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Paul Pierce: “The Truth-Career Tribute”

Can’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen this. Came across it on my friend’s Facebook page. Everything about it is just perfect: The music, the highlights and of course, The Truth. Be on the lookout for my Truth/Ticket photo gallery in the coming days as well. Until then, enjoy this fantastic mix via K8N:


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  • forever_green

    Paul Pierce Forever…

    I so heartbroken..I can’t take it anymore.

    • Lee in Oregon

      I had to stop watching……too soon I guess. Think about all the great players he outlasted -Vince Carter, McGrady, Artest…..proved more durable than all of them and still is pretty damn good.

      I’ll be happy with whoever our new coach is as long as it’s not George Karl or “The Little General”…….but if we’re really not “tanking”…..I would think the sooner that’s addressed, the better, otherwise “Toine could end up being the lead assistant.

  • Derron Jones

    A tear jerker ain it.

  • celtics_forever

    God damn it. Paul Pierce, we’re going to miss you.

  • Duncan1

    You suck ass Ainge!

  • Robert

    It will be a long time before we see another man like this on the Celtics! I hope everyone enjoyed having such an incredible player and person on this team, cuz we are looking at another LONG drought.

  • Frank Aziza

    We could have Pierce and Garnett on our team. The nets know who valuable they are.

  • LA Flake

    Thanks for the link to this video, KWAPT. I’m a little annoyed at the ownership because they’re revealing their true motives after the fact. I love the Celtics but this year, for the first time in my life, I’ll be rooting for the Nets to win it all.

    • Don Juan

      Not a true Celtics fan, go ahead and jump off the bandwagon.

      • Jeffery Harmon

        I’ve been a die-hard Celtics fan for 25 years. I will be rooting not for the Nets, but Paul Pierce and KG. Tell me to jump off the “bandwagon”. Do you think for a second the Lakers would trade the face of their franchise? No. Ainge is a clown.

        • Don Juan

          Star athletes also want to play in LA where it’s warm and sunny and full of “stars”. No free agents look at Boston as a serious destination. LA can attract free agents even after Kobe retires. Celtics can’t. We need to get our talent via the draft and trades (Russell, Bird, Parish, McHale, Cowens, Pierce, KG, Ray Allen). Get with reality bud, Danny Ainge is doing a great job. If you’ve been a fan of the NBA for 25 years and don’t understand the value of 9 1st round draft picks for the next 5 years then you’re clown. Good riddance go root for the Nets, it’s retarded/emo C’s fans like you that give Boston fans a bad rep.

  • This makes my heart ache. Pragmatically, the trade makes perfect sense, but when I watch this video the trade seems inexcusable. Paul Pierce is family in Boston and he always will be. I will be rooting for the Nets, even when they play against the Celtics next year.

  • Don Juan

    People who don’t think Pierce and KG needed to be traded need to let me know what they’re smoking cuz I want some.

  • Jay

    Tough to watch to say the least…