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Ainge is taking, not making calls in free agency


Danny Ainge has designated this phone his free-agent hotline. As you can see, it’s not getting much action:

The C’s need to make changes to their roster before they can seriously explore free agency, which is why the they were among the more inactive squads on the first day of the free-agency period.

Danny Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations, told that the C’s had not made any calls on Monday to free agents or their representatives.

“We have too many players on our roster,” said Ainge, adding, “so we have some tweaking of the roster to do through trades this summer before we get into free agency.”

Welcome to Rebuilding 101.

As for the phone calls coming into Waltham, Ainge says teams are asking about Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green and others. No surprise there.

The Globe’s Gary Washburn reports Ainge did make one phone call:


Ainge did not receive an official “no” from Howard. What he got was a fake fart sound, giggle and hang-up.

Ainge also refuted the notion the Celtics are tanking next season and called the claims “ridiculous.”

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  • BamaCeltic

    What ?? a courtesy call about D12 ?? Ive always thought DA knew waht he was doing and trusted his moves …..but if he thinks that guy is Celtic materail ..ive lost all faith in his ability to scout real players. D12 is the most overatted player in the league ! No real skill set and a locker room cancer ….come on DA !! that the last guy you should be calling about !! uggghhhhhhh……

    • Justsomeffinguy

      Purely business. Ainge just doing his job as General Manager…nothing more.

      • BamaCeltic

        I hear ya , business ..strickly business. Id give Fab Melo and cotton candy machine for D12 ..straight up. Thats about it. Celtic Pride would really take a blow with him in Green…..IJS …Seriosly would anyone really want that clown on the Celtics??

        • Justsomeffinguy

          I, for one, would not. He wouldn’t be a Celtic even if he wore the green. Ainge probably should have called it an “obligatory call”.

      • Brick James

        Any GM doing his job is seeing through the act of the overrated primadonna Dwight Howard

    • wil

      lol even if he’s not “celtic material”, you should know that if he did agree to go to c’s, we would be getting him plus getting rid of players we dont need in the process.

      We have nothing to offer for him but trash

    • Dustin Chapman

      Yeah that wretched Danny Ainge why would he ever contact the best center the NBA has seen since Shaquille O’Neal. What a loser.

      • BamaCeltic

        ….. another sheep blinded by the hype that is D12. The guy is a bum, no real skills. Id take Mark Gasol , Hibbert , Horford, hell even Cousins over him. Just because the media says he is the top center in the league , doesnt make it fact. Not to mention he is a headcase locker room cancer. No thank you as a Celtic

      • Double P

        Dustin don’t listen to the ignorance. DH would be a welcome addition to this team and is the best center in the league.

    • Raoul

      +1 on Purely Business. But… I would only take Dwight at $11-12mil per year. I feel that’s a reasonable price I’d compromise on to eat my Celtic pride and if putting his value in true form. I do not understand why teams are still willing to pay $21mil+ for Dwight. Marc Gasol, Roy Hibbert, David Lee, Al Horford, Al Jefferson, DeMarcus Cousins, Tyson Chandler, Brooke Lopez, anyone? I can add 10 more active centers to that list that deserve SERIOUS consideration at least equal to what’s given to Dwight.

      • BamaCeltic

        +1 to you Raoul , Id take all those guys before D12.

  • Andrew Bolarinho

    Of course he’s gonna say that the celtic fans would run him out of town and danny ainge also said we’re not getting any big FA so………

  • wil

    theres no way c’s can afford dh anyway. lol

    bass, humph,and Lee all need to go. and include gerald wallace as well. bunch of over paid players. trade jordan crawford too

  • wil

    We should try to copy the spurs way building their roster. good passers with high basketball iq players.

  • Lee in Oregon

    If this plays out like last year- there will be guys left at the end who end up playing for below market value- Mayo & Carl Laundry were late signers & both played for 4 mil last year. Not that the C’s have 4 mil, but you get my point, sometimes it’s ok to wait. If DA does anything, it pretty much has to be via sign/trade, all we have is the mini-exception, right? Do we get back the mid-level since Terry is gone?

  • Astarot

    They gotta get rid of some guys but we talkin mostly about new guys like Humphries that they probably won’t get rid of cuz I doubt anyone’d want that kind of contract

    • RedsLoveChild

      I can understand Celtic fans not too excited over Kardashian/Humphries.

      However, in 2011-12, he averaged 14 pts. 11 reboards per games…plus he will be in his contract year, playing hard for a new contract this season.

    • ShawnCVD

      Humphrey’s is an expiring contract. Relax. If Ainge wants to flip him for the right player he will. Teams always value expiries….

  • Double P

    IF Danny can turn Bass, Lee, Wallace into anything at all ill be blown away. Those are three horrible contracts and Danny deserves heat for inking two of them LAST summer.

    • ShawnCVD

      Bass is appropriately paid in today’s NBA. Not that you’d want him on your payroll…

      Lee needs to head somewhere in need of a defensive specialist. Problem is those guys can be had for half the price. Get him confidence and PT on a bad team and move him at trade deadline. His value at an all time low right now.

      Wallace is the Albatross that most likely will be flipped in two years as an expiring.

      Last Summer most of us were very happy that Ainge solidified our bench. Trouble is now C’s are trying to reset.

  • KGino

    I hear we’re one of 5 teams in the running for Greg Oden…

  • kobe_beef2424

    I’m really excited with this team, specially CATFIGHT between Rondo and Kim Humphries

  • forever_green

    DA should make one call and cancel this bullshit trade of our Legends.

    • ShawnCVD

      That would be terrible business. No front office would deal with DA.

      Who knows there’s still medical inspections for everyone involved to pass…

  • AYO

    rondo should definitely take the year off

  • piecz

    Pelicans want to get rid of Robin Lopez. Decent center and I’m 100% sure that they would accept 2nd rounder. Or just wait until they waive him and sign him.