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Who the hell is Gigi Datome?

Gigi Datome

Dwight Howard? Fuggedaboutit.

Andre Iguodala? Nope.

Josh Smith? Unlikely.

Al Jefferson? Probably not.

Gigi Datome? Yup!

According to Sportando.net, the Celtics are in the mix for this Italian league star:

Gigi Datome will leave Virtus Roma in the summer, despite one year remaining on the contract, to realize his dream to play in the NBA.

Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies are the two NBA teams interested in the Italian forward who had his best season in career.

Datome was named Serie A Regular Season MVP and ended the year averaging 16.4ppg, 4.3rpg and 1.7apg in 48 games.

Virtus Roma General Manager Nicola Alberani, in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, said “Datome is pursued by Celtics and Grizzlies with Boston as front runners to sign him”.

Luigi “Gigi” Datome is a 6-8, 220 lb small forward who – by the looks of the highlight reel below – can shoot and dunk and block shots.

He also has fabulous lettuce.

And last – but certainly not least – is Datome’s girlfriend. A young lassie named Wild Lucarelli.

Marone a mi.

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  • Pete

    Get ‘r done.

  • eddysamson

    I know we want cheap dudes but we’ve got Humph, Sully, Bass and JG can stretch to play the 4, why do we need this dude?

    • Pete

      He looks pretty damn good.. why not.

    • Brian Pahlm

      He will play the 3… so with the flex cap on wallace It would make sense.

      • adam

        can they trade Wallace to another team or do they have to keep him (I don’t know new CBA well enough.)

        • Brian Pahlm

          sure they could.. but at 10,135,000 for the next three years, nobody would take him. I’d love for them to pick up Asik with their trade exception from the Nets, but he makes 14 899,000 like Lin in year 2 and that would put them right at the cap. Best thing to do is try and deal humpries and 2 pics to the Hawks for Horford. Having Horford, Sully, Green, Bradley and Rondo will make you as good as the pacers which at this point is better then we were this past year and better then we will be if we tank and get the Future Tracy Mcgrady ( Wiggins) The new CBA is a PITH.. but oh well.

          • kg2128

            But to get Horford we would have to give up 2 unprotected first round picks with Humphries probably. Is Horford worth 2 unprotected first round picks now that our team is not so good? It’s not always the Bobcats/Magic/Suns/etc that get the high picks. Cleveland has been pretty lucky but not some of the other crappy teams. our team could get like 30 something wins and still get the #1/2/3 pick, the Bulls were even better than that and got #1 to get Rose.

          • Brian Pahlm

            Yes….yes he is worth 2 picks. He is in his prime. Isn’t a head case like josh smith. The celtics aren’t as bad as many think. With a healthy rondo/sully they are a 8th seed. They would have got past the knicks with both of those guys healthy. At 12 million horford would be making the same as rondo. Then your only bad contract s are lee wallace and bass which you can move out for a guy like asik who has a balloon comtract. It would be alot of work but a starting 5 of horford asik green bradley and rondo would be the best defensive team in the league.

      • eddysamson

        I guess…if we get rid of Wallace.

  • sgboston23

    I am so confused with this team this year. NBA MUST stop the tanking strategy! First pick goes to NBA champ, and so on. Bottom teams must re-build through FA signings and trades.

    • wil

      lol so basicly you want miami to be champion for 100 more years?

      • sgboston23

        They wouldn’t be able to – rookies become star players who demand star contracts. They wouldn’t afford it. But it’s a way better option then just rewarding the Bobcats and Cavs for sucking every year.

        • wil

          lol dude, 1st picks are usually signed for 3 years, and cheaper than free agents you can sign. hahah thats the dumbest idea yet.

          • sgboston23

            Give me a better idea then to get rid of tanking.

          • wil

            youre idea would create more imbalance to the league, right now miami wouldve had anthony davis and noel, pretty much giving them year after year championship, and all 1st picks will go through them.

            lol tanking isnt really a problem unless youre a fan of those teams. small market teams and bad teams wont be able to attract free agents, not all teams got money to overspend. theres are teams that are gonna suck, to balance it out you give them a chance at getting 1st pick which is only 25% at most.

            tanking is not a good enough reason to give the defending champs a bigger chance to win

          • kg2128

            ANY idea is a better idea. Think about it, The Heat who won back to back championships would have Davis and Mclemore/Noel like wil said. They get those guys on rookie contracts, those guys help the Heat win another ring. The Heat get Wiggins on a rookie contract, he gets them another championship, etc. It doesn’t even matter if the drafts in the future are weak or strong, the Heat get the best player in the draft for the life of the NBA.

            You are so focused on punishing tanking your idea would RUIN the league, absolutely DESTROY IT. The current system is flawed but tanking is not always rewarded, in fact the worst team in the NBA doesn’t get 1st pick very often, the Bobcats never seem to get #1. Also the Celtics tanked for Duncan didn’t get him, the Celtics tanked for Durant didn’t get him, the Grizzlies tanked for Oden/Durant didn’t get them. So the worst NBA team is not guaranteed #1 and rarely gets it, that is good enough.

  • CoachAJ

    I think this would show that we are rebuilding, not tanking. This guy isn’t going to cross the pond to play for a losing team, he was the league MVP, he ain’t coming over here to lose. He will accept coming off the bench, but not losing. IMO.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I’m from Rome and I know him. He was awarded MVP for Italian League and he’s a really good player for italian contest. I really don’t know if he’s ready for NBA and especially for the Celtics..

    • eddysamson

      is 16/4/1 a good stat-line in the Italian leagues? I just dont see how, with the entire world of players out there, that those stats won him interest in the NBA.

      • Caterpillar from Italy

        Don’t ask me, even if I know the guy I’m still praying for Josh Smith to come.

  • Astarot

    Why am I not surprised by this. Ainge continues the “rebuilding process”. I mean I’ve read about Cs situations on free agents market but those kind of names really…….

  • Lance Hendricks

    Gigi Datome is Italian for Dino Radja

    • JJ

      My first thoughts precisely!

  • Curt Hays

    He isn’t being guarded in any of the highlights I see. Not impressed.

  • wil

    well, Danny did get us shavlik and twill who played better than any of our new guysthat we got last summer

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    “Wild” is the exact translation for “Selvaggia”, and that’s the girlfriend name.. that is meant not to be translated! Haha, too funny, nice one! 😉

  • B-ball Jenky

    Explain to me the “lettuce”
    And yes his gf is smokin

    • kobe_beef2424

      “Lettuce” will be the state of the Boston Celtics this season. lol

  • Duncan1

    Datome would be a nice pick up

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