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Truth and Ticket: Thank you

I was fortunate enough to be at both Paul Pierce’s first, and last games as a Boston Celtic. In Feb. of 1999, the NBA lockout ended, and to encourage fans to come watch the C’s, they gave away tons of Opening Night tickets. My friend and I won two from a local radio station and watched Paul score 19 points in a loss to the Raptors. Fellow NBA rookie Vince Carter also made his professional debut and notched 16 points in Toronto’s 103-92 win. 14 years later, I sat in TD Garden as Pierce checked out of the Celtics’ Game 6 loss to the Knicks this past May. Deep down in my gut, I knew that would be the last time I saw Pierce in a Celtic uniform. In between those two nights, I saw some of the best basketball ever played by a Boston Celtic. Truth’s mix of strength, grit, determination & sheer will were absolutely a treat to watch over the years.

I was also on hand for some magical games & moments from Kevin Garnett. There were so many that stand out, but that building was electric each & every time the Big Ticket took the floor. For those who have not experienced it, it’s hard to put into words. But the mere presence of #5 brought the fans, the team and the Garden to a new level. He was the soul, the fire & the pulse of those games. His spirit filled the building & brought it to life. When a game started to get out of hand for the opponent, we’d always hope the C’s could get the lead to 20+. That way, we could enjoy watching KG take in “GinoTime“. Each time the jumbotron aired it, it was as if KG had never seen it before. He absolutely loved Ginotime. You just could not get enough of it. Together, Ticket and Truth brought me so much pure, unbridled joy. In their own special way, each man took the phrase “Celtic Pride” to new heights. Seeing them get their rings on Opening Night ’08 was special. Especially for Paul. He went through “blood, sweat & tears” for that franchise, and to see his loyalty and dedication finally rewarded with a championship ring was beautiful. Watching him help raise Banner17 to the Garden rafters was something I’ll never forget.

I’m still grieving our franchise’s loss of these two great players, but I took some time over the last week or so to put together this photo gallery. I selected pics of some of their most memorable moments alone, and together. So thank you Ticket and Truth-you will be sorely, sorely missed here in Boston.

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  • Frank Aziza

    It’s so sad but I’m so happy they’re still playing together. While the Celtics most likely struggle through the season my tv remote will take me to Brooklyn , I will root for nets with just as much passion as I did the last 6 years.
    I always I want to love the players on the Celtics. For example it would be very hard for me to root for D Wade if he became a Celtic tomorrow.
    I’m sure most C’s fans will be watching the Nets this year. I know it was time to move them but I still feel like Danny Ainge hasn’t believed in the big three enough. Not like San Antonio believes in their big three, and the Spurs have had some very disappointing playoffs going into this season. Danny has wanted to blow it up for some time now but every year KG PP Rondo and RAY ALLEN would give us a magical run that forced Danny to keep them. How do u explain to the fans of breaking it up after game 7 of the NBA Finals or ECF? Had Danny kept it together one more year Doc would be back. Doc believes more in KG and The Truth then Danny did.

    By the way, there’s a horse named KG and the Truth. Not a bad horse , look it up

    • KWAPT

      Thanks Frank..I’ll have to check that horse out.

  • adam

    time to hop on the Brooklyn bandwagon for a year.

    • Frank Aziza

      It gives us something to cheer for while the Celtics get back to contending for titles. I just hope Rondo proves me right and makes the Celtics rebuild much quicker. I know his down sides but I still believe every long playoff since 2009 was 50% Rondo!!! He was the best player in many series.

  • B-ball Jenky

    Aw man im gonna miss these guys. Thanks for this post

  • Ulf

    Celtics for life.. but as long as PP and KG are playing for the Nets, you better believe I will root for them to get a shot at another ring, they’ve deserved it.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Great one KWAPT.

    Gone but never forgotten.

    • KWAPT

      Thx Lee

  • LA Flake

    Thanks for that, KWAPT. Here’s one of my favorite games of all time. ALL TIME.

    • forever_green

      Another bad job by DA not keeping some of those role players around.

    • KWAPT

      Yes-this was fantastic.

  • forever_green

    I really want to hear KG and Paul tell their side of the story, I hope we get some honest answers. As for DA I still hate his guts, its only a matter of time before he pisses everybody off by trading Rondo. I’ve been a life long C’s fan but I look forward to cheering for the success of KG & PP, something I should still be doing here.

    • Kendal Moore

      Wish we could have made one more run with the new Rondo and a whole summer off for once. I gotta get outta here.

  • Kendal Moore

    I like your style Frank. I’m still speechless and certainly still in denial. I think everyone forgets we lost two superstars in less than a decade in ways that just rip your heart out to begin with. There was a reason Red never dealt one of the 3. Danny might be on to something but he has only that left to redeem himself.

  • forever_green

    KWAPT, I think it goes without saying I love what you bring to this website. Im jealous you were at both those games.