Herald that the 36-year-old was Ainge’s singular target from the moment the Celtics closed the deal last Sunday to let Doc Rivers out of his contract so he could sign with the Clippers.

“He was their guy. I think Danny got to know him over the last few years,” the source said. “They’ve got a lot of work to do, and they need someone who can develop talent. I think they feel (Stevens) can do that, and there won’t be a lot of extracurricular noise while it’s happening.”

Now, though, we’re starting to get some other little tidbits…. like Ainge talking to Brian Scalabrine about it.

Before securing Stevens’ interest and commitment to Boston’s head-coaching job, Ainge talked informally about the position with popular former Celtic Brian Scalabrine, sources told Y! Sports.

Ainge believes Scalabrine — who is strongly considering an assistant coaching job with the Golden State Warriors — has a future in coaching and talked in broad terms about the job with him, sources said. Nothing ever advanced to a formalized interview, though.

He also spoke to Jay Larranaga.

 the two sat down on a couple of occasions recently to discuss the head-coaching job, sources said. Before leaving for the Los Angeles Clippers, Rivers had given Larranaga a strong endorsement for Boston’s head coaching job, sources said. Ainge and Suns GM Ryan McDonough — a Celtics assistant GM this past season — each believe Larranaga is a future head coach in the NBA.

After playing overseas for 12 years, Larranaga has one year experience in the NBA with the Celtics and two successful seasons as an NBA D-League head coach on his resume. He’ll coach the Celtics summer-league entry in Orlando, and Ainge may still try to convince him to stay on Stevens’ staff despite a standing offer to join Rivers with the Clippers, sources said.

I guess they didn’t think Larranaga was ready.  Or they wanted a fresh perspective rather than someone with ties to the old system.  Regardless, the reaction to Stevens has been very positive.  I’m might even call it overwhelmingly so.

I like it.  I’m not sure if it will work out, but I’m thrilled to get some new blood in the NBA coaching ranks.  It’s going to be interesting, to say the least.

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  • Astarot

    I’ve been thinking about all of this. Well total rebulding process, fresh blood I get it all but I think Ainge is trying to double-cross us. Stevens we’ll be gone by January and if he won’t it’s gonna be completely different next year. I think is all about saving money again. If it works, I mean really works he’ll stay if something goes wrong he’ll be gone next year (If he lasts that long) but next year it might not be so many good coaches on the market. I mean Ainge had Karl, Hollins and even Brett Brown and what he’s done? He went cheap (again) I’m aware they won’t be contenders but that’s not a reason to hire someone who doesn’t have a clue how to coach NBA team how to handle NBA players. I’m almost certain older guys won’t respect Stevens unless he shows that he’s extremly tough but still the most successful franchise in the history of the NBA it’s not the place where he shoud start your NBA adventure pressure in Boston is overwhelming and I’m not sure he’s aware of that. He’s talented – no doubt but he’s talented on college level coaching “small” program. It’s completely different in the NBA hell the playoffs are something completely different. If that works Ainge will regain a lot of my respect but I don’t see that happening i suspect Ainge pulled that guy into his game. My guess is that he’s a temporary solution like all this team is “temporary” right now. I don’t know yet is it cuz Ainge got some plan (hope so) or cuz he doesn’t have a clue what to do. Maybe he’ll work it out and build decent team it doesn’t look like that right now, Oh and one more note temporary solution theory is even more probable if you’ll think about free agents market as soon as Ainge we’ll see a chance to get some cap space he’ll fire him cuz he’ll need someone with credibility to convince free agents but seen Ainge acquiring free agents I don’t think we’ll see someone good coming to Boston even with cap space. He had the best coach in the NBA, let him go and now…… well I have no words.

    • Buddy_Hinton

      That’s 2 minutes I’ll never get back. Thanks pal.

    • Pete
    • Robert

      All the guy has to do is lose. Not hard to do with this bunch. And DA said it himself when he introduced the rooks: the main goal over the next two years is to save the owners $$, get out of repeater status, and lie to the fans about how they aren’t tanking.

      • Astarot

        I woudn’t go that far to say DA “lies” to the fans about tanking cuz he knows that with Rondo, JG, Sully and AB it’s not gonna happen. Tanking is to win like 20-25 games a season and even with this group they can win more. So I’m still wondering what Ainge’s plan is (besides savings), we will wait and see I guess.

        • Brian Pahlm

          They can still win with this group and not pay the luxury tax. They are at 69.2 million after the trade, 67 once you dump crawford.. That doesnt take into account flipping humpries or using the flex cap on wallace. If they do nothing, they will save 17 million by next year with humpries and bogans coming off the books. You can get asik and horford for some picks and be the 3rd best team in the east. I don’t think that team would beat the heat but I didn’t think the c’s would be up 3 2 against the heat either. …like an old wise man once said…..anything is possible! !!!

          • Astarot

            Sure, anything can happen that’s sport. But do you really think Ainge woud go for Asik or Horford? I mean I look at his moves what kind of players/contracts he takes and I don’t see that coming. I’m not a GM and maybe I’m too pessimistic right now next year might be different in terms of cap situation (even this year coud be better if they dump Hump) but it might not. I just don’t see them in the fight for guys like Asik or Horford. If coaching works it might convince players like that to come to Boston but it’s a one big gamble and what kind of players Ainge will pursue who knows? Maybe It’s gonna be savings strategy not only this but next year too.

          • Brian Pahlm

            Its guys like asik and horford that we need to target. Most people don’t vaule asik for what he is. Horford is under contract. Those are the guys we need to target. We don’t have the cap room to go after free agents. Stevens is a defensive coach and uses the money ball approach to sports. Asik makes a ton of money next year but with his almost 15 million comimg off the books it gives you alot of flexibility the next year. The only way we tank is if we trade rondo and that isn’t happening. At least not this year.

      • aaron32

        “All the guy has to do is lose. Not hard to do with this bunch.”

        C’mon now. The C’s were a .500 team last year. The current squad they have now is certainly capable of winning half their games. We lost Paul and KG, yes. But we didn’t exactly inherit the Bobcats roster.

        • Brick James

          I like your enthusiasm, but do you remember how bad the C’s were last year when just KG was on the bench, let alone both he and Pierce?
          Now imagine that PLUS that they won’t be coming in the games to stabilize the outcome.
          A Rondo led team with Jeff Green as your #1 scoring option wins 30 games tops if they’re lucky.

        • Robert

          The bobcats just picked up BigAl. They will probably be better than the celts next year.